Apple Maps Expands its Speed Camera Feature to More Countries

Apple Maps introduced the speed camera alerts with the release of iOS 14, but this feature was initially limited to the countries like the US, UK, and Ireland only. Now, the Apple Maps speed camera feature has reportedly started rolling out in more countries. This latest feature in iOS was first spotted and reported by a Dutch tech blog iCulture, saying that Apple Maps is now showing speed camera alerts in the Netherlands. Following this, users from several other countries have also reported the arrival of this feature, suggesting Apple Maps is in the process of rolling out speed camera alerts in more countries.

Apple Maps Expands Its Speed Camera Feature to More Countries

Apple Maps Speed Camera Comes to Additional Countries

In many countries like the US, UK, and more, traffic authorities use fixed cameras that check for vehicle speed and stopping at red lights. So when you navigate in-car with Apple Maps via CarPlay or on iPhone in a region where the speed camera feature is available, you receive alerts for camera locations on roads via a yellow icon. The icon shows a camera with its flash in operation and the position on the map shows the location of that camera.

Apple Maps Expands Its Speed Camera Feature to More Countries

Until now, the speed camera feature was available only in Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the US. But now, if reports are to be believed, the feature is being made available to additional countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and Taiwan. So the expansion of speed camera alerts to more countries suggests that Apple could be working to bring this feature to other countries as well.

Moreover, the Cupertino-based tech giant is said to be working on a new Maps feature for iOS 14.5 or later. This feature will reportedly allow users to report speed checks along a route.

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