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31 Best Safe ROM Sites to Download Free ROMs in 2022

Safe ROM sites are an immediate necessity if you want to download ROM for your gaming emulators. In this article, we offer the 30 best and safe ROM sites, from where you can download ROM legally and totally free. If you do not understand the operation of a ROM and the functions that an emulator offers, we will clear that out for you in the coming sections.

The thing that matters the most while playing games on your laptop, PC, or desktop is anxiety-free due to the high probability of virus attacks. Deviating from safe ROM sites may load viruses or spyware on your precious devices and may prevent you from enjoying your leisure time. Having a compilation of traditional favorite retro games is amicably helpful in honing your gaming skills and share them with your gaming buddies.

Moreover, it is necessary to have a list of the 30 best free safe ROM sites handy so that you can get almost every game of genres there exist; and you can resort to changing websites whenever any site is banned due to legal arguments while downloading ROM in the USA. Therefore, to provide hassle-free installations and distraction-free gaming through the gaming emulators through safe emulator sites, we recommend downloading ROMS from the following safe ROM sites, which comprises games from any genre and for all possible old generation gaming consoles.

What are ROM games and gaming emulators in safe ROM sites

Playing on a home video game console was not only a part of every teenager’s routine but also a daily holy rite many years ago when games were basic but incredibly entertaining and authentic. Even if times have changed, we still have a soft spot for old-school games. Why is it that, in this day of beautiful 3D games, we still treasure our memories of classic console games? It’s difficult to say for sure.

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Retro gaming is like going back to locations you haven’t been since you were a kid. You let warm nostalgic sensations wash over you and can’t help but want to grab a joystick, lean back in your favourite recliner, and play Super Mario Bros. to kick Koopas’ butts. You now have all of the resources you need in safe ROM sites to experience those long-forgotten feelings.

ROMS: The mildest way to think of ROMs is as updated copies of old cartridges that you used to play on old consoles. ROMs are copies of game cartridge data in a nutshell. Specific gadgets allow you to copy data from a read-only memory chip in a video game to ROM files on a modern system. Such a procedure is termed dumping.

Best 30 safe ROM sites ROM catridge

Though some vintage gamers utilize specialized devices to dump their beloved classics on their own, if you don’t have a high degree of knowledge and experience in this sector, we recommend that you avoid transferring ROMs from ancient consoles’ hardware. Instead, it’s a good idea to refer to the safe ROM sites given below on learning ways to perform appropriate dumping without violating copyrights.

Game Emulators: You’ll need an improvised piece of software known as an emulator to be able to play ROM files downloaded from these safe ROM sites. Emulators are software programs that help you to play classic games on modern-day computers and mobile devices. If you look for emulators on the Internet, you’ll probably find safe ROM sites that claim to provide “stable” and “reliable” emulators.

You must first pick what games you wish to play before selecting an emulator from safe emulator sites. If you want to play NES games like Ice Hockey or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you’ll need to download NES emulators like Mesen, higan, or Nestopia. You’ll need to use the Dolphin emulator if you want to play more complex 128-bit GameCube games. The same is true for every other console on which you intend to play ROMs.

Best 30 safe ROM sites ROM emulator

Find an emulator that is capable of running your favorite console games, and then download the ROMs that are compatible with the emulator. Nintendo, PlayStation, Sega, Atari, and other old-school games can be played on modern emulation platforms by downloading and installing free emulators on your computer. With the help of a dependable program such as an emulator, you may download and play emulator games on Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Mac OS devices.

If you want to play emulator games from our safe ROM sites on several devices with the same emulator, you may utilize all-in-one or cross-platform emulators. The most dependable multi-system emulators are RetroArch, Commodore 64 (MAME), Mednafen, and BizHawk. They all are available for free download on the listed safe ROM sites. Be aware that certain emulators may demand game ROMs and correct BIOS file settings of the device.

The safe ROM sites and safe emulator sites listed here have both playable ROMs and emulators available for download. Just hop right into the website, search for your favourite classic game title or emulation software, and download it. ROM files do not require installation, and they have to be placed directly into the game emulator directory as specified by the installation page.

