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12 Best HD Streamz Alternatives: Legal Sources To Watch Free Live Shows

HD Streamz provides over 1000 channels of high-definition movies and television programs that stream without latency or glitches. By downloading the HD Streamz App on an Android phone users can watch a large number of high-definition films and television episodes for free. All forms of entertainment media, from live sporting events and live television to television series, were grouped together.

The HD Streamz app provides you with a wide range of Live TV alternatives, including a variety of stations from the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Pakistan, the Middle East, Turkey, and other nations. With third-party subscriptions to channels all around the globe, you can turn this app into a little TV, and HD Streamz is easy to modify and use.

HD Streamz Legal Notice

However, when it comes to legality, copyright infringement, and unwarranted data collection, HD Streamz manages to infringe on all three of these fronts. Similar to ThopTV, Dare TV, and Oreo TV, HD Streamz also engages in illicit streaming from restricted sources, contains copyrighted material that has no connection to the entertainment distribution firms, and is unethical when it comes to gathering data from their customers’ devices, according to the Federal Trade Commission. HD Streamz displays what personal data it collects and where it goes ( in the screenshot above and states that it requires customer data in order to prevent advertisements.

Similar to ThopTV, the HD Streamz app is unavailable in the Play Store, and it is an illegal service in many countries. In many jurisdictions, such acts constitute a violation of the user’s permission and a disruption of the legal framework governing user monitoring. To protect the users from the anxieties of violating legalities, defend their privacy, and get rid of viruses distributed through these illegal apps, we present the 12 Best HD Streamz Alternatives having Legal Sources to Watch Free Live Shows online. Go through the HD Streamz Alternatives and select the legal app of your liking.

Best HD Streamz Alternatives


Best HD Streamz Alternatives FREECABLE TV

Price: Fully Free

With the FREECABLE TV App, you can catch up on the most recent global news, watch TV shows, watch movies, enjoy sports, discover music, or travel to your favorite destinations. Because the FREECABLE TV App is available on the Play Store and has lots of positive user reviews regarding better usability and content than paid services, it brings HD Streamz Alternatives into the perfect limelight while being accessible at no cost.

  • 15+ news channels: Enjoy streaming the latest headlines, world news, live news, and radio stations.
  • 2000+ free television shows, talk shows, free movies, sports, cartoons, music, radio stations, funny videos, and a host of other things.
  • Customize your TV channels to personalize your streaming experiences.

According to the Disclaimer by FREECABLE App, they use 3rd party APIs to fetch content from Youtube (in compliance with youtube branding guidelines) and has respective publisher permission to stream content without being an official media service app. The authorizations are clearly mentioned; hence it is the absolute legal HD Streamz Alternatives to watch Free Live Shows.

2. Tubi

HD Streamz alternatives Tubi TV

Price: Fully Free

From being the finest ThopTV Alternative to being the best HD Streamz Alternatives and the number one provider of on-demand video streaming services, Tubi has more than 10,000 free TV shows and movies in its library. Tubi claims fewer advertisements than its cable competitors, which means viewers can watch special programs without paying. There is no need to sign up, and the application is available to install on any kind of device.

Once you’re signed in, you can immediately begin watching Tubi’s massive library of over 20,000 movies and TV shows. With 34 genres to browse and content filtering by popular categories like Featured, Leaving Soon, New Releases, and Trending Now, you can easily find what you’re looking for. Tubi has a desirable aspect that is the ability to search for content by network or collection. Tubi, an HD Streamz Alternatives streaming service for TV lovers, includes A&E, Fox, and Lifetime, each offering its own famous shows via complete safe, legal means.

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3. DistroTV

Distro TV

Price: Fully Free

Without needing to subscribe or pay any fees, 150+ live channels and thousands of hours of content are available on DistroTV, a free-to-air Ad-supported VOD service. Despite it being a free service, DistroTV has several films in various genres available to you. The users’ selections are primarily made up of little-known, independent movies.

Dedicated channels to particular genres of cinema, emphasizing horror and documentaries, and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, are available with numerous live TV shows in this best HD Streamz Alternatives. There is no kid-focused category, scarce mainstream and famous titles, and it is challenging to navigate through the clunky browser interface. Overall, the HD Streamz Alternatives app is smooth to use, available on numerous devices, and ideal for on-the-go streaming.

4. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Price: Fully Free

Pluto TV, founded in 2014 and acquired by Viacom in 2019, provides over 200 cable TV channels, including CNN, A&E, BET, and Comedy Central, to cable TV cord-cutters and anyone wanting HD Streamz Alternatives. The best thing about Pluto TV is that it is entirely free of registration and subscription fees. If you’d like to watch immediately, you can go to the website or download the app to your device.

While you may not view every cable television show you are used to, Pluto TV can serve as a suitable replacement for your usual cable TV content provider and HD Streamz App. One disadvantage of Pluto TV’s free app is that it does not feature live games, only offering DAZN Fight Zone on demand. It lacks other notable features like DVR capabilities, parental controls (like HD Streamz), and more on-demand content.

5. YuppTV


Price: Free Trial for 14 Days, YuppTV Basic Pack ($0.50/month)

India’s leading OTT content provider, YuppTV, offers 200+ live TV channels in 12 languages. In addition, to live TV, YuppTV customers can enjoy catch-up TV, which lets them watch 7-day-old programmes and never miss their favorite programmes. Viewers can access more than 5,000 movies and hundreds of TV shows directly on their TV in a few seconds. 

YuppTV offers 25,000 hours of video content as part of its Video-On-Demand (VOD) service, and 2,500 more hours of content are added daily. YuppTV’s live TV pause and rewind capability, 2-hour rewind limit, and broad device accessibility make it a prime HD Streamz alternative. Moreover, YuppTV is backed by Mr Brian Lara, Ms Parineeti Chopra, Shri KT Rama Rao, and the app is available on the Play Store, making YuppTV the safest HD Streamz Alternatives for South Asian content streaming.

