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10 Best Grim Dawn Builds in 2021

Best Grim Dawn Starter Builds

In this article, we have focused on the Top 10 Best Grim Dawn Builds in 2021. Grim Dawn best builds have garnered an enormous following user base despite a crowded field of action role-playing games. It has already received a great deal of good feedback for its fast-paced battle-type gameplay. Although the objectives of gathering currency, armors, and weapons may seem simple on paper, the game’s captivating gameplay and challenging quests have given it a lot of personality and character.

Those who aim to create characters using the comprehensive combination available at our listings of Best Grim Dawn Builds might already know about Grim Dawn or are new to it and want to get the best at it from the beginning. So we have included the plot, thereby helping in the goal of creating Grim Dawn best builds.

The plot of Grim Dawn for building Best Grim Dawn Builds:

Grim Dawn Gameplay

  • Grim Dawn is a role-playing action game (ARPG) in a thematically dark fictional world loosely based on the Victorian era.
  • The game is set in Cairn, a bleak and war-torn planet where a once-great kingdom has crumbled and the human species verge extinction.
  • Cairn has been transformed into the epicenter of a never-ending conflict between the Aetherials, who see human bodies as a resource to be used, and the Chthonians, who want to wipe off mankind first.
  • Humans had made contact with extraterrestrial entities at some point in time.
  • More aetherials were brought over by the researchers, and once they were free, the aetherials were able to create portals into their home realm, taking a considerable number of their kin with them.
  • The Chthonians seemed to have destroyed the human species before the Aetherials could utilize human bodies as a resource.
  • As well as destroying human civilization, this catastrophic conflict distorted reality and spawned new horrors in its wake.
  • Cairn’s world will never be the same again because of the changes that have occurred. A bleak new world must be adjusted to in Grim Dawn. On the planet, there are pockets of human survivors who have taken shelter in mysterious hiding places.

To survive in Cairn’s world, players must create Best Grim Dawn builds from more than 36 combinations of character classes with different traits and continue playing in the brutal world. Our Grim Dawn top builds mention some famous handy builds that will help develop both life length and destructive potential without you having to wait for it.

We list all the best Grim Dawn builds, scoring high on these 2 factors (health and damage). These Grim Dawn best builds will also help you get through the Shattered Realm’s later waves and fight your way out of the locked dungeons. As a result, you’ll be more equipped to take on Mogdrogen (the mysterious boss). So without further ado, here are the best Grim Dawn builds of 2021.

Best Grim Dawn Builds:

1. Conjurer

Best Grim Dawn Builds in 2021 - Conjurer

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As a mix of the Occultist and Shaman builds, the Conjurer ranks among the most potent Grim Dawn top builds available, both for leveling and endgame play. When it comes to starting with a class for leveling, the Shaman and the Occultist are both viable choices. In contrast, the Conjurer class has some real endgame potential due to its ability to maintain itself, remain mobile, and deliver severe damage without losing durability. Here are the reasons Conjurer build is one of the best Grim Dawn Builds:

  • With abilities like Devouring Swarm, Bloody Pox, Blood of Dreeg, and Sigil of Consumption available to them very early in their levels, the Occultist and Shaman are both excellent choices for beginning leveling characters.
  • For players that like to play with pets and use minions, the Conjurer may be an excellent support character since they have access to a variety of minions such as the Summon Familiar, the Summon Briarthorn, and the Summon Hellhound, as well as buffs that impact pets such as Blood of Dreeg.
  • In addition to the Dark One’s set, several excellent sets can be used to assist a vitality Conjurer. These sets provide the class with more sustain and damage, enabling it to compete with the very best Grim Dawn builds for the monster-slaying.
  • Sets like Beastcaller’s Regalia and Bysmiel’s Trinkets may elevate your pet build to top-tier status, making it capable of clearing almost any kind of content.
  • The mix of sustain, mobility, and damage output may put you miles ahead of many other classes in terms of power and effectiveness. This is why the Conjurer build is a part of Grim Dawn best builds.

