Apple AirTags Tidbits: Low Battery Alert, Family Sharing, Maximum of 16 Per Apple ID & more

Apple AirTags are the new smart tracker that you can attach to any item and track it whenever you want or if you aren’t able to find it. Well, the AirTags are yet to arrive for shipping slated to commence on April 30. Until then, YouTube Rene Ritchie had a chat with Apple’s senior director of sensing and connectivity, Ron Huang, and Apple’s VP of iPhone worldwide marketing, Kaiann Drance, where they discussed some of the features of the upcoming AirTags.

Maximum of 16 Apple AirTags

Each AirTag from Apple carries a price tag of $29 while a pack of four is available at $99. These can be connected to a whole sort of items including backpacks, wallets, keys, pets, and more. Apple has limited the number of AirTags that can be used on a single Apple ID and the number is 16.

Apple AirTag Interview

Privacy is of utmost importance

Ron Huang explained that the privacy and security of the user are of the utmost importance for Apple. AirTags have physical serial numbers associated with them that detect the user it is connected to an alert when lost. AirTags connected to any lost item can update their location when they come in contact with a Find My-enabled iPhone without the finder knowing the owner and vice versa. AirTags can be used to tap on any NFC-enabled device to reveal its owner’s contact information is lost.

Ron mentioned that AirTags uses a series of technologies including rotating Bluetooth identifiers that keep on changing so that no one can detect your location.

Battery Lasts for a Year

Each AirTag arrives with a user-replaceable battery that lasts for a year. However, since there’s no screen or LED on-board AirTags, it becomes a task to know when the battery dips below a threshold. Perhaps, AirTags will notify users when the battery dips below a certain point, probably ensuring enough time for users to get it replaced and continue its functions without any hassle.

Family Sharing

AirTags would kick out notifications when it detects a different device connected to it. To prevent this when you are sharing items with your family and friends, you can turn on Family Sharing. Users can disable the safety alerts so that they don’t get alerts every time AirTags detect a different device tracking them. For instance, your car key might have your AirTag associated with your iPhone. When you share it with a family member, the AirTag detects a different device tracking its location and thus, sends out the alerts. You can turn off alerts to its family sharing capabilities.

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