Apple is Reportedly Working On a Gaming Console to Compete Against Switch

There are products every once in a while that don’t get any rumors before they officially arrive. But there’s nothing like keeping things extremely secret and even Apple knows it. One such product that rumor mills have started churning for is the alleged portable gaming console that the Cupertino-based tech juggernaut is working on. The information was spotted on a South Korean forum and later it was picked up by a Twitterati @FrontTron giving out information about the alleged console.

The alleged portable gaming console from Apple

According to the forum (and the tweet), Apple is working on a portable hybrid game console similar to Nintendo Switch. This could be a nudge to release a gaming console to compete against the uber-popular Switch. Apart from that, the console is likely to have a new Application processor as it is alleged that Apple is not looking to integrate an A-series or M-series chipset in the console.

Apple is reportedly working against a gaming console to compete against Switch

Apart from that, the console will have a massively enhanced GPU performance and will support improved ray tracing technology which also hints that it will overpower Switch once it arrives. The last bit of information mentioned in the tweet is that Apple is likely teaming up with Ubisoft to develop games for the console. For those who don’t know (why), Ubisoft is the name behind the massively successful gaming franchise of Assassin’s Creed, games like Watch Dogs, and Far Cry.

It isn’t the first time we have heard about Apple working on a gaming-focused gear. We already heard about Apple TV to get upgraded focusing on gaming with a new remote. Although the latter was released with a new processor, it wasn’t anything related to gaming. Also, it seems difficult to grasp how Apple’s development of the gaming console for however long it must have been, remain out of the spotlight for so long.

It is likely that Apple already has a plate full of devices to arrive this year that it may not have a shot at releasing a portable gaming console at all. It remains to be seen how it all pans out in the near future.

Aadil Raval

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