Apple’s iPhones will have new feature that automatically dials 911 in the event of a car crash

A new feature is said to be in the works for Apple’s iPhones and Apple Watches that will detect car crashes and automatically dial 911 if the vehicle actually crashes. According to The Wall Street Journal, this new feature is in the development and testing stages so it may become available next year.

Pixel phones already have the feature to call for help if they detect a car accident, just like the connected car services found in modern vehicles such as GM’s OnStar, Subaru’s Starlink, Fiat Chrysler’s Uconnect, etc. 98% of cars that are running on the streets don’t have this feature yet. Therefore, this feature is definitely going to be helpful for drivers as well as owners or riders until they have the iPhone in their pocket or mounted on their dashboard.

It’s also worth noting that the increased number of car accidents over the last few years was a driving factor behind the implementation of CarPlay and Android Auto. The upcoming auto crash detection system would be beneficial to car riders and drivers, as well. Adding a new car crash detection feature to the iPhone along with CarPlay could give Apple’s rumored “IronHeart” project some extra cushion.

Apple is rumored to integrate its phone with car settings similarly to how HomeKit controls smart lighting and speakers. Furthermore, Apple’s accident detection feature did not work properly in the past. It is therefore still unclear whether the company will be able to offer a full-proof car crash feature or not. However, Apple Watch’s fall detection feature does a good job and plenty of folks have benefited from it.

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