Apple iOS 14.5.1 Update Fixes the App Tracking Transparency Greyed Out Bug

A few days ago, Apple released the much-awaited iOS 14.5 updates that introduced the App Tracking Transparency feature. According to some users, the ATT option was greyed out for them, leaving them unable to control the switch. The newly released iOS 14.5.1 update fixes the issue encountered by users who were facing the very same problem.

The iPadOS can also be updated to version 14.5.1. In case your Apple phone runs a previous iOS version, Apple has released the iOS 12.5.3 update that should fix the issue. Apart from making the option available, the update fixes a bug that leads to users not being able to receive prompts for App Tracking Transparency who disabled the feature and enabled it again.

Apple iOS 14.5.1 update fixes the App Tracking Transparency greyed out bug

The iOS 14.5.1 update is currently being rolled out as an over-the-air update. If you haven’t received the notification, you can head over to the Settings app and select the General Software Update option. It might take a while before users are able to get the update on their devices. The update

The iOS 14.5 update came out last month on April 26 and brought with itself several new features, performance improvements, and general bug fixes. However, the main features include the App Tracking Transparency toggle, major voice changes to Siri, and the ability to unlock the device even when wearing a face mask.

Apart from iOS and iPadOS, Apple also updated the Apple Watch to version watchOS 7.4.1. The company says it contains several security fixes with no word on what it exactly does.


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