Apple iOS 15.2 Beta Update Reportedly Has Several Bugs: Here’s What Issues Users Are Facing

Back in September, Apple rolled out iOS 15, and since then, the iPhone maker has already released a few updates, two minor and one major. Now the Cupertino-based tech giant has started developing iOS 15.2, the next major update to iOS 15. The company released the first beta of iOS 15.2 just days after it made iOS 15.1 available to the public on 25th of October.

Since the first beta update of iOS 15.2 is released, users have been reporting that the update contains a few new bugs. Several users posted on Reddit about multiple bugs related to the weather widget, notifications, and phone call slider. Here is a list of bugs in the iOS 15.2 beta update that users have reported.

iOS 15.2 Beta Has a Few Bugs

Apple iOS 15.2 Beta Update Reportedly Has Several Bugs: Here's What Issues Users Are Facing

According to a Reddit post, the recent iOS 15.2 beta update comes with a bug that brings a misaligned Weather widget icon. As you can see from the attached image, one of the weather icons (the last one) is misplaced to the right, probably because of the single-digit temperature label. Of course, this is beta, and Apple will fix it in the next release.

Apple iOS 15.2 Beta Update Reportedly Has Several Bugs

Another major bug that users have reported is related to notifications. According to a post on Reddit, the new iOS 15.2 beta update cannot delete notifications from daily notifications, even after clicking the Delete icon. Users have reported that they can’t delete notifications from the lock screen by tapping the “cross” icon (as shown in the attached image). It’s quite annoying for users when they want to get rid of a particular notification but cannot.

Apple iOS 15.2 Beta Update Reportedly Has Several Bugs

There’s one more bug that users have reported in the iOS 15.2 beta. Users have reported that the Phone call slider glitches as they slide ¾ of the way to the right. We hope these bugs will be fixed in the next beta release for iOS 15.2.

It’ll take a while for iOS 15.2 to be released for the public. However, we hope to see its release on the stable channel around the end of November. Although, it could be towards the middle of December 2021.

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