Apple Maps will finally support trips with multiple stoppages

Though Apple Maps offers plenty of better features, overall map viewing experience, and more, it seems that Google Maps is way ahead and has a crazy fanbase. Back in 2013 to 2016, Google did already include multiple trips and stops in Google Maps for both desktop and mobile devices. However, Apple is late in the party and finally, Apple Maps will support trips with multiple stoppages soon.

Recently, Apple announced this specific feature at WWDC 2022 Keynote presentation. Unfortunately, it’s not so dealbreaker or surprising because people are already using this feature on Google Maps for the last couple of years. But in terms of the Apple iOS 16 and iPhone users, the trip and multiple stops support feature is so-called ‘new’ as of now.

However, one thing we should mention is that not all iPhone models with iOS 16 might be able to get this specific feature right now. Some reports are coming out that you’ll need an OS update to get this feature where the iPhone 7 or lower generation iPhone models won’t gonna receive the official iOS 16 update anymore. That means only the latest generation of iPhone models with better hardware might gonna be able to use this feature.

Google Maps service is doing pretty well since 2013 and the multiple trips and stops feature did introduce in 2016. It also seems that you can plug up to 15 stops into a single trip on Apple Maps on iOS 16. Well, it’s expected that Apple will soon come up with more improvements and additional features.

While Google is an experienced player in the Maps field so most of the users prefer Google Maps over Apple Maps in plenty of regions. Unfortunately, Google Maps can only accept up to 9 stops in a single trip as of now.

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