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20 Best MKV Players for Android/Mac/iOS/Windows 10 in 2022

MKV Players are increasingly facing a rise in demand as more content is shipped through the MKV format. MKV is the most popular open-source media format that accompanies practically every entertainment needs. Under the current pandemic situation, movie and TV series bingers have gotten hooked on filling their leisure time with fulfilling media content. And since almost every film or TV show found on the Internet comes with an MKV file extension, finding external and free MKV Players is an immediate necessity.

Our ardent readers with previous knowledge regarding MKV files must understand that many default players belonging to multiple platforms, like Windows 10, Mac, iOS, and Android, do not support MKV players by default. For those who know nothing of such sort, fear not, for we will help you understand what MKV files are and why default media players treat viewing MKV files as a separate case. Finally, in the main section, we give you the 20 Best MKV Players for Android/Mac/iOS/Windows 10 with their own feature list, impressions collected from multiple user reviews, and download links. Some MKV Players support more than one platform, so make sure to check out the Platform section under each MKV Players.

What does MKV stand for?

What do you mean by MKV Players

MKV files, commonly known as Matroska Video files, were created in 2002 in Russia. Matryoshka, the Russian term for Nesting Dolls, inspired the name. Matroska was created as an open standards project, which implies that it is totally free for personal usage. MKV files, contrary to common perception, are neither audio nor video compression format.

MKV files are multimedia container formats that combine audio, video, and subtitles into a single file, even if each part is encoded differently and each element is lossless. For example, you might have an MKV file that includes H.264 video, music in the form of MP3 or AAC, and SRT subtitles.

What do MKV Players stand for

MKV container files were intended to be future-proof, which means they will not become obsolete. Matroska developers added many unique, essential elements to do this, including:

  • Rapid seeking of video
  • Support for chapters, menus, and metadata
  • Multiple Audio Video streams are available for selection.
  • Compatibility with online streaming
  • Subtitling (hard-coded and soft-coded) support
  • Error recovery for fixing and playing damaged files.

The MKV container supports almost any music and video format, making it highly adaptable and simple to use.

Do Smart TVs play MKV files?

Do Smart TVs play MKV files

Nowadays, most Smart TVs are shipped with the latest OS installed inside their internal memory. MKV files being an open-source development project, have increased in popularity in the past few years. Newer models of Smart TVs can play MKV files rather fluently on their device’s default media player (Samsung TV). If the Smart TV runs on any version of Android in its background, external players mentioned under the “Best MKV Players for Android” section will help properly stream MKV container files through the right codecs.

Content playability initially depends on what video or audio format is used inside the MKV container file. For example, although Samsung TV claims to accept MKV files, it cannot play those that include Dolby Audio or other incompatible formats, eventually leading to buffering, hanging, or video loops.

The viable option for maximum compatibility of Smart TVs with MKV files is converting such files through popular media conversion tools into device-specific media formats.

Why Windows Media Player Cannot Play MKV?

Does Windows Media Player support MKV

When it comes to MKV Players for Windows 10, Windows Media Player doesn’t come near to the list, simply because the default media player of Windows 10 does not support this viral open-source media container format. The reason is simple, Windows Media Player doesn’t contain the codecs for handling MKV files by default. Codecs help disassemble the video file format it caters to and provide a permanent link with the media player, making it one of MKV Players.

And as to why MKV is not supported by default on Windows 10/Mac/Android/iOS, MKV is considered “unfit for industrial purposes.” This statement merely unjustified the capabilities of MKV as a media format. Multiple Standards Development Organizations (SDO), e.g., ISO, IETF, sponsor different media formats and set forth a collection of formal rules (IPR). Any media format which does not comply with IPR rules or isn’t supported by an SDO gets lost in the shadows and remains separated from the mainstream. Since the MKV container format is an open-source project and lacks significant commercial benefits, it is not considered fit for the major leagues.

