Apple Halts Signing Codes For iOS 14.5 After Releasing iOS 14.5.1

Just as in the case of iOS 14.4.2 when the iOS 14.5 was released, Apple has stopped signing code for iOS 14.5 after releasing the iOS 14.5.1 to its iOS devices.

Apple no longer signing code for iOS 14.5

The report on Apple Insider stated that the Cupertino-based giant has stopped signing code for iOS 14.5 which was released more than a week ago. This comes after Apple just recently a minor yet progressive upgrade iOS 14.5.1. This particular update brings a few bug fixes and patches for the vulnerabilities detected on WebKit.

Now that Apple is no longer signing code for iOS 14.5, users who upgrade to the newer iOS 14.5.1 are stuck on the firmware and cannot install the iOS 14.5 or older versions. This includes both downloading the update or installing it since it is not outdated.

Apple iOS 14.5.1 update fixes the App Tracking Transparency greyed out bug

The iOS 14.5 did arrive with a tonne of updates since it was a massive upgrade. It brought the mask to unlock using Apple Watch, App Tracking Transparency, and support to the latest smart tracking devices AirTag. With iOS 14.5.1 in place, users will get all those features while plugging holes on vulnerabilities that were detected with the WebKit that caused the issue in processing and viewing web content on iOS devices.

For the uninitiated, Apple regularly halts signing codes for older versions when it releases new iOS builds. The iOS 14.2 and iOS 14.2.1. Was halted after iOS 14.3 arrived and similarly, iOS 14.4 was halted after Apple released iOS 14.4.1 and this carries on through the software lifecycle of iPhones which is about 5 years and more. Even at the lowest point, Apple offers software updates to its devices two years more than the flagship Android devices of 2021.

Apple usually does it to prevent unwanted actors from exploiting the vulnerabilities discovered on older iOS versions. Since users cannot even download the older code to downgrade, Apple ensures that all its iOS devices are updated to the latest patch available which is something Apple lags behind the manifold.


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