Android 12 will Bring New Splash Screens to Change Your Smartphone Experience

Android 12 Developer Preview 3 has been released recently and developers are exploring the latest build of Android 12 before full public launch. Among many features that the upcoming Android OS version is bringing, Splash Screens is something that seems to have the most potential to impact the everyday user experience of smartphone users. This means that every single app on your phone will show new splash screens when they’re opened and closed, making the experience awesome.

App developers have included basic splash screens in their apps for years, but with the Android 12 Splash Screens, what Google calls its “improved app launch experience,” every app on your phone will be impacted in some way. This will be the most immediately apparent change to Android 12 for most users. Google says that with the latest update, they’re “making the app startup a more consistent and delightful experience.” For this, the software giant is adding a new app launch animation for all apps.

Android 12 Splash Screens: A New App Launch Experience

Since Android 12 is still under development, when the company is still releasing the developer preview builds, we know that it’ll take time to get all those upcoming features on our smartphones. But we do know what’s coming by testing the developer preview of Android 12. The new Splash Screens feature that has been spotted in the DP3 build suggests that when you open any app in Android 12, you will see a new app launch animation. This will be a splash screen showing the app icon and a transition to the app itself. Notably, this feature will be standard and by default for all apps from launch.

According to Google, the new splash screen system will allow the app developers to control background color, control light/dark mode, replace the default (static) launcher icon with a custom icon or animation, manage exit animation, and control the timing of the launch sequence. So developers will be able to customize the whole app launch experience while maintaining their branding. The upcoming Android 12 splash screen feature may look very cool to users because they love animations.

Before Android 12 releases for the public, you can try its upcoming features by installing the Android 12 Public Beta 1, which is scheduled to release next month.

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