Part I: Best MKV Players for Windows 10

1. VLC Media Player

Best MKV Player for Windows 10 VLC

Platforms: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Android TV

VLC Media Player (Video Lan Client) is the best and most favorite MKV Player for Windows 10. It is elementary to visualize why this MKV Player for Windows 10 is extremely popular. It’s free and supports almost all file formats without needing to download additional codecs. Moreover, these MKV Players can optimize video and audio playback for your chosen device extensively supports streaming and extended infinitely with downloadable plugins. These capabilities also allow users to integrate their software and stream with other applications.

Not only for Windows, but VLC is the best MKV Player for Android, iOS, and Mac, thereby being our go-to media player for any media playback. Numerous features of VLC make it a highlight among impressive MKV Players for different platforms, some of which we have listed below.

  • VLC can change between formats for media files that it supports. To convert or save the media files, click on the Media menu. Convert your file to a different extension type by loading it, pressing the Convert/Save button, and selecting the file type. You may modify the video encoding parameters using the Edit chosen profile button.
  • The built-in subtitle downloader can fetch srt files from legitimate locations based on the filename of the media file.
  • Downloadable MKV Player for iOS, Android, iPad, and Mac laptops.
  • VLC can use your desktop as an input device, making it a screen capture program.
  • To listen to podcasts and internet radio on your PC via such MKV Players.
  • VLC allows you to add audio and video effects and adjust the audio and video alignment. Audio equalizers and video effects, including cropping, rotating, overlaying, and colorizing, are available in such MKV Players.
  • The Synchronization tab lets you align the audio and video streams in a video. This allows you to synchronize videos with out of sync audio.
  • Setting a movie scene as desktop wallpaper, bookmark media files, and changing playback speed are the advantages of such notable MKV Players.

2. KMPlayer


Platforms: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS

KMPlayer is a heavy-duty MKV Player for Windows 10 and other platforms, fulfilling every need you have but not in a straightforward way. Being a powerful MKV Player, it also has abundant features and settings that take a considerable amount of time to fully understand. While users enjoy playing with KMPlayer, others may not find it as easy and fundamental as the other comparable MKV Players.

While it is excellent to have MKV Players that offers plenty of other capabilities, the critical factor in how helpful the program is its capacity to play various media formats. The ability to handle several file types ensures that KMP will open all your media files. While it may not be very fancy, the KMP Interface looks neat and elegant. Also, the software is very customizable since you may download various skins and adjust the appearance to your desire. Other KMP features are:

  • MKV player for Windows 10 supports a wide variety of audio, recording, video, and subtitle formats and supports audio-video recording and screenshot capture.
  • Offers a highly regulated environment for internal and external filters to connect to splitters, decoders, transform filters, and renderers without requiring them to deal with the system to prioritize codecs.
  • Ability to apply various audio and video effects, slow down, skip, or speed up playback through these MKV Players.
  • Bookmark sections of video
  • Remap the keys on the remote interface for HTPC, including overlay screen controls
  • Dynamically and automatically change the skin based on the media type or playback.
  • URL streaming of internet-based services
  • Playback for 3D and VR content with hardware acceleration is supported in this selection of MKV players.

3. SMPlayer


Platforms: Windows, Mac

SMPlayer is a friendly and straightforward MKV player for Windows 10, Linux, and Mac that comes pre-installed with codecs capable of playing almost any video or audio file. It is self-contained and does not need any additional codecs. Simply install SMPlayer, and you’ll be able to play any format without having to search for and install codec packs.


  • SMPlayer remembers the parameters of every file you play. It will pick up where you left off and retain all your choices like subtitle, audio language, volume, etc.
  • MKV Players like SMPlayer can play videos from Youtube, and users can search other Youtube content through a plugin.
  • Multiple skins and icon themes make changing look easy.
  • Subtitles are downloadable through
  • Video and Audio filters, variable playback speed, audio track, and subtitle delay sync, equalizers are some advanced features in SMPlayer.
  • Such MKV Players are available in more than 30 languages.
  • Free and open-source

4. GOM Player

GOM Player

Platforms: Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad

GOM Player is a free video and audio suite that has complete compatibility for just about every file type, mainly MKV players, and it even has 360-degree VR video capabilities. This allows you to not only watch YouTube videos but also the ones you have recorded yourself. Even while it may not be trendy right now, it’s a video format that will only increase in prominence over the next several months and years. Recently GOM Player has launched for Android and iOS, making GOM for Android the best MKV Player for Android and a spectacular MKV Player for iOS.


