Android Auto Starts Rolling Out Split-screen Support for Vehicles With Wide-screen Displays

Android Auto has reportedly started rolling out the split-screen support for vehicles that have widescreen displays. Running two apps simultaneously when using Android Auto had been a dream until now, but seeing a dedicated split-screen mode seems exciting.

According to a post on Reddit, Android Auto users have started seeing a brand-new split-screen option on select cars. However, this new feature is currently available to only those vehicles that have larger or wider in-car head units or dashboards. Users who have received the new split-screen feature have confirmed that the primary app takes up the larger left portion of your Android Auto display. The other smaller side on the right plays host to your secondary application. This means that the new split-screen layout does not have a 50:50 ratio but a 70:30 ratio, claims report. You can now use two apps simultaneously on Android Auto on your supported car. For example, you can use Maps and YouTube Music, or Spotify at the same time.

Split-screen in Android Auto

Android Auto Starts Rolling Out Split-screen Support for Vehicles With Wide-screen Displays

Like said before, the split-screen mode implemented in Android Auto is more 70:30 rather than 50:50. If it had been 50:50 then more vehicles having smaller Android Auto head units could also support this. It seems like only the displays larger than 7 inches have received the split-screen support. At this stage, there is no compatibility list available. Besides, users who have received the latest update have said that the split-screen is forced when enabled. It means that users can’t switch between UIs or switch apps from one side of the screen to another.

Users who don’t want to use two apps for a while may find it a little distracting. For example, if you simply want to listen to some music and don’t need to use Google Maps, you won’t be able to use only one app. Reportedly, the new UI change is currently rolling out for select vehicles.

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