Apple plans to use iPhones to control car functions

Apple is moving forward from its iPhone and other products to a fully controllable iPhone function or feature app that might be helpful to the car users. Apple is planning to use iPhones to control car functions. It includes controlling AC in the car, radio, seat adjustments, climate-control system, speedometer, and more.

We already know that the Apple CarPlay interface is used by millions of car users or drivers to control, music, calls, text messages, GPS navigation, and more right from the dashboard. Currently, the company is developing a technology that can do all of the basic and everyday needs, like a remote-control device. This initiative is also known as “IronHeart” and it is in the early testing stages that will require some time before it is available for public testing and landing as a fully-fledged feature.  

As the Apple Car program has faced a major setback, it seems that the company is moving towards the CarPlay section much deeper with the inclusion of more useful features and functionalities. It’ll help car users or drivers to link up their iPhones with a vehicle to perform infotainment tasks quite easily. The best part is that Apple CarPlay system has been distributed by most of the major automakers across the globe due to its popularity or compatibility with iPhones.

The initiative ‘IronHeart’ could take CarPlay a step further for sure. But that basically depends on the development process and the adaptability of the users. We assume it could take a couple of years from now to even provide a public testing program expectedly. Therefore, you’ll have to keep an eye on it.

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