  • Apart from being an outstanding MKV Player for Windows 10, its integrated codec support includes MKV FLV, MP4, MOV, MPG, TS, AVI, DivX, ASX, WMV, M4V, DAT, IFO, VOB, 3GP, and more.
  • Included search ability for finding external codecs and subtitles while adding them automatically.
  • Dedicated subtitle toggle switch.
  • Subtitle search through
  • Support 360-degree videos which are captured on camera. Users can stream 360-degree videos here directly from Youtube.
  • The ability to tweak video settings, screenshot capture mode with multiple picture extensions, audio equalizer, variable playback speed, and multiple skins makes this MKV Player for Windows 10 a treat for the eyes.

5. DAPlayer (aka. 5KPlayer)


Platforms: Windows

The formerly known DAPlayer has now been rebranded to 5KPlayer, a handy, capable, and free MKV player for Windows 10 that functions with hundreds of file types, including high-definition video. What’s the secret of DAPlayer? The application comes preloaded with more than 400 audio and video codecs, so you can play just about any video file without the bother of having to hunt for and download missing codecs.

Unlike your hard disc, DVDs and Blu-rays are also supported by such simple MKV Players. DAPlayer supports high-quality video (AVCHD, MKV, H264, and more), so you can watch your favorite movies and TV programs in fantastic 1080p HD.

DAPlayer offers a beautiful and straightforward design with concealed menus that can be accessed from the top of the window. The player’s settings allow players to control the video, audio, subtitles, and many other features. A negative factor of such an outstanding MKV Player for Windows 10 is that the skin is so dark that you have trouble seeing the menu.

Part II: Best MKV Player for Android

6. MX Player

MX Player

Platform: Android, Google TV, iOS

If you are looking for the Best MKV Player for Android, apart from being a versatile media Player, look nowhere else than MX Player. MX Player supports almost every codec and packs a plethora of valuable features, navigation shortcuts, essential video editing tools, and seamless performance into the Best MKV Player for Android devices.

  • Simple file browsing, intuitive playback control, different viewing modes, forced rotation, and preventing accidental taps are some benefits the interface of MX Player offers.
  • Besides offering support for all major codecs and formats, MX Player is available in free, paid, and open-source versions. If you play a file that your Android doesn’t support, MX Player will suggestively install a free codec pack to fix the problem.
  • Thanks to its hardware acceleration and multi-core decoding features, MX Player can play a video on almost any Android device, old or new, making it the Best MKV Player for Android.
  • MX Player can support a wide variety of subtitle styles, including text color and styling, and can read over a dozen distinct subtitle formats, including SSA, SMI, SRT, SUB, IDX, MPL, TXT, and more. You may also utilize gestures to enlarge text, shift text around the screen, or sync subtitles with audio.
  • Other Notable Features include Network stream playback, playback resume, loop repeat, Background audio playback, Online subtitle download, and a Kids Lock mode.

Unfortunately, MX Player Free falls under MKV players that come bundled with ads. MX Player Pro comes at a meager cost of $5.49 that provides an uninterrupted video experience devoid of ads.

7. BS Player

Best MKV Player for Android BS Player

Platform: Android, Windows

BS Player is among influential MKV Players providing enriching media playing opportunities on your Android device since the old days. This video player lacks any unusual or flashy features, yet it’s very well-equipped for everyday use. You can also use it straight out of the box with virtually any video file since BSPlayer is highly customizable. As soon as it scans your system for playable media, it will begin playing it. Features that make it the Best MKV Player for Android include:

  • Provides the Best Hardware decoding support for multi-core processors (dual and quad-core), resulting in substantially faster playback times.
  • Support any extension that exists on the planet.
  • Supports Background playback through a popup window.
  • Hardware accelerated video playback allows for faster and more efficient playback as well as better battery performance.
  • Changing audio streams and subtitles.
  • Playlist support and different playback modes.
  • Great subtitle support (external and embedded) for multiple extensions.
  • Automatically finds subtitles and adds them.
  • Play media file directly from home servers.
  • Display media files stored in uncompressed RAR files.
  • Child Lock, Support for USB OTG.