Upon confirmed download, proceed to execute the emulator application on your preferred device, set up the keymap layout from the settings (keymaps describes which button of your keyboard corresponds to a similar key on the retro gaming console, and pressing them to perform the same action). Different emulators had multiple layouts, so proceed accordingly.

31 Best Safe ROM sites in 2022



Searching for ROMs come to an end when we approach one of the safe ROM sites of RomsDownload. Multiple copies of such websites exist on the Internet, so make sure to navigate within these best ROM sites via our links given for each. RomsDownload offer great ROMs and emulators which are updated constantly and modified in place of the old ones. ROMs and Emulators can be installed for numerous Android, PC, iPhone, or Mac OS devices.

Popular Consoles and Popular Game ROMs are listed on the homepage, and the modern, intuitive webpage UI along with a spacious search bar at the beginning paves its way into being the best safe ROM sites to exist. The download count is displayed beside every ROM searched for, and some of them exceed millions. However, there is no genre division among various games, which is the only disadvantage. So consider bookmarking such trusted ROM sites to reach out in the future for your gaming needs.



Gamulator emphasizes a cartoonish and utterly simple style for its website, which outshines its characteristic feature of displaying the Favourite Emulators, Most Downloaded ROMs, and the Top Consoles on its landing page. Its stylish way of helping users search for a ROM, by intricately linking their emulator choice, platform choice and showing ROMs available under them, has helped users find out favourite compatible ROMs on these trusted ROM sites without going much adrift.

In addition, each ROM and emulator has their carefully written spec sheet and introduction and provides McAfee and Norton secured downloads. Tags are present to segregate content according to genre and emulators, and their blog provides “10 Top Best” articles ensuring better sharing of information about precious ROM collection within its community of safe ROM sites.



Romulation falls under the category of safe ROM sites that provides premium ROMs to its vast user base. Romulation is a reasonably well recognized ROM and safe emulator site which have existed for quite a long time. Upon opening its homepage, we are welcomed with a modern snappy and fluent website developed with respect and care for the ROM community.

Video games are segregated according to their platform, newest and most popular games, and a search bar at the beginning. On the other hand, Romulation features a unique system to discourage download misuse, a point system. Without this system, a few greedy users overload connection by downloading multiple times, resulting in a bad user experience.

Upon registering at Romulation, your account is automatically awarded 10,000 points. Each MB downloaded costs one point. If you run out of points, there are many methods to acquire more ones.

  • Regular members get 500 points every 24 hours, up to a maximum of 50,000 points.
  • Premium users do not need any points to download! Consider the advantages of upgrading to a premium membership.
  • Each screenshot you submit and get approval for fetches you 50 points.



Vimm’s Lair is a website where fans look back on the powerful gaming consoles and reminisce about the good ol’ days. Many games, user reviews & ratings, full-colour manual scans, and more are all included inside the site. These safe ROM sites assure their users about the safety of ROMs by verifying them on No-Intro, Redump, or GoodNES. No-Intro catalogues ROM dumps by comparing with the best copy available. Vimm’s Lair scans ROMs every night and replaces them with the best. The website is divided into 5 categories:

  • The Emulation Lair: Gathers the best and most recent console emulators.
  • The Vault: This section contains statistics, reviews, codes, and other information about various games. It includes every game for 16 vintage systems that was released in the United States. Emulators are required to play these video games.
  • The Manual Project (Manual): Thousands of full-colour manuals are now available here. You may even include your own instructions in the mix, and all manuals are available in .vlm or .pdf format and may be read online or downloaded.
  • Message Boards: Feel free to post your queries or topics on the message boards. At the Request Board, you may also ask the Romfinders for a rare game.
  • FFA Links: Browse or contribute your own free for all links.



Emuparadise is considered the biggest retro gaming website on earth and bestows its grace as one of the best safe ROM sites. It is not only possible to browse through a large number of games, ROMs, and emulators on Emuparadise, but it is also possible to download gaming manuals, ISOs, music, movies, and other media. Safe ROM sites have been offering these delicious, enjoyable ROMs from the beginning of the era of ROMs. Even though some of the safe ROM sites are funded by displaying non-malicious ads, they remain gamers’ most frequently visited websites.

