Apple may be started testing the USB-C port instead of the lightning port on iPhones

Cupertino, California-based tech giant Apple seems to have already started testing the USB-C port on iPhones to replace the proprietary lightning port. But it looks like the news and rumors are coming for a couple of years but Apple hasn’t announced the development yet. Recent reports are stating that maybe the USB Type-C port on iPhones will gonna arrive by the end of 2023.

Though Apple has already implemented a Type-C port on its latest generation iPad models, the latest iPhone 13 series is still using the traditional lightning port for charging and data syncing. While it’s also speculated that the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup models will also have the lightning port. It may happen due to the pre-development phase or pending R&D on the performance/stability of the Type-C port for iPhones.

As mentioned, the chances are high that Apple will gonna include the USB-C port in iPhone 15 series models. However, there is no official report available yet on it. So, we really can’t rely on the rumors or leaks right now until the speculations become more clear.

Well, it’ll allow Apple to comply with rules & regulations regarding the user data or privacy policy backed by European regulations. Whereas Apple iPhone users will also be able to easily sync and connect their smartphones with other devices by using the USB-C port and cable. Type-C charging and headphone cables become common these days which will directly come in handy to iPhone users too.

As Apple has already launched Type-C enabled iPads this year, more iPad models will come in the future with USB-C ports. That means both the iPad models and iPhone models will become easily accessible with the help of Type-C connectivity whenever required.

Additionally, the data transfer rate is much faster and more stable on Type-C USB ports & cables rather than the lightning ones. While the bigger size of the Type-C port also ensures the faster charging function on mobile devices that means upcoming iPhone 15 or later models will support much faster-charging speed.

Some reports are also coming out that Apple is working on a USB-C adapter to let the new iPhone users use their older/existing lightning cable/accessories quite easily. Though Apple will gonna keep the prices on the higher side for the interested users to purchase separately, you’re paying for the quality, development, and brand value. Until more genuine reports come out, you can keep checking this blog.

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