ARMv7 with VFP and NEON support is included in this package. You may need to download additional software depending on your processor type. You will be notified when it is time to install the software you require.

BS Player Free version comes bundles up with full-scree and popup ads. You can upgrade to BS Player Pro for $5.99 with Chromecast support and No Ads interruption.

8. Mobo Player


Platform: Android

Mobo Player, like BS Player, has been there throughout most of Android’s growth and has matured into respectable MKV Players in the course of that time. It comes pre-installed with all the required capabilities, including hardware and software decoding, support for subtitles, playlists, and continuous playback. Using Mobo Player in DLNA TVs, one can stream videos over HTTP and RTSP protocols. It even has the capability of supporting plugins for additional functionality. It is possible to generate animated gifs of the videos playing using Mobo Player, a valuable function of the Best MKV Player for Android.

Mobo Player has been discontinued from the Play Store due to a lack of updates, but it can be downloaded from an external source as linked here. 

9. Plex


Platform: Android, Windows, Mac, iOS

Plex is one of the most popular MKV players available on the Google Play Store, and it is entirely free as the Best MKV Player for Android. To utilize it, customers must first install a server on their computer, after which it will stream material from the computer to the smartphone. This function is very beneficial for people who have limited storage space on their phones and need to save media.

As a result of its usage of the XBMC framework, it transforms your personal computer into a media server that can be accessed from various devices and allows you to watch films, view photographs, listen to music, and manage your digital media collection. Aside from the remote server capability, it includes all of the other sorts of features that make it a superb video player in its own right. A free and paid edition is available, with the free version providing limited access to some functions.

10. Archos Video Player Free

Archos Video Player Free

Platform: Android

The Archos Video Player software has received critical praise and provides an uncompromised video experience as the Best MKV Player for Android tablets, phones, and Android TV devices. It is compatible with various video formats, including MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc. The free version of the program is packed with advertising and reduced functionality, but there is a paid upgrade to accommodate the needs of hardcore users. Some of its notable features are:

  • Play any videos from a computer, server, NAS, or External USB
  • Integrated subtitle download
  • Hardware acceleration
  • TV-friendly: lean back user interface, AC3/DTS passthrough, 3D support, Audio Boost, Night Mode audio adjustment
  • Online movie or TV show description retrieval
  • Segregation of content (name, genre, rating, year)
  • A multi-device network video resume feature

Part III: Best MKV Player for Mac

11. Elmedia Player

Best MKV Player for Mac Elmedia Player

Platform: Mac

Elmedia is a modern MKV player for Mac that delivers all-in-one app capabilities such as playing video, enhancing the quality of your video watching experience, and assisting you with any video issue like synchronizing audio/subtitles or changing your video subtitles. Watching videos without advertisements on a variety of platforms is another fantastic feature offered by Elmedia players. Tons of other features make Elmedia an outstanding MKV Player for Mac, some of which are listed below:

  • MKV Players like Elmedia support MKV, AVI, FLV, 3GP and plenty of other file extensions, with real-time transcoding support.
  • Stream content from Youtube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo completely ad-free.
  • Display 4k and lower resolution videos over Chromecast, Apple TV, and other smart TVs.
  • Subtitle Formatting: Synchronization by varying the delay, changing outer appearance like color, font, scale; Detect and create subtitles, or fetch them from
  • Multi-Monitor Setup: Separate settings(brightness, reduce noise) for different monitors.
  • Editing Videos: Adjust various display parameters for videos, take screenshots, create video fragments, and add multiple audio tracks with the help of this outstanding MKV Player for Mac.
  • Personalized Playlist

12. Mac Blu-ray Player

Aiseesoft Mac Blu-ray Player

Platform: Mac, Windows

Price: Free Trial (3 Months), $39.20 (lifetime license)

If you desire MKV Players that not only play MKV and video files of any extension but also provide endless support for your high-quality Blu-ray Discs, Blu-ray folders, ISO files, then Mac Blu-ray Player is the Best MKV Player for Mac.

