Android 12 Update Reportedly Breaks Keyboard on Google Pixel Smartphones, Bug Yet to Be Acknowledged

Android 12 debuted recently with the launch of Google’s premium flagship — the Pixel 6 series — just a few months ago. Later, the tech giant started rolling out the latest OS to its previous-gen Pixel devices. While the new OS brings in several new features and improvements, Android 12, like any other update, also comes with several issues and bugs. This time, a new bug has appeared on the newly-upgraded Pixel handsets that prevents them from using the keyboard.

According to multiple user reports on Reddit [12, ……, 3] and Google community forum [12], the Android 12 update on Pixel devices has broken their keyboards. Many Pixel phone owners are saying that their devices, after updating to Android 12, are facing an annoying issue where the keyboard is not popping up for them. Some users say that the keyboard disappears when they receive push notifications. It’s quite annoying for users when they are searching for something or replying to a message and the keyboard suddenly stops working and disappears.

Android 12 Update Reportedly Breaks Keyboard on Google Pixel Smartphones, Bug Yet to Be Acknowledged

Google Yet to Acknowledge the Issue

According to the reports, the basic troubleshooting steps like clearing the cache and data are not fixing the problem. Some users say that even rebooting the device does not fix this issue. While the issue continues to persist after performing basic troubleshooting, the phone maker, Google, has still not acknowledged the problem. So it’s still not clear as to when the Android 12 keyboard issues will be fixed.

Android 12 update is one of the major upgrades for Android OS that brings several new features for Android phones. However, by seeing the number of bugs in the update, it turns out to be one of the worst upgrades of the Android operating system, according to some users. We hope the developers acknowledge this issue and provide a fix for it as soon as possible. Stay tuned with us for the latest developments on Android.

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