User comments and ratings for different ROMs, emulators, and platforms are also continuously uploaded by users. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about viruses of any sort since these famous safe ROM sites quickly eliminate any such items.



Retrostic is among the safe ROM sites caring about its users. Providing to its user every conceivable archived retro game, whether in the form of a ROM or an ISO, is the goal of Retrostic. It is possible to run these ROM and ISO files using emulators found in the Emulator portion of the website. This will allow emulator retro game players to get the most out of their gaming experience.

Being one of the safe ROM sites, Retrostic aims to provide direct download links that do not include any .exe files, viruses, or distracting ads to their visitors. They have an extensive game library that contains over 70,000 games for more than 40 different platforms. If you cannot locate a particular ROM, please use the request game page, and Retrostic developers will have it available on their website within a short period.



In addition to being safe ROM sites, Rom Hustler is also one of the finest ROM communities. Its most notable feature is that it makes games, ROMs, and consoles appear based on what you enter through a search bar. It was one of the first websites known to sell ROM games for free, back when the Internet was limited to a small number of websites.

Safe ROM sites such as this will display a search bar with a drop-down to choose the console you want to use with your game. The list that follows this one contains every previous console from A to Z. Upon doing this, your searches are more straightforward. Being one of the safe ROM sites, your downloads will be completely fluent and devoid of any virus. It’s been a few years since this site was updated, though. The bottom line is that gamers still use it to get their favourite games and ROMs even though the website is dated.



Romspedia is one of the best safe ROM sites for all gamers to utilize while searching for high-quality ROM downloads; it is virus-free and safe. With attractive storage, the user gets access to excellent ROM files. If you want to view the original artwork of a given game, look no further than the website homepage itself. Additionally, application suites exist on these safe ROM sites that enable the user to run a particular game on the PC, also found on the homepage.

Here you can select which of the multiple ROM files best fits your needs. Everything on this website is provided in ROM files for both iOS and Android devices, so everyone has access to these files no matter which device they have.

Other resources on the page allow the user to locate numerous blog entries and articles on various themes to help them answer all their inquiries. It is possible to learn other characteristics regarding a particular game, such as the ROM console platform, the date of release, and even the genre of a given game. You’re provided with all this information on the safe ROM sites of Romspedia.


THE OLD COMPUTER is by far the most popular ROM preservation site on the Internet. In addition to video games, portable devices, mainframe and small computers, calculators, card and arcade machines, and more, there are over 585,000 ROMs accessible for more than 550 different systems available on this site. One of the famous safe ROM sites has over 160,000 members in their community who are dedicated to preserving software for computer systems and consoles that have long since been retired.

The main requirement that helps run and maintain its 4 TB ROM database is a premium membership that provides access to unlimited downloads, entry into all areas, and gaining support from its community.



FreeRoms is another of the first safe ROM sites, offering free Amiga, Atari, and other flash game ROMs. However, you should be aware that an advertising page will display for a few seconds after pressing the download ROM button before redirecting you to another website. Do not click on that ad; instead, dismiss it and hit the download ROMs from safe ROM sites button again.

Apart from that, it’s a safe ROM site with more bandwidth and faster loading times than similar sites. FreeRoms has also continued to update its library and services, despite being two decades old. FreeRoms is a popular destination for gamers who buy their deals.



For at least two decades, CDromance has housed a digital library of games that have not been available for purchase. The large selection of vintage games available for download and play on your consoles or emulators can be found here at one of the safe ROM sites called CDRomance. They are known for conserving games cartridges that are no longer available for purchase or digital games whose storefronts have been closed, and only expensive physical versions are still available for sale (from which the original game creators get none of the money anyway).

The GameCube, which was launched in 2001, is the most recent console supported, while the original Gameboy, which was released in 1989, is the oldest system supported. The safe ROM sites also have a large number of fan-made English translations and several Romacks and undubs for the SNES, GBA, DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation X.



