Android 12 Game Dashboard is quite impressive, check it out

Those who are familiar with the Game Dashboard from the Android 12 Developer Preview or Public Beta build don’t need a new introduction to it. In fact, even the Android 12 stable release comes with the same Game Dashboard feature, so you can play your favorite mobile games without being distracted by notifications and calls.

You can think about this as an in-game overlay tool that we have already seen on Samsung and OPPO devices to improve gaming performance a bit and to avoid notifications while playing. In addition, it offers an FPS counter, screen recording, YouTube Live, screenshots, and more. A number of devices are expected to have this feature this year, and it will likely be rolled out to more in 2022.

You can enable this by opening the Settings app on your Android 12 running device and going to ‘Notifications‘ -> Scroll down a bit and select ‘Do Not Disturb‘ -> Select ‘Schedules‘ and tick the Gaming box. Upon completion, it will be visible as ‘On’. Tap on the gear (settings) icon, then turn on the ‘Game Dashboard‘ toggle. Additionally, you can select the ‘Do Not Disturb for Games‘ toggle if you don’t want to be disturbed while playing games.

New Game Dashboard on Android 12 is quite impressive
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You can now launch and play games on your phone once it has been activated. You might not be able to see the overlay tool on the game screen as of now (maybe it will be fixed soon). So, you just need to switch between apps and go back to the game screen again. You can now see a floating bubble on the right side of the screen. It shows shortcuts when you tap on it. Tap on the gamepad icon on top to see the Game Dashboard.

Depending on your needs, you can manually activate or deactivate shortcuts, like screenshots, FPS counters, screen recordings, and do not disturb for games. Also included are YouTube Live options and optimization features. However, the Optimizations feature isn’t available yet, even after the final release.

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