‘Allow to share data with (null)’ prompt from Siri after WatchOS 8 & iPadOS 15 updates, check workaround

Siri is Apple’s virtual voice assistant that is integrated into most Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPod Touch, and more. A large number of Apple Watch and iPad users are reporting issues with the Siri shortcut for adding and editing notes. Also, Siri isn’t operating on iOS 15 on Apple HomePod. With the latest updates to watchOS 8 and iPadOS 15, some users are reporting that a new feature called ‘Allow to share data with (null)’ is appearing for Siri shortcuts.

There are some users who are getting frustrated and annoyed with the permission notification that pops up every now and then, which is useless and frustrating. However, depending on the service you are using, this feature may be of use to some users. The users have tried rebuilding shortcuts and restarting their devices. However, it did not help and the Siri shortcut does not store permission and asks every time it is used.

Here are some reports you can check out. This workaround helps to fix the Siri shortcuts ‘Allow to share data with (null)’ issue by creating a new shortcut that runs the original shortcut. To do so, you can follow the steps below:

  • Be sure to change the Siri prompt on your iPhone or iPad to something that won’t be picked up by Siri. [For example: Soft Light becomes ‘sftlt’, so Siri would say ‘Hey Siri, sftlt’].
  • The original shortcut should be renamed the same [For example: sftlt].
  • Create a new shortcut that basically runs the now-renamed original shortcut [For example: set a new shortcut to run ‘sftlt’].
  • Ensure you name your new shortcut after the action the original shortcut was intended for. [For example: if your original shortcut was named ‘soft light’, you should name your new shortcut ‘soft light’.
  • Make sure the Siri prompt for the new shortcut is the same as its name [the newshortcut Siri prompt should read ‘Hey Siri, Soft Light’].
  • Wait a second until your watch synchronizes its shortcuts with your iPhone.
  • There you go!

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