A New Family Animation Film ‘Wish Dragon’ to Release on Netflix on June 11

Netflix is now banking on the success of The Mitchells vs. the Machines after it just released a teaser trailer for yet another animated feature film titled Wish Dragon. It is an animation entertainer that follows the storyline of Disney’s Aladdin although with friendship taking the hot seat instead of love and there’s a giant but fluffy pink dragon aka Wish Dragon instead of a giant blue genie. Here’s more about the upcoming animated flick that will be released on Netflix on June 11.

The Aladdin-esque tail with a twist – Wish Dragon

The story revolves around Din, voiced by Jimmy Wong, who stumbles upon a teapot that has a giant pink dragon that grants wishes named Long, voiced by John Cho. Unlike Aladdin where love was the motivation when the story progresses, Wish Dragon is driven by the eternal bond of friendship between Din and his childhood best friend Lina and yes, Long helps him get his friend back not before going on a journey of a lifetime with adventures and more.

A new family animated entertain Wish Dragon to release on Netflix on June 11

Din is a working-class college student who has big dreams. The lead female character, on the other hand, has found her way to the billboards and she is super rich and famous. Din wants to reconnect with Lina and asks Long for three wishes that take them and the audience alike on a journey that seems out of this world. Witty, funny, dramatic, thrilling, and action are some of the spices that the Wish Dragon throws at you giving you a taste of all genres in an epic amalgam of a family animated entertainment flick that will keep your desire for more.

Din has three wishes that the pink and fluffy wish-granting dragon Long can fulfill except making her fall in love with him. Long and Din join forces as they go on an endeavor of a lifetime. The story is set in modern-day Shanghai and has all the elements that will make you believe the backdrop.

Wish Dragon will be released on Netflix on June 11. It is written and directed by Chris Appelhands while Jackie Chan is the producer and also voices Long’s character on the Mandarin version of the film.


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