Android 12 Developer Preview 3 Gets ‘Extra dim’ Feature to Reduce Screen Brightness

Android 12 Developer Preview 3 (DP3) has been released recently and developers are testing various new features in the OS build. We recently learned that the upcoming Android OS version is bringing new Splash Screens to enhance the app launch experience on Android smartphones. But in Android 12 DP3, another new feature that seems to have come (rather improved) is ‘Extra dim’.

‘Extra dim’ is Android 12’s new screen-dimming feature that has seen continuous name-changes in the past two Android 12 DP builds. These included “Reduce Bright Colours” and “Reduce Brightness.” But now in DP3 also, Google appears to have changed its name and settled for a smaller, less easily understandable name — the extra dim. The feature debuted in Android 12 DP1 and has been through numerous improvements and name changes in the subsequent DP releases.

Android 12 DP3 Extra Dim Feature

Android 12 Developer Preview 3 Gets 'Extra dim' Feature to Reduce Screen Brightness

Like said before, Extra dim is a new feature currently being tested to adjust the screen brightness in Android phones. The feature comes as a new quick settings toggle that reduces screen brightness to a configurable level. This brightness feature is separate from the brightness slider, which does not change. When you long-press the toggle (or navigate to Settings » Accessibility » Extra dim), it opens a simple settings menu showing how it works.

Further, you can configure the strength of the “dimness,” assign an accessibility shortcut and set a toggle to make it stay on after the phone restarts. This toggle is, however, turned off by default. Though this may not be a feature that would excite everyone, it will be helpful for those who like to read by the dimmest possible settings at night. Considering the rampant name changes in every DP build, we expect to see more iterations before the Android 12 stable build is released.

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