  • This MKV Player for Mac lets you play any Blu-ray disc issued in any region on your Mac. Select a title/chapter or the main movie from the Blu-ray disc to see it in high-definition(supports 4K). This powerful Mac Blu-ray Player software can also play Blu-ray folders (BDMV folders) and Blu-ray ISO image files (with a virtual drive).
  • This Blu-ray player can play 4K, 1080p/1080i/720p video on your Mac. Using a Samsung/Sony/Oppo 4k Blu-ray player to connect to your Mac is unnecessary for this purpose.
  • Other SD Blu-ray videos are supported by this MKV Player for Mac, Mac mini, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Macbook, Mac Pro, etc.
  • Video formats supported: MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, M4V, ASF, VOB, DAT, MTS, M2TS, etc.
  • Audio Formats supported: FLAC, AAC, AC3, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, etc.
  • Other features for MKV Players include: Changing Audio settings, customizing video, a user-friendly interface, and easy hotkeys.

13. IINA


Platform: Mac (Requires OS X 10.11+)

The IINA MKV Player for Mac is a contemporary macOS application, and it is reflected in the framework and user interface. It uses the macOS design language after Yosemite and keeps pace with the new features like Force Touch, Touch Bar, and Picture-in-Photo, which are shipped with the latest Mac devices. It is more potent than Mac’s default QuickTime Player and less clunky than the Best MKV Player for Mac, VLC Media Player.

  • IINA can play any of your media files thanks to one of the open-source MKV Players MPV.
  • IINA supports playback of several internet streams in a single click with the help of their browser extensions and youtube-dl.
  • Using the totally free Swift programming language, IINA is licensed under the GPLv3.
  • The MKV Player for Mac ships with a user interface that has been designed to complement macOS Mojave’s dark mode, with carefully chosen colors, icons, and textures to provide a cohesive and stylish appearance.
  • The PiP mode helps you enjoy the local or online video without any distractions.
  • Noteworthy features include Mouse & Trackpad gestures, Plugin System, Online Subtitles, System Media Control, and a Customizable UI.

14. NicePlayer


Platform: Mac

NicePlayer is a borderless fullscreen multi-engine MKV player for Mac designed to play movies of any extension on a PC running macOS. This features easy-to-use scrub and queue controls, customizable playlists, and floating windows with no borders.

Such MKV Players are an excellent substitute for QuickTime (default media player of Mac) and a faster alternative to VLC. The features that make NicePlayer unique are listed below:

  • Full-screen playback with zoom support
  • Multi-screen support
  • Border-less floating windows
  • Heads up display controls
  • Personalized Playlist
  • Swappable plugin engine support
  • Apple Remote Support
  • Division of content by Chapters
  • Adjustable Resolution

15. MKPlayer – MKV & Media Player


Platform: Mac

When it comes to watching movies on MKV Players and listening to songs on them simultaneously, MKPlayer is an outstanding choice as an MKV Player for Mac. Movies and TV shows may be more enjoyable and better optimized via the video player’s unique and handy playback functions. MKPlayer has a Pro version available for unlocking via in-app purchase at $6.99, with which we can watch media on any smart TV and listen to audio files as well.

MKPlayer’s unique features include:

  • MKPlayer is optimized to play media container files, such as MKV files with multiple audio tracks and subtitles. You may quickly pick and modify your favorite audio and subtitles without pausing the movie.
  • Compatible with most codecs out there, especially MKV video files.
  • This MKV player for Mac works with AirPlay (Playback is limited to video formats compatible with AirPlay only).
  • Drag-and-drop media files directly on the Dock icon of MKV Players to start playing them.
  • MKPlayer’s Safari extension lists all video and audio files of any website and opens them through this MKV Player for Mac.
  • Ability to stay on top of all windows
  • The control pane layout is snappy, with a great outlook on the mini-player.
  • Add external subtitles to video playing on MKV Players.
  • Easy video parameter configuration (brightness, contrast, color, saturation)
  • Supports all audio formats

Part IV: Best MKV Player for iOS:

All Apple devices running iOS such as the iPhone and iPad support a limited number of video file extensions such as M4V, MP4, and MOV. Video files belonging to any other format are considered external media, and they have to be converted before they are recognized by the default video player of iOS, iTunes. The MKV Players listed here aim at playing these files without the need for conversion, thereby saving a lot of time and energy. Read on further to find out about the Best MKV Player for iOS.

