App Store Now Offers Search Suggestions to Narrow Down Your Searches

The App Store already has millions of apps and games that make it difficult to find the one you are looking for if you don’t know the app/game name but you can always search. Apple keeps updating its App Store with little tweaks to make discoverability easier for users. Cut to now, it has announced yet another tweak to the search option on App Store that now offers search suggestions.

App Store Search Suggestions

Earlier when you type the name of an app or game, the App Store would search and show the results. When you type a random string like “Game” or “Puzzle”, you used to get everything that falls under this category. But with the latest update in place, now you will get search suggestions on App Store when you search for broader tags.

App Store Search Suggestions

For instance, type “Puzzle” on the App Store and search. You will get a few suggestions on top of the screen such as “word” or “jigsaw” and others. This will help you narrow down your search. Similarly, when you search for “Game” on the App Store, you get search suggestions like “offline”, “kids”, “multiplayer”, “arcade”, etc.

Another example includes searching for “food” apps and you get suggestions like “delivery”, “games”, “recipe”, and so on. These search suggestions will narrow down your search to specific types of apps or games. You can even select multiple suggestions to further narrow the search.

The feature works like a charge letting you search for wanted games and apps in a jiffy. However, the feature is not available everywhere. According to the App Store official Twitter handle, the App Store Search Suggestions is now available in Australia, the UK, Canada, and the USA. There’s no mention of when it will arrive in other markets so we will have to wait for more updates.

The feature was earlier spotted during its testing phase earlier this month. It is likely limited to iOS 14.5 as of now so do check it out for yourself. It is indeed a server-side change and thus, won’t require users to explicitly update the App Store to get the feature. It will soon arrive in other markets and on multiple iOS versions although we aren’t aware of the timeline as of now.

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