2. Spellbinder


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The Spellbinder is a mixture of the Necromancer and Arcanist masteries, and it is a powerful spellcaster. It is an excellent class to level up as, and it has the potential to be both flexible and influential in the late game. Such traits make the Spellbinder a part of Grim Dawn top builds. There are numerous various methods to construct a Spellbinder, but we’d recommend focusing on keeping the aether damage as your primary focus. When it comes to durability, the Spellbinder is a class that stands out for its strong damage output, excellent sustain, and high flexibility, with the ability to play various build types. Spellbinder is one the best Grim Dawn Builds because of the following qualities:

  • Although the Spellbinder is not the most straightforward class to level, it is not without its advantages in this regard as the Grim Dawn best builds.
  • The Spellbinder’s true strength lies in its being used in several diverse and robust setups in the late game. For example, you may play as a strong melee character using the Krieg set, or you can play as a caster character using sets such as Diviner’s Vision or Agrivix’s armor.
  • Such as Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Spectral Binding, and Devastation, the Spellbinder may make use of passive and toggle buffs and abilities that make it very durable while still dealing high sustained damage and sustained damage.

3. Sorcerer

Best Grim Dawn Builds in 2021 - Sorcerer

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The Demolitionist and Arcanist masteries are combined to form the Sorcerer’s abilities. As a starting class, either the Arcanist or the Demolitionist is very simple to level up and combine to create one of the Best Grim Dawn Builds. Fire and lightning damage are heavily supported by both the Arcanist and Demolitionist skill trees, with the Arcanist providing the most assistance. However, although the Sorcerer is not the most robust of classes, it can do enormous damage while remaining mobile.

The Reasons Why the Sorcerer is among the Best Grim Daw builds out there:

  • Monstrous Infrequent choices like Zarthuzellan’s Codex or Slatharr’s Crest, which enhance powerful starting abilities such as Blackwater Cocktail and Panetti’s Replicating Missile, are available to help you with your build.
  • Pyran’s Vestments, for example, is a compelling item set that may be used to assist this class while building Grim Dawn fun builds.
  • After the game’s conclusion, you will be able to inflict massive amounts of damage while remaining mobile, enabling you to take down brutal monsters.
  • The Granted Skills from components such as Fireblast or Greater Fireblast may carry your build while freeing up skill points for passive and toggle boosts until you reach a point where you need to rethink your setup for the end game viability.

4. Infiltrator


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It is a mix of the Nightblade and Inquisitor masteries that makes up the Infiltrator. Other best Grim Dawn Builds like the Inquisitor are good for leveling up, especially if you choose it first. It provides support for both piercing and cold damage, although it is particularly good at piercing damage. You should choose the Infiltrator if you want to play among Grim Dawn top builds with a high level of damage output and sustain while still retaining a high capacity of survivability and durability.

What Makes the Infiltrator So Effective

  • Because of skills like Storm Box of Elgoloth and Word of Pain, the Inquisitor is an excellent mastery to start with while leveling up your character.
  • With the Belgothian gear, your Infiltrator can inflict massive amounts of damage, making specific boss battles that you may have had difficulty with other classes seem insignificant and gaining its popularity among the best Grim Dawn builds.
  • Ulraprax’s Sting, for example, is excellent monster support for leveling up as an Inquisitor since it appears only seldom.
  • Spells such as Inquisitor’s Seal provide you unparalleled standing power for a Nightblade-based class, allowing you to dominate the battlefield.

5. Warlord


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The Warlord build combines the Soldier and Oathkeeper classes into one. This combination of best Grim Dawn builds has stayed strong throughout the development of Grim Dawn, surviving the many updates that have been released since the game’s release. It is an excellent option for leveling, and with the proper setup, it can be one of the most potent Grim Dawn best builds available. The Warlord is a flexible class, capable of focusing on a variety of various damage kinds. However, towards the end game, we highly advise you to concentrate on retaliatory versions of those damage types since this is where the Warlord’s real power lies.

