Apex Legends Mobile is finally available for Android and iOS with exclusive Legend Fade

Electronic Arts team is known for its stunning video games and Apex Legends is one of them. This free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter game is one of the popular titles in the market. Now, EA has finally released the Apex Legends Mobile game for both Android and iOS devices.

Multiple closed beta tests have been done over the past year to make the mobile version more smooth and more stable. Therefore, the much-anticipated battle royale game is here globally. Respawn Entertainment is partnered with Tencent’s Lightspeed Studio to develop and manage the game. It includes the Season 1 Prime Time battle pass and a mobile-exclusive legend.

Apex Legends Mobile game allows up to 60 players in teams of three to jump on the field. It’s now available in all global markets such as India, USA, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, UK, and other countries. The game also includes some most popular legends like Wraith, Pathfinder, and Mirage. Developers also integrated mobile-exclusive Legends Fade.

Similar to Wraith, Legends Fade can use phase technology for the players to find on a hinting spree. It enables Fade to tactical locate and hunt down enemies in a short period of time. While Apex Legends Mobile arrives with the standard battle royale mode includes team deathmatch, arenas, and other modes.

Players will also get plenty of weapon collections to compete with other popular battle royale games like BGMI, Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc for the mobile edition. If you haven’t played it yet, you can easily download Apex Legends Mobile on Android and iOS devices.

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