Apple Glass Might Get Displays With Adjustable Brightness to Make it Comfortable

Users usually feel a sense of discomfort, sometimes disoriented when taking off an Apple AR headset such as Apple Glass. This is because of transitioning from darkness when the AR/VR headset is worn to the brightness of the environment when you remove it.

There’s plenty of things to register here such as when putting on a VR headset, the environment inside the headset is dark until the eye adjusts before the VR experience turns on. Similarly, when taking off the head-mounted display or HMD, usually one would blink when taking the bright light in the real world.

The Cupertino-based tech juggernaut wants to minimize these two effects or end it at the best using dynamic adjusting of the brightness on both AR and VR HMDs.

Apple’s latest patent to reduce strain after AR/VR usage

According to the patent application titled “Electronic Device with Adaptive Display”, Apple has provided many details regarding how the application will work and so on. Apparently, Apple is proposing a head-mounted display with a dynamic range of brightness where the HMD could be perceived as insufficient based on the adaptation state of one’s eye.

Apple Glass might get displays with adjustable brightness to make it comfortable 1

For this, Apple will be using a control circuitry that comprises of an ambient light sensor affixed outside the headset that will gather physiological data such as blink rate, pupil size, and so on. The data will be used to adjust the brightness of the HMDs of the gear whenever a user removes the headset. Here, the HMD will intelligently learn the response of a user’s eyes to perceive his/her adaptation state. The control circuitry will be responsible to adjust the brightness based on the data collected. This will help adjust the adaptation state of a user from current to a different one which is outside and inside the gear or vice versa.

Apart from that, Apple is also considering adjusting the dynamic range of an AR/VR experience for a certain period. Apart from that, the company is also contemplating how the system would work by adjusting the dynamic range of some regions of an image while keeping others intact based on the user’s adaptation state.

The patent has been given to four inventors and it is likely to get included in the upcoming Apple Glass which is one of the most highly speculated products from Apple.

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