Apple Releases tvOS 14.5 for Apple TV Models With Support to New Controllers, IDFA for Tracking

After its announcement at the Apple Spring Loaded 2021 event, Apple has finally released the tvOS 14.5 along with iOS 14.5. The update comes three months after the tvOS 14.4 was released.

tvOS 14.5: Features, Downloads

The tvOS 14.5 arrives as a successor to tvOS 14.4 and puts the firmware in line with iOS 14.5. The update will be released via OTA as usual where users can download it on their Apple TV by diving into the System >> Software Update if the automatic download is off. If the automatic download is enabled, the tvOS 14.5 will automatically download and install on the new Apple TV 4K, older Apple TV HD models among others.

The tvOS 14.5 puts forth the use of “Color Balance” which adjusts Apple TV’s colors according to the industry standards by cinematographers. The iPhone’s front camera is used to match the colors for calibration and tvOS 14.5 on Apple TVs and iOS 14.5 on iPhone are required for the “Adjust Color Balance” feature to work.

Moving ahead, the tvOS 14.5 now supports both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers that users can use with both Apple Arcade and App Store on tvOS.

The tvOS 14.5 brings out support to new frame rate options that are 29.97Hz and 59.94Hz instead of using 30Hz and *0Hz respectively. The update also brings support to “other Wireless Speakers” for audio output as well as the “Type to Siri” feature that was formerly available on iOS devices only.

One of the most anticipated features on tvOS 14.5 is the new App Tracking Transparency rules imposed by Apple. Here, the advertisers will have to seek permission from users to access the random advertising identifier or IDFA which is used for tracking activities and showcase ads and customizations accordingly. Here, if the user selects “Ask App Not To Track”, advertisers will have no option to track the user’s activities in any shape or form.

The tvOS 14.5 also extends support to Siri remote with voice support in New Zealand, Ireland, and Austria as well.

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