Apple AirTags arrives for $29, uses Ultra Wideband to find Lost Items

After hundreds of reports and speculations arising from tens of sources, we finally have Apple AirTag here. Launched at the Apple Spring Loaded 2021 event, the AirTags is a tiny puck-like smart tracker that you can attach with your phone, devices, wallet, keys, or any other thing that you could potentially lose.

Apple AirTags are now official at $29

The AirTags from Apple would in combination with the U1 chip and built-in Ultra-Wideband Technology and work in conjunction with the Find My app on your iPhone that gives you details about the whereabouts of the things you might have misplaced or lost.

Apple ensures that the battery on-board these puck-like smart trackers is a user-replaceable CR2032 battery with a battery life of a year and users can easily change it if required. The AirTags are IP*7 rated ensuring it stays unaffected if submerged in water for 30 minutes at a meter of depth or if subjected to dust.

Apple AirTags arrives for $29, uses Ultra Wideband for finding lost items

These smart trackers will be available for use on both iPhone 11 and 12 series and use a combination of technologies to locate your belongings. First up, it uses Bluetooth LE and if you are in the range of it, you can easily ring the smart tracker to know the whereabouts of the stuff if it is connected with. Further, it uses Precision Finding where it uses a gyroscope, accelerometer, ARKit, the camera, and a combination of both Ultra-Wideband technology and U1 chip to locate your belongings using sound, visual, and haptic feedback on your iPhone’s Find My app.

Well, you can customize the AirTags with several accessories including a leather loop, a polyurethane loop, a leather key ring as well as an exclusive Hermes edition. You can even order customized leather accessories handcrafted with engraving you choose. You can choose from handcrafted Key Ring, Travel Tag, Bag Charm, and Luggage Tag as well.

Apple’s AirTag is in direct competition with the Tile as well as Samsung’s SmartTag+ although the former will have greater accessibility of functionalities since it is first-party.

The AirTags are available for sale on April 30 at $29 (Rs 3,190/-) or you can buy a pack of four at $99 (Rs 10,900/- ).

Learn more about the new Apple AirTags here.

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