Android Apps Like Gmail are Crashing for Users, Google Working on a Fix

Several Android users have been reporting some frustrating issues with a range of popular apps like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Google with them reportedly crashing. These widely used apps have seen a spike in down reports on an independent outage monitor Down Detector. Users have taken to social networking sites like Twitter to report that these daily-use Android apps are crashing and struggling to open. Gmail for Android is reported to be crashing for a large number of users, and they’re trying to find a fix.

According to the tweets posted by some Android users, the Gmail app on Android is constantly crashing and unable to open. A Pixel 3 running Android 11 user reported that the Gmail “app keeps closing seconds after opening it.” One user said, “Every app I use has just been cycling through crashes today. Glitch in the matrix,” indicating that several other apps are also crashing and not just Gmail. As more and more users report the issues they’re facing with the Android apps, it seems like the root cause of this problem has been discovered.

Android Apps Crashing Issue: Cause, Fix

As per the reports, the app crashing issue is being caused by Android System WebView, and uninstalling it via the Google Play Store fixes the issue. Moreover, Google has also taken cognizance of this issue and is reportedly working on a fix. Gmail’s official Twitter handle has also been busy replying to users who have been experiencing these issues, but the account has so far said everything is running normally on their end.

Down Detector has registered a steep spike in the Gmail crash reports in the past few hours. The majority of the crashing issue is being experienced by Android users on Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Google Android app. However, some users have also reported issues with other popular apps such as Outlook and Discord. So, if you are also facing crashing issues with your Android apps then go to the Google Play Store and uninstall “Android System WebView” to fix the problem. As Google is also working on solving this problem, we expect a new update for Android WebView in the next few days.

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