Apple Launches New Find My Certification Asst App for Third-Party Companies

Apple has launched a new app, called Find My Certification Asst, that is designed to allow third-party device makers to test how their accessories will work with the Find My service. The app made it to App Store on April 4, Sunday. As per the app’s description, this new app will be required by third-party companies who want to integrate with the Find My network.

The arrival of the Find My Certification Assistant app is not entirely a surprise, as the company had announced during the WWDC 2020 that it would open up the “Find My” network to third-party products for the first time. The app will help developers to test discovery, connection, and other key requirements for various accessories that incorporate the Find My network technology. Interestingly, some companies have already indicated that they’ll be integrating the Find My network technology on their products.

Find My Certification Asst App for Third-party Developers

Apple Launches New Find My Certification Asst App for Third-Party Companies

Among the third-party device makers, several companies have already announced their products that will use the Find My network. For example, Belkin’s “SoundForm Freedom,” a competitor to Apple’s AirPods will support this device-locating technology. So, users will now be able to track these accessories inside the Find My app alongside their other Apple products. This will expand the portfolio of Find My in tracking more third-party accessories.

Further, the launch of this new application for third-party developers suggests that Apple wants to allow third-party accessories to integrate with the Find My app. Moreover, the iOS 14.5 beta is enabling new features in the Find My app, which also includes a new “Items” tab. However, it needs to be seen when the products actually launch and how or if they integrate the Find My network.

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