Apple Watch Could Gain Blood Sugar Monitoring Feature in 2022, Claims New Report

It looks like the future Apple Watch could be featuring a few more health monitoring features. A new report has stated that the 2022 Apple Watch may get new health sensors to measure blood glucose (blood sugar), blood pressure, and alcohol levels. An SEC filing for Rockley Photonics, a UK-based startup involved in designing sensors for monitoring blood using infrared light, has revealed a significant relationship with Cupertino-based giant Apple. The filing suggests that the new relationship between the two companies could result in the introduction of blood glucose monitoring features in future products.

Rockley Photonics is a reputed company that is well known for making sensors, which are said to be capable of monitoring blood sugar and alcohol levels. According to the SEC filing, which was first spotted and reported by UK’s Telegraph, the sensor-making company is preparing to go public in New York. The highlight of this is that Apple is one of its few large customers, meaning the blood glucose monitoring technology will soon be coming to Apple devices. According to the report, the new Apple Watch could gain this new health monitoring feature by 2022.

2022 Apple Watch May Measure Blood Glucose Levels

Apple Watch currently features several health monitoring features and sensors, including heart rate monitoring. But if the sensors for measuring blood sugar levels do come to this device, it could be a major leap in smartwatch technology. Currently, blood sugar can be measured only using specialized machines and devices. However, the new infrared light-based blood sugar and alcohol levels monitoring technology coming to Apple Watch may prove to be a game-changer.

According to Rockley Photonics CEO Andrew Rickman, the new technology developed by their startup will appear in consumer products by 2022. However, he didn’t say whether this tech will be present in Apple products. But Apple is already rumored to be working on patent applications for some components that could be used to monitor blood sugar levels through the skin, instead of drawing out the blood.

We don’t know how accurate these sensors will be in measuring blood glucose levels, we will only know in 2022 when the actual products hit the market.

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