Features of the Warlord build that ranks it among the best Grim Dawn builds:

  • Because of abilities like Forcewave and Vire’s Might, the Oathkeeper and Soldier are both excellent options for first-class characters to level with.
  • In both masteries, retaliatory damage builds are strongly supported by their respective skill trees, which include abilities like Righteous Fervor, Counterstrike, and the Aegis of Menhir.
  • In addition to the Armor of Octavius, Stoneguard, and Avenger’s sets, there are numerous more strong sets that may be used to assist the Warlord class.
  • Numerous monsters are only encountered once in a while that may help you level up, such as Shambler’s Heart and Zarthuzellan’s Archive.
  • In terms of sturdiness and bulky Grim Dawn best builds, the Warlord is a class that is a pleasure to play.

6. Vindicator


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The Vindicator combines the Inquisitor and Shaman specializations into the Best Grim Dawn Builds. With either Shaman or Vindicator as your starting class, you’ll have a simple time leveling this one. Elemental damage, mainly lightning, is supported on both skill trees. In terms of damage output, the Vindicator is a well-rounded class concerning its defenses.

The Vindicator: Why It’s among Grim Dawn top builds

  • The Shaman and Inquisitor skill trees include strong leveling abilities like Primal Strike, Storm Box of Elgoloth, and Word of Pain, making leveling up in Grim Dawn a breeze.
  • It’s possible to get an advantage when leveling by using monster infrequents like Ulraprax’s Sting, Ugdenbog Sparkthrower, or Korvan Storm Halberd.
  • Wind Devil and Aura of Censure, two powerful abilities that decrease elemental resistance, give you the ability to do a lot of damage.
  • When combined with defensive skills like Aura of Censure and Mogdrogen’s Pact, the Vindicator becomes a formidable opponent for other damage dealers.

7. Dervish


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Dervish is a combo of the Nightblade and Oathkeeper masteries and is an excellent option for leveling if Oathkeeper is taken first. Both the Nightblade and Oathkeeper trees provide vitality and acid damage, so you may concentrate on either, although the acid damage skill offers much more excellent support in terms of abilities and equipment. The Dervish is a tough fighter with solid damage output, and excellent mobility among the Best Grim Dawn builds.

The Dervish’s Greatness in the Grim Dawn top builds

  • The Nightblade skill tree has extensive support for acid damage, while the Oathkeeper skill tree includes a few ability modifications that may be used to convert Righteous Fervor or Guardians of Empyrion into acid and vitality-damaging abilities.
  • If you pick Oathkeeper first, you may entirely concentrate on Vire’s Might and burn through the early stages until you feel comfortable switching to a new setup.
  • The Dunefiend can convert Eye of Reckoning and Shadowstrike to deal acid damage and provide substantial boosts to both skills, resulting in a character with excellent mobility, enjoyable abilities, and high damage output.

8. Ritualist


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Necromancer and Shaman skills combine to make the Ritualist an excellent class among the Best Grim Dawn builds for leveling. Both vitality damage masteries and pet-focused builds have excellent supporting abilities. Ritualists have a high damage output while also being very resilient. This is a class with an outstanding average among the Best Grim Dawn builds.

What makes the Ritualist so outstanding within Grim Dawn top builds?

  • Spells like Wendigo Totem and Devouring Swarm give you the ability to do massive damage while still maintaining your health.
  • Bonespike, Lagoth’s Bloodbinding, and Ugdenbog Howler are just a few examples of monster infrequents that work well with this strategy.
  • If you prefer a pet-oriented playstyle, the Necromancer and Shaman skill trees both include pet spells that let you raise a small army of minions to battle on your behalf.
  • If you equip sets like the Dark One’s Gift, Beastcaller’s Regalia, or Bysmiel’s Trinkets, your Ritualist will be able to take on even the most demanding bosses in the game making it a powerful choice among Grim Dawn best builds.

