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You Can Add Bluetooth Support to Your HomePod Using an Old iPhone: Here’s How

Smart speakers are quite common and they are an essential part of your smart home system. Apple’s HomePod is also a smart speaker, but unlike Google Home and Amazon Echo, HomePod doesn’t have Bluetooth support. The only way to get audio from a source to HomePod is through AirPlay. However, there seems to be a workaround for this too, according to a recent video posted on Will It Work? YouTube channel.

A new YouTube video, posted by Will It Work? shows steps that can add Bluetooth support to a HomePod. Even though the method isn’t ideal, it does work perfectly if you have a spare iOS device and can pick up a few accessories. If you already have a spare iOS device, say an old iPhone, all you need to get is a few accessories like a Bluetooth receiver and a dongle, and an iOS app that will turn incoming audio into an outgoing AirPlay stream.

How to Turn HomePod Into a Bluetooth Speaker

First of all, you need a spare iOS device such as an old iPhone. If you have one, pick up a Bluetooth receiver and a dongle from some local store or an online marketplace. Now, download and install an app called AirChord from the Apple App Store on your iPhone. Once you have all the required accessories and the AirChord app, connect them as shown in the video below.

That’s it. It should start working if you have followed the steps as shown in the video. It might be quite helpful for people who have devices that don’t support AirPlay. For example, if you have a HomePod and want to stream audio from an Android device.

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