Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play the role of ‘Kraven the Hunter’ in an upcoming Sony Spider-verse movie

It seems like Sony will not rest until the day they capitalize every Marvel Comic character related to the Spider-Man. In an upcoming movie, Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play the role of ‘Kraven the Hunter.’

The movie is directed by J.C Chandor (Triple Frontier), with the scriptwriting done by Art Marcum, Richard Wenk, and Matt Holloway. Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach produce the film.

If you are wondering who Kraven the Hunter is, trust me, you are not alone. The character was introduced in the Marvel-verse way back in 1964. He is a true Spider-Man villain in all senses.

Kraven thinks he is the world’s greatest hunter. He proves his worthiness by tracking and killing big games with his bare hands. But like all other villains, his infatuation of staying the best in-game leads him to ingest a serum that offers him super-human strength and stamina. His aging process is also drastically slowed down.

His outfit includes a jacket made from a lion’s head and mane and pretty much nothing else. This will be the third time Aaron Taylor-Johnson is selected for a comic book adaption. He has also made an appearance in Lionsgate ‘Kickass’ and Quicksilver in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron.’

Aaron was also spotted in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ in a supporting role. Looks like his character in David Leitch’s movie ‘Bullet Train’ has left an impression on Sony executives. Sony is currently exploring and expanding on the Spider-Man universe. The actor says he might also be featured outside of the Kraven franchise.

According to the comics, Kraven has sparred not only with Spider-Man but with Venom too. He is also a part of the notorious fictional supervillain gang – The Sinister Six.

Kraven the Hunter will hit theatres on Jan 13, 2023.



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