Android 11 System is Very Hard to Adapt, Says Xiaomi

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is known for its cheap smartphone offering all over the world. However, the company isn’t the best in terms of delivering or updating its existing smartphone lineup to the latest Android version.

Xiaomi’s Android skin, MIUI, has been criticized for various reasons including shipping a ton of bloatware on its devices. The company is also known to track and send data to China without user consent. But, the overall performance offered by Xiaomi phones is really good. MIUI is fairly updated with new features and security patches.

Recently, Xiaomi received heavy backlash from its users when they decided not the install Android 11 out of the box on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and the Mi 11 Ultra. The company went on to say that 2021 is one of the most important years for MIUI since the company performed R&D and released new versions. According to Xiaomi, MIUI has greatly improved in terms of animation, privacy and other important features.

Xiaomi says Android 11 is very hard to work on

Why does Xiaomi hate Android 11?

The Chinese smartphone maker claims that making the transition to Android 11 is really a difficult process. The company says that it is facing various challenges on different fronts such as adaptability, performance, support for third-party apps and even stability.

According to Xiaomi, this is the reason why even its flagship phones are unable to get the update on time. It also released a statement, saying

So for quite some time, the team has been working hard to optimize and repair, including layered adaptation for different performance models. Although we see a significant increase in version quality every week, this process still brings some challenges. We also want to ask everyone to understand that the stability of the version is the most important thing we are currently investing in. You will see perceivable changes in the next release

Xiaomi also explained its case with an example. According to the company, if we consider power consumption, then apart from the phone’s hardware itself, there are a lot of variables that come into play such as device drivers, low-level software and even the user interface.

The hardware manufacturer also plays a major part in the overall process. Surely, optimizing Android 11 for different devices is surely a rather lengthy and complex process. Xiaomi has asked its customers for some time to come out on top and has said that this won’t be the case next time.

The smartphone industry is fiercely competitive on its own, with Google churning out constant updates every month. Smartphones manufacturers and developers work non stop to deliver software updates. If Xiaomi slows down on software updates, it will surely fall back compared to its competitors and might even lose some user base.


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