App Tracking Transparency now Available on iOS 14.5, But is Greyed Out for Some Users

Recently, Apple released the iOS 14.5 update, which came with some big fixes and introduced new features. One of the most anticipated features was the App Tracking Transparency.

The App Tracking Transparency feature lets users decide if they want to share data with advertisers or not. Apple users can simply opt-out and they won’t be tracked anymore. According to some posts on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, the feature is currently greyed out for them. They also report that there is no way to control the toggle.

It seems like this is something related to the “Personalized Ads” feature that is currently placed under the Privacy settings. Users who had this option enabled before updating their devices to iOS 14.5 or iPad 14.5 were able to control the App Tracking Transparency toggle. Users who are facing the issue might not have turned on the “Personalized Ads” and are now unable to control it.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, sources who are currently aware of the issue pointed out that users who have the option greyed out might be under the age of 18 or using the MDM profile. The MDM profile locks out the “Allow Apps to request to track” setting. But, users who don’t meet the above criteria are also unable to control the toggle.

But there is no need to panic since Apple’s new guidelines will protect users who cannot make use of the feature at the moment. The new guidelines state that apps can only collect user information only if the user grants permission to do so. So, even if App Tracking Transparency is greyed out for you, those pesky apps won’t be able to share your information with other advertisers.

At the moment, there is no fix for people who have the option greyed out. In case you are unable to use the App Tracking Transparency feature, you will have to wait before Apple releases a fix.


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