6. MX Player TV

MX Player TV

Price: Fully Free

The most powerful mobile video player on the market, MX Player, has finally made its debut on Android TV, including hundreds of hours of premium, exclusive, and original content from major producers and publishers. These HD Streamz similar apps provide access to some of the most notable movies, TV shows, and web series, emphasizing unique, high-quality Hindi and regional language content, focusing on exclusive material.

MX Player TV, a notable HD Streamz Alternatives catering to only the best Indian content, handle legalities through frequent ads and ties with entertainment services. They boast an ever-growing content list, fast servers, and intuitive UI. Their linguistic span covers various dialects from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, and Kannada.

7. Airtel XStream / JIOTV

Best HD Streamz Alternatives Airtel Xtream JioTV

Price: Limited content Free, Premium price according to SIM bundle plans

Those who live in India have a wide variety of choices for free movie applications to choose from. The growing rivalry in this densely populated market has resulted in almost all of the major telecom carriers providing free video streaming and Live TV applications as part of the price of their premium plans.

Reliance Jio’s Jio TV and Bharti Airtel’s Airtel Xtreme stand out as particularly noteworthy out of all of these applications. In addition to being well-designed, both of these HD Streamz Alternatives provide free live TV streaming allowing you to view numerous paid television channels while on the move. Each piece of material on these applications is accessible in high quality, and you can also enjoy it in various Indian languages.

8. Xumo


Price: Fully Free

Xumo, being one of many prestigious HD Streamz Alternatives, provides 190+ linear channels, including complete TV programs, cartoons, breaking news, and live events. You may enjoy your favorite shows, stop and rewind them to your heart’s content, and browse among the channels as often as you want with Xumo.

If you like a programme on-demand, you may use the live schedule to discover other stations or networks that air similar shows. Xumo believes it is the best source for knowledge and entertainment, all accessible through the company’s free TV app, which is available on your preferred viewing device.

9. Peacock


Price – Free, Peacock Premium ($5/month), Peacock Premium Plus ($10/month)

NBCUniversal’s Peacock, whose parent company is Comcast, aired the Tokyo Olympics 2020 free of charge. With much live news, free sports, TV shows and movies available for free, Peacock is a spectacular HD Streamz Alternatives. You may think of it as a free version of streaming services like HD Streamz, Pluto TV, and Tubi, but with better quality and a wider variety of programs.

Peacock’s free tier provides over 13,000 hours of ad-supported entertainment, similar to most HD Streamz Alternatives. Content is available in various formats, including live sports, movies, news, and sketch-like pieces. Even if you’re only a casual sports fan, you can’t miss the important events with Peacock’s live sports coverage, although premium access is needed for the most important matches.

Higher-tier subscribers have access to user accounts and offline mobile downloads, whereas lower tiers lack these features. While the lowest paid tier of Peacock is ad-supported, unlike HD Streamz, its movie library is shrinking fast.

10. Sling TV

Sling TV

Price: Sling Blue / Sling Orange – $35/mo; Combined – $50/mo

Popular HD Streamz Alternatives applications, like Sling TV, are accessible to the public and provide several options for users. Customers may access over 700 entertainment, news, and sports content channels by subscribing to Sling Orange and Sling Blue, the two basic packages of Sling TV. Sling Blue and Sling Orange packages are combined under a cheap rate of $50/month, providing unlimited access to over 50 channels

Free DVR storage comes with all subscriptions, with the option to pay $5 more for DVR Plus, which provides 200 hours of storage. Sling TV does not offer a viewing plan that includes everything. The channel packages are Sling Blue and Sling Orange, and you have to pick between news and entertainment material or sports and family-friendly content.

11. Rakuten TV

HD Streamz Alternatives Rakuten TV

Price: Fully Free

A streaming service based in Japan, Rakuten TV offers movies and TV series for subscription, rental, and purchase, as well as a good selection of free content, such as movies, children’s television shows, and documentaries. Being an impressive HD Streamz similar apps, users receive a good selection of free content, including live television, sports anime, and children’s movies. To view what’s available, just choose the ‘Free’ link at the top of the page. Only your email address and password are required before you can begin streaming on a PC or Mac (not a Chromebook), smartphone, or Xbox One (running iOS or Android). Chromecast may also be used to cast content to your television.

Featurewise, Rakuten TV’s sound, and visual quality are average and dependent on the device. It ranges from 4K on smaller devices like Apple TV to IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Vision for Sony home theatres. Despite the high streaming quality, its interface is considerably low resolution. The Wishlist function adds stuff you want to watch later, and handy Library stores any media you chose to buy or rent. There is a handy search bar, with a dropdown for genre and collection of themes.

Overall, Rakuten TV can be considered a good HD Streamz alternative when the free ad-supported content is considered, but for paid content, there are better alternatives in our list.

12. BFI Player

HD Streamz Alternatives BFI Player

Price: Fully Free

Among the many short films and features available for free viewing on the BFI Player, which is the HD Streamz Alternative website of the British Film Institute, are vintage TV dramas from the 1960s and 1970s, documentaries, musicals, home videos, and even some old British commercials from years gone by. However, there are several short films from recent BFI film festivals among the collection’s older black-and-white material. For a list of freebies, go to the top of the page and select the ‘Free’ option. There is no need to join up, and you can watch on your browser or transmit to your television using the Chromecast feature.

Disclaimer for Free Apps

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If you enjoyed our article on 12 Best HD Streamz Alternatives, feel free to comment below which one of these are your favorites and write out your thoughts on them.


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