9. Druid


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The Druid combines the Shaman and Arcanist masteries and is a good leveling option if you start off as a Shaman. Both the Shaman and Arcanist skill trees support elemental damage; thus, the combination of their class functions well within a competitive listing of the best Grim Dawn builds. While a Druid’s damage output will be greater than, say, a Battlemage’s, their durability will be lower, and they’ll have to use more maneuvers to stay alive.

What Makes a Druid So Special in Grim Dawn top builds?

  • Primal Strike may be used to level up the Shaman in the beginning. In terms of damage output, Primal Strike excels in both AOE and single target situations.
  • Wind Devil, Stormcaller’s Pact, and Ishkandra’s Elemental Exchange are just a few of the elemental damage support abilities at your disposal.
  • The standing strength of shaman spells like Storm Totem or Wendigo Totem may be enormous.
  • The Ugdenbog Sparkthrower offers a substantial 40% crit damage bonus to Primal Strike, is one of the most potent monster infrequents that may complement your build.
  • The Druid has several excellent late-game setups available to players that choose this class. You may, for example, combine the Trozan set with a few additional items to create a build that uses Trozan’s Skyshard to do enormous damage while remaining mobile.

10. Battlemage


Click here to know more about Battlemage

The Battlemage combines the Soldier and Arcanist masteries, making it an excellent starting class and the best Grim Dawn builds. As a Battlemage, you have access to solid passive and toggle boosts and helpful leveling abilities early in the skill tree, enabling you to have decent damage output and resilience.

The Battlemage’s Greatness in the listing of Best Grim Dawn Builds

  • Access to Forcewave facilitates leveling, and the Arcanist skill tree reinforces this with skills like Mental Alacrity.
  • Passive and toggle buffs like Field Command, Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, and Oleron’s Rage may significantly boost your damage and survivability.
  • There is a good deal of Monster Infrequent assistance for Battlemages, such as Shambler’s Heart, which increases Forcewave’s physical damage by 100%, or Obsidian War Cleaver, which increases Forcewave’s weapon damage by 60%.
  • Once you reach level 94, there is much opportunity to move to intriguing endgame builds, such as the Spellscourge or Krieg sets.


How do you level up in Grim Dawn?

How do you level up in Grim Dawn

The player earns experience points by defeating enemies and completing missions. As you earn experience and levels, your power increases thanks to characteristics and skill points. The yellow bar under health and energy on the HUD on the bottom of the screen represents experience. You’ll advance one level every time that bar fills.

Attribute points and skill points are increased at a rate of 10 each level, with a cap of up to 3 per level. The ability to access up to two Masteries will be added to your account (level 2- you have the option to pick your first Mastery, level 10- you have the option to pick a second Mastery).

When Ashes of Malmouth DLC was released, the level limit went from 85 to 100. You get three skill points for each level from levels 2 through 50. You get two skill points for each level between 51 and 90. From levels 91 onwards, players get one skill point for every level reached. Miscellaneous items also provide experience growth, which can be attached in the Best Grim Dawn builds, and the experience points stack up.

What is the max level in Grim Dawn?

What is the max level in Grim Dawn

The level limit varies based on whether you’re playing the basic game or the Ashes of Malmouth expansion DLC. If you don’t have Grim Dawn’s initial expansion, the highest level you can achieve is 85. However, if you buy the first expansion, you will be able to go all the way to level 100 using your favorite Grim Dawn Best builds.

You will still be able to gain extra skill and attribute points by completing the tasks in the new expansion, and although there are available mods that enable the max level to be raised to 999, you will not be able to do so officially.

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Hope you liked our essential collection of the 10 Best Grim Dawn builds in 2021. Feel free to leave a comment below on your favorite build among this list. Cheers!!

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