Apple Allows Users to Completely Clear the Notification Summary Instead of Dismissing Each Group Individually

Apple recently released the iOS 15.2 Beta 3, and it introduced a new search function in the Music app, allowing users to search songs within playlists. The new iOS 15.2 beta update has also tweaked the notification summary. According to a new Reddit post, you can now fully clear a notification summary in the third iOS 15.2 beta update. In the previous iOS 15.2 betas, e.g. the iOS 15.2 Beta 2, users had to dismiss each group individually.

Apple introduced Notification Summary with the release of iOS 15.0, and this has been tweaked in iOS 15.2. Now, the summary is presented in a new card-style view, making glancing at the notification contents easier for users. Also, the latest iOS 15.2 beta makes it easier to clear the notification summary — all at once, in a single tap.

Apple Allows Users to Completely Clear the Notification Summary Instead of Dismissing Each Group Individually
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iOS 15.2 Beta 3: What’s New?

The third beta update of the iOS 15.2 rolled out to developers on Tuesday and is now available to public testers, as well. The new update brings improvements to the Reminders app, Macro Mode, Apple Arcade, Music app, and a few tweaks to the Items tab in Find My app.

According to Apple’s release notes, in the Reminders app, users can now rename and delete tags in bulk — as opposed to doing it individually. Apart from this, Apple has added a new “Macro Mode” toggle to the Settings app, the description of which reads: “Show Camera control for automatically switching to the Ultra Wide lens to capture macro photos and videos.”

Further, the iOS 15.2 Beta 3 has restored the changes made to the Items tab in the Find My app in iOS Beta 2. The Items tab now again displays “Identify Found Item,” which used to be there before beta 2.

And as aforementioned, Apple has improved the search functionality of the Music app. It now allows users to search for tracks within the playlists.

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