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12 Best Oreo TV Alternatives: Legitimate Sources To Watch Free Live TV

Oreo TV has presented itself as a home for several years to users who were not in a legitimate situation to pay for premium OTT subscription-based services as offered by Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and so on.

The Oreo TV app offered 6000+ Live TV channels in multiple languages, with new movies, tv shows and streaming services added to the bundle every day. Being compatible on many platforms and not requiring a subscription, unlike ThopTV, the popularity of Oreo TV immensely increased.

Oreo TV and other free live TV applications have removed themselves from public view following the crackdown on creators of ThopTV for unlawfully distributing and broadcasting copyrighted content. As for Oreo TV, we do not know if it will be back anytime soon.

However, we are here to assist you in achieving your goal of watching free Legal live TV without fear of service interruption. The following list of the top 12 Oreo TV alternatives will offer you a glimpse of the other Oreo TV App that will help you enjoy your leisure time.

Best Oreo TV Alternatives

1. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Price – Fully Free

Subscribing to many video streaming providers might significantly increase your monthly bill. Tubi TV (owned by Fox Corporation) has a substantial variety of popular movies from all genres, surpassing specific premium programs in Oreo TV App. Since videos are free, they have ads.

As an Oreo TV alternative, Tubi TV currently includes over 20,000 movies and TV shows. It has more content than Oreo TV and offers free global live TV, bookmark feature, subtitles, and on-demand legal content. Tubi TV doesn’t curate its own content, but it can access a broader range of devices than Oreo TV.

You’ll also lose out on some of the most delicate features of rival services, including mobile offline downloads, full HD streaming, and the unavailability of ad-free premium plans. Finally, if you want to have the same fun as Oreo TV, you should give Tubi TV a run.

2. Plex Free Live TV

Oreo TV alternatives Plex TV

Price – Free, with Plex Pass ($4.99/month)

As a media management platform, Plex surpasses the need for Oreo TV alternatives. It consists of pre-programmed movies, programs, and channels that don’t consume local server storage, extending its free streaming library more than Oreo TV.

Plex’s Live TV has 162 channels displayed in full HD and 4K resolutions, with offline mobile syncing, no ads, and no requirement for creating an account. You can demand extra movies and tv shows for reasonable prices. One enjoyable element of the live TV guide for consumers was that it made it easy to discover various programs they remained eager to watch.

It lacks features like HTPC support, customizing data collecting option, and VPN connectivity. Still, better service than Oreo TV is served by allowing people to use valuable content without price or advertisements.

3. Vudu


Price – Fully Free, with On-Demand Content between $4.99 to $24.99

Vudu is a free on-demand streaming service supported by ads. It enables cord-cutters to watch full-length movies and TV shows, and many are free (albeit with ads). Vudu is an excellent Oreo TV Alternatives. Although it includes essential features like a parental filter and is compatible with most devices, it lacks advanced features like multiple profiles and video quality adjustment.

Vudu offers nearly 10,000 free movies and TV episodes, but most are older or lesser-known low-budget films. Vudu has few original works and a lack of popular and critically acclaimed material.

Unlike Oreo TV, members of Vudu may rent or purchase more TV shows and movies. As a free service, Vudu doesn’t indicate how many screens may be streamed simultaneously, but users can create several accounts to bypass any possible restriction.

4. Xumo


Price – Fully Free

Live TV streaming services are typically expensive due to licensing deals with cable channel owners, but Xumo defies convention by not charging. Hence it perfectly mimics premium live TV providers like Oreo TV. Xumo mixes interest-based channels, selected live broadcasts, and on-demand content, including some complete movies.

Xumo is free but has a clunky web interface, and most channels aren’t on cable TV. Xumo is pre-installed on many smart TVs and is also available as Oreo TV App Alternatives in Android and iOS. Xumo offers over 190 live streaming channels, on-demand movies and TV shows without registration and ads.

