Android Auto has begun rolling out support for dual-SIM

Android Auto now supports dual-SIM functionality in vehicles, a feature Android Auto users have been requesting for years. Early this year, Google revealed they were working on adding dual-SIM support for Android Auto users with dual-SIM smartphones. As of right now, the feature is being rolled out to Android Auto users globally in batches.

There is a possibility that some Android Auto users will receive the software update for the dual-SIM feature slightly later than others depending on their region. The software update is apparently rolling out to Android One devices and you should receive it shortly. A Reddit user recently discovered Android Auto dual-SIM support on the vehicle and shared about it publicly.

Android Auto appears to ask users to use SIM 1 or SIM 2, depending on which smartphone they’re connected to and using. As per the user, the Android Auto app version now runs on version 7.1.614554, which is a new update. It’s worth mentioning that the user has been enrolled in the Android Auto beta program. Because of this, only beta testers of Android Auto will receive the dual-SIM update.

The rest of Android Auto users will likely get the update after a few weeks or months. According to 9to5Google, the Pixel 6 Pro running Google Fi on an eSIM and Verizon as a physical SIM has not been able to support the same Android Auto feature.

Android Auto will most probably have dual-SIM support in its Phone application, allowing users to choose whether to use SIM 1 or SIM 2. Previously, Android Auto would only use its default SIM when it started a call.

As noted above, Google announced the feature in September 2021, and one month (Dec) remains in the current year. We are hoping that Android Auto users will be able to use this feature pretty soon if everything goes smoothly.

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