Amazon introduces New Echo Buds with better Noise Cancellation

Amazon’s Echo Buds offer an affordable option to those looking for a really good pair of earbuds. The company has been working on the Amazon Echo buds for quite some time.

Compared to the original pair of earbuds, the new Amazon Echo Buds improve on a lot of fronts compared to the original ones. The new Echo buds are now 20 per cent smaller compared to the previous ones and now feature enhanced noise cancellation.

One of the biggest complaints concerning the original Echo buds was the lack of adequate noise cancellation. Despite adding several new features, the new Echo buds are priced aggressively. The 2021 edition cost $119.99 for the earbuds along with the USB C Charging case. If you want the wireless charging functionality, they will cost you $139.99 with the upgraded case.

The company is currently offering limited-time discounts for some time, with the basic version priced at just $99.99 for now, while the upgraded version will cost you $119.99. The second generation of the Amazon Echo Buds will be available on the website on May 25th.

New Amazon Echo Buds with better noise cancellation now available

Amazon Echo Buds: What’s new?

Apart from the smaller size compared to the original Echo buds, there are a lot of under the hood changes. Amazon has altered the design quite a bit, with the Echo Buds now featuring the famous vented design that can be found on the AirPods Pro and the Pixel Buds.

The tech giant has also made sure that the nozzle isn’t as intrusive this time, with the earbuds being unable to go as deep as the original ones. The external depth has also been reduced for a flush fit. Moreover, it now comes with four pair of ear tips and now are shaped oval instead of circular. Users can also opt for wingtips that come in two sizes instead of one.

The new Amazon Echo Buds now feature an all-matte finish compared to the glossy ones found on the original ones. However, one thing you might notice is the inclusion of the Amazon logo, something that the first generation didn’t have.

Better Noise Cancellation

While the first generation of Amazon Echo Buds was good, one area they lacked in was noise cancellation. A lot of people felt that the noise cancellation was inadequate. Amazon took a step in the right direction this time, ditching Bose’s technology and replacing it with their own. According to the company, the new Echo Buds cancel twice as much as much noise compared to the first-gen.

The tech giant has also introduced a passthrough mode, that selectively lets allows users to turn off noise cancellation and adjust the amount of background noise they want to hear. The overall sound quality has also been improved. There are three microphones on each earbud, allowing Amazon to offer better voice call quality this time.

Echo Buds deliver crisp, balanced sound with extended dynamic range — so you get the most out of your music, regardless of genre. The premium speakers are optimized for an increased fidelity in bass and treble, which reduces distortion during media playback, delivering vibrant melodies and clear spoken word.

Amazon Press Release

The new Echo Buds are rated IPX4, meaning they can withstand sweat, some amount of water and even light rain. If you are wondering about the battery life, the new Amazon Echo Buds will provide you with five hours of battery if you enable Noise cancellation. The case can be used to charge the Echo buds two more times, extending the overall battery life to somewhere around 15 hours.

One nifty addition is that the case has LEDs for both earbuds that let users know if the earbuds are fully charged or not. In case the battery is low, you can charge the earbuds using USB C for 15 minutes to get 2 hours of playback.

Alexa Integration

Amazon is working really hard to integrate Alexa with the new Echo Buds. Like Google Assistant, you can now use Alexa everywhere. Amazon is now allowing users to search for a specific song or an artist using Alexa. Additionally, you can also ask for music depending on the activity you are currently indulged in. Moreover, you can now perform specific actions like play an audiobook using Audible, ask for directions, control your smart home etc.

You can also ask Alexa to find your earbuds in case you don’t remember where you kept them. Alexa will play a chime so you can easily locate them. The company is also working on the VIP Filter feature that will allow users to selectively hear notifications and avoid unwanted ones.

Amazon has really upped its game this time, listening to customer feedback and improving on features that needed the most attention. The company has priced the new Amazon Echo Buds fairly aggressive compared to the competition.


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