16. Documents-File Manager, Browser

Best MKV Player for iOS Documents Media Player

Platform: iOS

On the outside, the Documents app by Readdle is the most powerful application available for your iOS device. It serves as the central repository for all your data, as it replaces the default document viewer, PDF reader, “read it later” feature, music and video player, file downloader, and cloud integrator with a single beautiful program. But we are interested in whether Documents can perform as other MKV Players.

Thankfully the Documents app serves as the best MKV Player for iOS with increasing support for other extensions. You can play all your favorite movies, documentaries, thrillers, and TV series in this magnificent app. External files can be added to the Documents library from your iOS, laptop, computer, server, or the Internet. After adding, simply tap on the video to start the media player, without the need for converting it into a supported format.

The MKV Player for iOS is quite simple and delivers the minimum requirements for an enriching experience. Embedded, internal, and externally downloaded subtitles belonging to different file extensions are supported, and the playback speed can be changed. Due to its increased popularity among MKV Players, developers have added some new features:

  • Extract audio from video lectures or music videos while maintaining the integrity of the original video.
  • With the new mini MKV player for iOS, you may watch videos while browsing other files. A tiny window opens when minimizing a playing video.
  • Enable the new “Always Landscape” option to ensure films are always seen in their most comfortable orientation.
  • Documents now support Chromecast, allowing you to use the MKV Player for iOS on your television.

17. GoodPlayer

Best MKV Player for iOS goodPlayer

Platform: iOS

Apple’s tight limitations prohibit an MKV player for iOS from performing optimally on their hardware. That said, although GoodPlayer (available in iTunes at $2.99) doesn’t have as many features as its competitors, it’s still able to perform well by playing and streaming almost everything you throw at it.

  • You don’t have to worry about compatibility while using GoodPlayer, since it plays any file your iPhone’s CPU can handle. MKV, AVI, Xvid, Divx, DAT, VOB, FLV, WMV, MP4, RM, RMVB, and AC3 are all formats that MKV Players can handle. Additionally, files may be streamed via HTTP, FTP, RTSP, MMS, MMSH, MMST, RTP, and UDP.
  • File transfers are possible via iTunes, a web interface, or FTP.
  • Files may be downloaded and played straight via the app.
  • For quicker video decoding, it supports the dual-core A5 CPU.
  • Supports video out to connect your iPhone to a TV.
  • Average Subtitle management.
  • Open video files from external apps.
  • Resume video capability.
  • Organize media files in folders and password-protect them.
  • Support for DTS/AC-3 5.1 audio is included, although it is blended to stereo.

18. OPlayer

Best MKV Player for iOS OPlayer

Platform: iOS, Android

Apple has been cracking down on third-party apps on iTunes since the discontinuation of external browsers due to Safari, as they want everyone to move to their native apps. But OPlayer has managed to compete with default unsupported MKV Players and stands out as a remarkable MKV Player for iOS.

OPlayer makes it possible to view and listen to virtually any kind of video or music. Even for a mobile app, this is one of the sturdiest MKV players ever encountered. One of the most significant benefits of using OPlayer is that it plays various file types, including MKV, AVI, WMA, MP3, RM, AAC, WMV, MP4, RMVB, MOV, 3GP, MPG, and WAV. There are two OPlayer versions on the App Store, with the lite and preliminary versions showcased.

Since you’ll be using it on a tablet, the additional two bucks are worth it. One of the best things any mobile MKV player for iOS may have is access to your home computer or an FTP site via Auto Discovery. Google Docs, Dropbox, and other media host sites may be accessed by clicking the Open URL button. There is also a built-in music player with an iTunes feel, where you may explore your iTunes files. The software file browser lets you move, cut, and paste files in a user-friendly manner.

This software is not only worth every cent, but it’s also a steal. The basic OPlayer is available for $2.99, while the lite version with reduced features is free.

