Android 12 Privacy Dashboard is an all-in-one tool for monitoring app permissions

The new Privacy Dashboard feature in Android 12 allows users to track app permissions straight from the device. Although Android app permissions are a bit confusing, a number of apps request specific permissions or access even if they don’t require them. As an example, the Google Pay app literally asks for location permission while making a transaction, which is absurd but it is the way it is.

With Android 12’s Privacy Dashboard, you can view location, camera, microphone access on the device in the past 24 hours. It means that finding out which apps are using any of these three permissions in the background and when will let you know what needs to be done next. It is even possible to check system apps to determine which apps use location, camera, and microphone at what time and how often they do so throughout the day.

Therefore, if you think any of the apps do not need any permissions, you can deny the permission directly in the Privacy Dashboard, found in Settings -> Privacy -> Privacy Dashboard on your Android 12 device. Location, camera, and microphone permissions for specific apps can be allowed or denied according to your preference and usage. If you revoke the app permission, it won’t bother you again unless you manually turn it back on or give access again when prompted.

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