Xumo lacks premium streaming capabilities like parental controls, DVR, fresh original content releases. Xumo’s playback is outstanding for a free service. Xumo recommends a 5 Mbps internet connection (usually 720p) for stable streaming. Also, there is no 4K Ultra HD option, and you cannot stop or rewind the live TV broadcast while viewing Xumo content.

5. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Price – Fully Free

Pluto TV is another OTT service like Oreo TV. Other Oreo TV similar apps of Xumo, Tubi, and Vudu are similar streaming services. Like Oreo TV, all customers may access Pluto TV free of charge without registration or a credit card number. Pluto’s website or app allows you to watch countless episodes and movies immediately.

Pluto TV’s channels are categorized as follows: Featured, Entertainment, Movies, Sports, Comedy, Kids, Latino, and Tech+Geek. Like Oreo TV, the Pluto TV app may be used on any online device due to its web interface.
You can personalize content based on taste, and even live streaming can be paused. Ads are displayed in between, and the experience resembles cable television because of ad frequency. Its drawbacks are – no DVR function, no parental control ( like Oreo TV), and less on-demand content.

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6. Peacock

Oreo TV alternatives Peacock

Price – Free, Peacock Premium ($5/month), Peacock Premium Plus ($10/month)

The free streaming service Peacock from NBCUniversal, owned by Comcast, gained prominence to broadcast the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Its tiling style and big-name network mimic Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and HBO Max. Being an impressive Oreo TV Alternatives, Peacock has a free version with tons of live news, sports, and TV shows and movies. It’s like the free streaming services of Oreo TV, Pluto TV, and Tubi, but it has a more expansive selection of excellent, recognizable films and shows.

The free tier on Peacock offers more than 13,000 hours of ad-supported entertainment, making it a valid alternative to Oreo TV App. All sorts of content are offered, including live sports, movies, the news, and skit-style bits. Peacock’s live sports coverage is fantastic, but their premium subscription is required for their most significant games.

The premium tier has introduced user accounts and offline mobile downloads, unavailable for its lower levels. Unlike Oreo TV, even the cheapest paid tier has advertisements, and the movie collection is diminishing rapidly.

7. Fubo TV

Fubo TV

Price – Free Trial (7 days), Starter ($64.99/mo), Pro ($69.99/mo), Elite ($79.99/mo)

If you are looking for better subscription-based legal Oreo TV Alternatives, FuboTV is the one with unlimited live tv. FuboTV was founded in 2015 with a particular concentration on soccer, although it has since grown into a prominent OTT competitor to Oreo TV. At $65, the Family tier includes 122 channels and provides 4K streaming capability for specific programs (some of its competitors do not).

FuboTV boasts a gorgeous UI and comes along with 250 hours of cloud DVR. The long and short of this Oreo TV Alternatives review is that you should go with FuboTV if you’re ready to pay a little extra every month to get a better channel guide.

One of the additional features that Fubo offers its customers is the ability to pay for add-ons, such as Showtime and Starz. In addition, there are several add-on packages and premium channels available.

8. Philo TV

Philo TV

Price – Free trial (7 days), $25/mo afterwards

With Philo, you can get cable television without paying cable television rates. Philo lets you view many of your favorite live TV channels, and despite the price increase, it remains affordable at $25 per month. Like Oreo TV Alternatives, you can watch and record live television from more than 60 channels, request on-demand movies from its collection of 40,000, and the Philo app is compatible with most popular streaming devices, including Roku Chromecast and Apple TV.

While Philo TV lacks local stations, it makes up for this with a slew of prominent channels. Additionally, the program provides premium add-ons such as Starz and Epix. A seven-day free trial period enables new customers to evaluate Philo before committing to a membership. Philo TV is ideal for those who enjoy recording many episodes and movies for later viewing, as Philo’s DVR allows for an unlimited amount of recordings for 30 days.

