Android 12 Material You Theme Crashes games while using automated wallpapers

Google has begun rolling out the Android 12 update for Pixel devices, which includes a lot of new features, improvements, and enhancements. It seems some users are experiencing issues with a few bugs or issues, and one of them is Android 12 Material You Theme. It’s true! On the Android Issue Tracker forum, several reports surfaced stating that the Material You theme for Android 12 crashes games when automated wallpaper is used.

Aside from the theme UI which looks great and can be custom tailored to your taste, Google uses Material You design and dynamic theme based wallpapers that can be set to an automatic mode that will change and adapt the whole user interface and accent color to the set wallpaper of the home screen.

It appears users are experiencing problems with automated wallpapers on Android 12 because it frequently crashes games like Wild Rift, Pokemon Go, Genshin Impact, Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Minecraft, etc on Pixel devices running on Android 12. Although initially this issue didn’t appear to users, in time, some users began to experience it. If users manually disable the automated wallpapers option, then the issue no longer appears.

It appears that such an issue primarily stems from a configuration within Android that cannot be blocked at this time. Hopefully, Google is aware of this issue and will release a patch fix for this crashing problem soon. Mobile games ignore the Android configuration in the current version but with Android 12, this will get much more aggressive and require the configuration to be recreated when the wallpaper changes.

“Activities will be scheduled for restart via the regular life-cycle. This is similar to a configuration change but since ApplicationInfo changes are too low-level we don’t permit apps to opt-out.”

According to Google in a commit:

It may take further time for Google to provide a workaround or an official fix for the same in the weeks or months to come.

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