19. APlayer – Alook Player


APlayer is another MKV Player for iOS that supports streaming video files directly on your iPhone or iPad without the need for conversion or considering file format support. These MKV Players stream local and online videos on iOS through iTunes File Sharing and perform like a regular MKV Player for iOS.

  • Speed up videos up to 4x
  • All audio and video formats supported
  • SMB file-sharing support
  • Screenshot video
  • Background Playback
  • Playback history
  • internal and external subtitle support
  • Wi-Fi transfer, iTunes File Sharing
  •  Adapts to iOS 11 Files App
  • iPad split-screen support
  • Adaptable to iOS 13 Dark Mode
  • No advertisements
  • No hardware-acceleration of multi-processor encoding support

20. Fast Player

Platform: iOS

According to user reviews, Fast Player does an excellent and balanced job at being a dedicated and minimalist MKV player for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. It is one of the fastest MKV Players to exist with all-around media decoding and no transcoding. Being a fantastic alternative to the default iTunes app, this MKV player for iOS serves almost all formats of video and audio (MKV, MP4, AVI, MKV, RMVB, FLV, WMV, WAV, 3GP, MOV, SWF, MPEG). Video decoding facilities are available for XVID, H264, and DVIX formats. 

  • Speed up or slow down playback by swiping left or right or double-clicking to stop/play.
  • Continue playing movies in the background while the app is closed.
  • Numerous modes of transfer: Transfer via USB (iTunes File Sharing), Transfer over Wi-Fi
  • File Manager: Create a new folder for managing classifications; there are many sorting options.
  • Privacy protection: privacy lock and encryption to safeguard your video may be included in a range of tiny movies to keep them safe and secure.
  • Casting facility from the lock screen
  • Background playback support
  • Automatically plays the following file in the queue.
  • The Pro version is available for $1.99, which removes ads via an in-app purchase.

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Why can’t I play MKV file on my PC?

Your PC might not play MKV files for the following reasons:

  • The MKV file that you have downloaded or gathered from an external source might be corrupt or cannot be accessed completely. Try downloading the file again or repairing the media on which it is stored.
  • The default software that plays other media files on your PC might not be suitable for handling MKV files, as they are more complex in nature. The default Windows 10 media player requires an external MKV plugin to function properly with MKV media files.
  • Your PC cannot play MKV files if there is no software installed on your computer that can handle MKV files. Follow our article to download famous and essential MKV players like VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, GOM Player, etc.

What is the best MKV Player for Windows 10?

The best MKV player for Windows 10 is undoubtedly the VLC Media Player. The software offers a great range of compatibility and functionality required to function as a hardy yet customizable and stable MKV Player. It supports a wide range of features such as editing videos, live streaming, bookmarking, taking a screenshot, synchronization, subtitle downloader, etc.

Which media player can play MKV files?

Any media player that supports opening files ending with the MKV keyword can play MKV files. We have listed 20 such Popular and assorted MKV Players in the article for platforms such as Windows 10, Android, Mac OS, iOS. Some noticeable media players that can play MKV files are VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, MX Player, GOM Player, etc.

How do I fix a corrupted MKV file?

If you find a corrupted MKV file on your computer, here are the things you can do:

  • Try playing the MKV file in VLC Media Player
  • Try changing the format of the file through a video conversion tool
  • Check if the compatible codecs are downloaded properly
  • Attempt downloading the MKV media file again

Does VLC play MKV?

Yes, the VLC Media Player can play MKV media files thoroughly, as it includes all the codecs required for decoding and encoding an MKV media format file. VLC is supported by major platforms like Windows 10, Android, macOS, and iOS.

Verdict on MKV Players

Although multiple platforms and OS have begun to include support for playing video files in their default media players, they will not include the features of MKV Players in their arsenal. The MKV Players mentioned in this list have garnered colossal user support despite lacking any help from the corporates, primarily due to their openly sourced nature and the plethora of unique features each delivers.

We have been pleased to bring forth these notable MKV Players for Android/Mac/iOS/Windows 10 through this comprehensive article. Hence we urge you to kindly go through the same, find out which one best MKV Players you like according to the device you own and leave a comment below on your experience with them.

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