9. Hulu with Live TV

Hulu TV

Price – $65/month

Hulu with Live TV, which competes with Oreo TV, allows you to watch some of your favorite cable channels live as well as many of your favorite cable shows on demand. Unlike other Oreo TV alternatives, though, Hulu’s $65-per-month live TV package smoothly connects with the company’s existing extensive subscription streaming service. At a look, Hulu with Live TV’s 74 stations is vibrant, simple to browse, excellent at suggesting new programs, and reasonably priced.

To get the most out of Hulu’s DVR, you will have to pay for it. You receive 50 hours of storage with limitless access and access to new applications that replace old ones automatically. In addition to the $25 each month you’re paying for your 50 hours of DVR programming, you’ll need to fork up an extra $15 for the additional 200 hours.

However, a slew of advertisements, a shaky interface, along with several expensive add-ons, keep Hulu with Live TV from being the most fabulous Oreo TV Alternatives on the market right now.

10. Youtube TV

Youtube TV

Price – $64.99/month

After the disappearance of the Oreo TV app, YouTube TV, which provides more than 70 channels, including the local broadcast networks, is one of the most robust choices (depending on your region). It’s also one of the most costly live TV packages because of the wide range of programs it offers, coming in at $64.99/month.

YouTube TV’s simple, user-friendly interface is available on all major platforms, including smart TVs, consoles, smartphones, and tablets. Unlimited DVR storage is a significant selling point; there are no limits on how many recordings you can make at once, and recordings may be saved for nine months.

Not only does it contain YouTube Originals, but you can also add premium channels, like Showtime. YouTube TV recently added Viacom channels, including MTV and VH1, and NFL Sports Network for all customers to enhance its entertainment value.

11. Squid TV

Oreo TV Alternatives Squid TV

Price: Fully Free

Squid TV, which has more than 80,000 monthly visitors, is yet another reliable source for free live television streaming apart from the discontinued Oreo TV. The computerized program guide that comes pre-installed on Squid TV is the most notable feature. To put it another way, it is a fantastic feature that can make browsing around the website a snap. Additionally, if you live outside of the United States, Squid TV seems to be a potential option to watch free live TV legally. To summarise, Squid TV is one of the most wonderful free live tv streaming websites on the internet with almost every streamable content arranged together in a huge database.

The following are the primary features of Squid TV:

  • The services of this fantastic live tv website are available for people all around the globe.
  • The user interface has been expertly built to assist you in navigating the site with ease.
  • Links to high-quality, high-definition streaming television are available just a click away
  • Squid TV is home to an extensive collection of live television stations.

12. Free TV

Oreo TV Alternatives Free TV

Price: Fully Free

Free TV is a top-notch source for watching live TV in 2022. This Oreo TV Alternative is one of the safest legal and free streaming sites that has a large number of free Live TV channels. Media coverage and digital media from all across the world are available on these channels, amassing a huge active subscriber base of 320,000 and 1,280,000 daily viewers. In terms of style, Free TV resembles major video-sharing websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, and more. One thing to bear in mind with Free TV is that there are no premium channels available, although the content found there is exquisite and rare.

The fact that this platform is home to a slew of high-quality channels that demand your attention cannot be ignored. This fantastic platform has it all: movies, music, sports, kids’ programming, and breaking news.

Here are the features of Free TV

  • Free TV is a completely safe and legal way to watch television.
  • FTA channels from all across the world may be found here.
  • Each and every genre is covered by the mentioned channels.
  • Free TV makes it simple to find what you’re looking for.
  • The number of advertisements is low and this is a fantastic approach to ensure a healthy and enjoyable vacation away from work.

Disclaimer: Free streaming apps that are not affiliated with legitimate content providers are always under fire for data breach and privacy invasion problems. Cybercriminals are constantly on the lookout for unsuspecting netizens who may fall victim. Free illegal streaming services may also be a felony in your jurisdiction owing to pending litigation, and it is the responsibility of all visitors to this website to check current local laws in their own area or country before using any free streaming apps/sites.

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If you enjoyed our article on 12 Best Oreo TV Alternatives, feel free to comment below which one of these are your favorites and write out your thoughts on them. Cheers!!

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