Android 13 Beta 1 has issues with on-device search

Though Google has released the Android 13’s first beta recently among the beta users, there are a couple of issues appearing to the users just like every year. It’s needless to say that the beta version always has some issues because it comes under the development stage. So, the Android 13 Beta 1 build is no exception here and can trigger multiple unwanted problems whatsoever. Recently, some reports are coming out that Android 13 Beta 1 has issues with on-device search.

Affected Pixel device users are reporting about this particular issue that the on-device search bar reverted to the previous generation Google Search feature which was available in Android 12. That means if you install the Android 13 Beta 1 update right now on your compatible Google Pixel device, you might find out that the universal search bar in the app drawer menu has been replaced by the classic Google search bar.

It’s not capable to proceed with on-device search requests. You can search for installed apps and games on the device by using the on-device search option quite easily. But settings and other functions are no longer visible. The look has reverted to Google’s search bar which looks bad. Now, the chances are high that some bugs or stability issues are there that developers will fix, and then they’ll push back.

Mishaal Rahman from tweeted a couple of months ago that the Pixel Launcher will have the “all apps” UI in the search box that can be accessible from the app drawer on Android 12.

While it can also be possible that Android developers are working on something new or advanced on-device search feature and that’s why they’ve reverted the on-device search option to its previous generation.

However, this specific feature or update hasn’t arrived yet. Luckily, interested users can re-enable the newer search bar function on the device via ADB commands which also include the “one search” option. As the beta version will take a few more months before the public beta release, we’ll have to wait for further updates.

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