WowRoms is one of those safe ROM sites and services established not to make a profit but rather to generate interest and enthusiasm for the company.

The site was established and developed by a group of people who came together to form a development team. The organization’s primary aim is to preserve ancient games since they are sometimes so fascinating and clever that, despite their flawed design, they are worthy of being viewed by future generations. WoWroMs is an open library where users may submit their own games and data to share with the community.

The designers included a disclaimer stating that they are not responsible for anything that their customers download. If it turns out that the user did not have the authority to do the action, the developers will not be liable. It is against the law to distribute files that have previously been downloaded without authorization.



There have been numerous times when safe ROM sites have been banned, and NicoBlog has attempted to obstruct its disabled status in every manner imaginable. Although the site’s domain name changes occasionally, it is still easily identifiable by the moniker NicoBlog. It is possible to download ancient ROM games, emulators, and other required items from the website to play games on the “console” or recall games you have played for a long time.

Many users believe safe ROM sites to be pirate sites and condemn the downloading of games from them; yet, we all realize that the Internet always allows for, and implies, piracy and cheating. NicoBlog also has a second website that is dedicated only to retro-ROMs. If you are searching for a GameCube or SNES game, it is recommended that you do not use Nicoblog directly but rather using their specialized version.



CoolROM is one of the most comprehensive game databases in the list of safe ROM sites, including tens of thousands of games, emulators, and game pictures. You may also use it to run the most popular emulators on your smartphone.

CoolROM includes many games, each with a brief description, images, ratings, and reviews. You’ll be able to finish the game without even playing it if you pay attention to it enough.
Even after reading the reviews and ratings, if you still can’t make up your mind and want to download the emulator, the list of safe ROM sites will assist you.

CoolROM has the most comprehensive set of instructions for installing, archiving, and unpacking emulators. The website even suggests the finest providers for this! You won’t be perplexed by the installation process using CoolROM.



If you enjoy Nintendo and PlayStation games but cannot locate ROMs for them, you can visit Emulator Zone instead. This is one of the greatest safe ROM sites which can download ROMs for Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Nintendo NES, Wiiu, Wii, and GameCube ROMs and other retro consoles. You’ll also find ROMs for the PSP and Xbox 360 on this page.

As a result, if you’re nostalgic for your favourite childhood video games and would like to relive those memories, this website is for you. It has received positive feedback and recognition from various gaming communities for its security, simplicity of navigation, and ease of download.



At ROMs Universe, you will be armed with everything you need to explore gaming masterpieces of the past. Additionally, you will discover an extensive selection of vintage games, as well as the most popular emulators and ROMs that will allow you to play those games on whatever gaming device you have.

Many other perks will be fun for you, such as increased clarity and smaller file sizes that are blazingly fast and effortless. In essence, such safe ROM sites provide access to nearly every gaming veteran’s favourite games of the previous decade and beyond on any modern gaming system and with better graphics.

They now have over 109 ROM systems and 63 emulators on their trusted ROM sites. With such a wide range of devices and game titles, there will be at least a few emulators and ROMs that can run on your current setup.



One of the earliest surviving emulation and safe ROM sites on the web is RN (ROMNation.NET). The fact that one of the safe ROM sites has continued to exist for the last two decades after its release indicates the essential role emulation plays in keeping games relevant long after the primary system of the game is discontinued. Their main objective is to keep the games of today alive for the next two decades.

The algorithm that they work on is the most advanced available for game recommendations. User’s involvement is vital because they help gather as many games as possible and help give such safe ROM sites a good rating in everyone’s eyes. Over time, their algorithms will better understand the users’ minds and provide better recommendations.



Being one of the safe ROM sites, RoyalRoms emphasizes its rating system by providing virus-free ROMs to its customers. ROMs are showcased more than emulators or platforms, but their massive ROM collection doesn’t lack superiority. These trusted ROM sites stores a homepage which displays the Most Recent ROMs and the Most Popular ROMs. Apart from that, their blog entries are updated regularly with new blogs written by many authors.

