5G Scams may take place initially to attract users to switch from 4G to 5G via links for data stealing

As India has witnessed the official inauguration of much-awaited 5G services on October 1st, 2022, by the PM of India Narendra Modi, the 5G network spreading process has already started via batches in several metro cities. On a priority basis, cellular companies are trying to implement 5G services by the end of this year in a couple of metro cities. While some areas will be able to receive the same in next year. Meanwhile, 5G scams are taking the pace right now to attract users to switch from 4G to 5G via sending links for data stealing.

So, we can say that arrival of 5G has increased the chances of getting scammed quite easily to dupe people who are interested in using 5G services in India. As the 5G service and rollout are in their early phase, scammers are ready to grab maximum chances in the name of offering 5G. Whereas some people using 5G devices right now, they’re not well-informed on how to activate the 5G service as of now. It also increases the chances of 5G scams where scammers are offering how-to guides to switch to 5G just for fooling people.

Now, Mumbai Police has officially tweeted about the 5G scam you can check below. So, it’s highly requested to all mobile device users not fall into such 5G scams by getting easily convinced to share personal data or clicking on any suspicious links, OTPs, etc. Mumbai Police has tweeted to warn users about this new fraudulent activity so that people won’t get fooled easily.

Never share your banking or personal information with anyone over the call or via clicking on links online. It also means that you don’t need to submit any of your details to get a 5G connection right now because you can get details and guidelines from the officials of whatever carrier service you’re using. It’s always a better idea to visit your nearest mobile store or recharge shop or the authorized carrier company store for applying a new 5G connection or switching your existing one.

As per the tweet, scammers can pretend to be official executives from the carrier companies via a call and offer to help upgrade the 4G service to 5G. They can also put some pressure on or insist to share your personal or banking details or OTPs over the call or ask you to click on any links that you should avoid. If in case, you click on the unknown link shared by scammers, you may lose your privacy or your phone might get hacked.

Best Way to Switch to 5G or Get a New 5G Connection in India

As we’ve already mentioned above, it’s best to visit the mobile store or carrier company store in your nearest location to get your job done. If you’re unable to visit any store physically, then make sure to visit the official website or mobile app of the respective cellular company, and then you can proceed.

At the time of writing this article, only Airtel and Reliance Jio have officially announced their upcoming plans for the 5G service rollout process in India via batches. That means it will still take some time for the companies to operate the 5G service in most cities smoothly. However, these two companies have claimed to start rolling out 5G services in some metro cities quite earlier than expected.

It’s also worth mentioning that you should have a 5G-supported mobile device to get the benefits of using a 5G connection. Non-5G phones will still run on 3G/4G LTE due to the lack of hardware compatibility. Airtel has also announced a couple of device models which will start getting 5G in supported areas.

The Government of India is also showing some interest to push smartphone manufacturers to speed up their software update process via OTA to bring 5G support to the eligible device models as early as possible. 5G-compatible Apple iPhone models might start receiving the 5G update by the end of 2022 in India which is a positive sign for sure. It’s expected that Samsung will also try rolling out the 5G update for its eligible devices somewhere between November and December 2022.

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