Android 12 is now available for Android TV with 4K UI support and background blur effect

Google has announced the release of Android 12 for Android TV. A month or so has passed since Google released Android 12 for Pixel devices. Initially, Android 12 was released for Pixel devices, and Samsung has now begun updating Galaxy S21 devices with Android 12 based One UI 4.0. If you’re using Android TV, it appears your wait has finally been over with the update to Android 12. It may, however, still require further waiting because it can only be accessed by developers.

At this time, it cannot be installed on Chromecast or Shield TV. For the setup and proper running, you’ll need a Google ADT-3, the development box they offer for the platform. Others will have to wait until the official update is released. As of yet, Google hasn’t provided a specific timeframe, but keep an eye on it.

Android TV is now even more improved, with full 4K support, the new blurry background, text scaling, etc. On the other hand, the privacy indicator from Android 12 will also be on Android TV, which will display active microphones or cameras when active. Google has also included support for HDMI CEC 2.0 and motion reduction while playing files or changing refresh rates.

What’s new in Android TV 12


  • Using refresh rate switching, playback is free from motion judder
  • Accurate reporting of display modes, HDR formats, and surround sound formats, certified by API

User Interface

  • Background blurring using the RenderEffect and WindowManager
  • 4K UI support
  • Accessibility settings for font sizes

Privacy & Security

  • Detection of microphones and cameras
  • Toggles for microphones and cameras
  • Android KeyStore API device attestation

HDMI & Tuner

  • HDMI CEC 2.0 support
  • Tuner HAL 1.1 with DTMB support and performance improvements
  • Tuner Service with better protection model

  For detailed information about the changes in Android 12 for TVs, please visit the Android 12 for TVs blog.

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