Apple loses appeal in Australia in Epic Games vs. Apple case

We all know how bitter the Apple vs. Epic Games case went in the USA. Following an appeal, the Australian court has given Epic Games the green to continue its lawsuit against Apple.

This is the latest development in the legendary long-running pile of lawsuits Epic Games filed against Apple for Apple’s exorbitantly high commission fees on apps available in the Apple App Store.

According to Epic Games, Apple indulges in unfair trade practices by charging 30% to app developers. Last year, the US Apple vs. Epic Games case was filed by Epic because Apple decided to remove Epic Games’ Fortnite from its app store.

The company said they removed the game because Epic Games added an unsanctioned payment method. This effectively allows Epic Games to bypass Apple’s commission fees, which sit at 30% of the total transaction fees.

Epic Games say that Apple’s practices are unfair, anti-competitive, and less revenue generation for app developers. And, they are not wrong. Apple has been facing lawsuits worldwide over its anti-competitive practices, amongst other things.

The case was heard in the US this summer, but a decision is yet to be made. This is why Apple is trying to appeal in the Australian court. Apple says,

The initial decision in April from Australia’s Federal Court correctly ruled that Epic should be held to the agreement it made to resolve disputes in California. We respectfully disagree with the ruling made today and plan to appeal.

While Epic Games is no saint, Apple surely seems to be wrong and might be fined millions in the US.

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  1. Epic knew the rules when they put up their game on the Apple store.
    They made tons of $$ from the Apple users but wanted more.
    This should be thrown out of court and Epic pay costs.

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