A search bar, in the beginning, gives a similar feeling to that of RomsDownload, which eases the process of searching and downloading ROMs. Direct download over a dedicated encrypted HTTPS connection through a zip file falls under RoyalRom’s beneficial factors.



ClassicGames is a well-known source for ROM and ISO images of vintage or lost games. Early versions, rare games, cartridge copies, and simple games from your youth are all included in the site’s library. You do not need to download files to your computer, and you can immediately immerse yourself in the game environment by just opening your browser, making these safe ROM sites unique.

ClassicGames enables you to play iconic and classic games such as Mario and Pokémon. The good side is that these games are available in many variations – from Brutal Mario to Mario Coning Edition. ClassicGames provides access to games from the SNES, SEGA, GB, and GBA. Avoid overloading your precious device’s internal memory by continuing online on these safe ROM sites.



If you want safe ROM sites that cater only to a particular console, look no other than NesFiles. NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System. This site is dedicated to giving the greatest NES ROMS and information about Classic Nintendo games (8-bit NES) available on the web. They have over 350 NES games, full-color NES manuals / NES Instructions in Adobe PDF format, NES ROMS, NES Cartridges, original NES game box artwork, NES game screenshots, NES game music, the option to provide user reviews with ratings, as well as the opportunity to download NES emulators.



More ROMs is the greatest and safe ROM sites to go if you want to download ROMs for Nintendo titles. It has lowered the system requirements to as low as a Pentium 200 MHz processor and 32 MB of RAM, which is the very bare minimum it could get away with. If you’re reading this on a computer, it’s highly improbable that you have a machine with a lower configuration. Because there are more ROMs available, this barrier has been decreased, allowing anybody to play their favourite games as long as they obtain the appropriate ROM and emulator.



The ROM depot is one of the most reliable and safe ROM sites that you will come across. It does not contain any advertisements, pop-ups, or connections to dangerous websites. You’ll discover games that you used to play on Atari, Microsoft MSX, Philips, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, and other systems in this section. Their website has a total of 61K files on their servers. Although their user interface (UI) may appear a little dated to you, bear in mind that this is a vintage website.

In addition, you will discover the guide for your favourite game, which will help you through the process of continuing to win that game. So, hop on over to the ROM Depot and relive your childhood memories by playing the games you’ve been missing.



Console Roms provides the largest collection of console ROMs and emulators for the most popular systems, including the GBA, NDS, N64, SNES, SEGA, PS, Atari, and others. These safe ROM sites provide easy search options and multitudes of ROM consoles, along with popular ROMs arranged according to their download numbers. Although the database of this website is small compared to the other safe ROM sites, the website is absolutely free with no pop-ups and ads. Downloads are snappy over HTTP connections, and classic retro titles of Mario kart, Spider-Man, God of War are easily available from its homepage.



On EdgeEmu, you’ll find thousands of games for a variety of systems, including SEGA, GBA, GBC, GB, and MAME. EdgeEmu is one of the safe ROM sites that get a significant amount of daily traffic. Get access to over 57,000 ROMs that are compatible with 20 consoles and a variety of other gaming devices.

Due to the responsive user design, you are more likely to choose the EdgeEmu site over others. The UI is uncluttered and free of advertising or pop-up windows. Additionally, the website has a Flash player that enables you to mimic numerous online games. Additionally, the website allows you to test different safe ROM files. EdgeEmu simplifies the process of downloading available ROMs. This is one of the safest and finest sources for downloading free vintage ROMs.



Play some of the most popular vintage games, like Turbo Out Run, Arctic Banner, and Nemesis, only when you download them from safe ROM sites like MyAbandonware. Users can browse some of the highest-rated video game ROMs from 1978 to 2010 right here on their website. Additionally, you can browse the ROMs by title, platform, year, publisher, theme, developer, and genre.

If you are a gamer, the contents of this website may cause you to experience a surge of adrenaline. On the MyAbandonware website, you may choose from over 15,200 ROMs and various additional adventure and strategic games. You must not overlook the list of top downloads and give some of the most beloved games from previous decades a try.



Despite being a Korean website, it is one of the most popular destinations for downloading free ROMs. One of the reasons for the extraordinarily massive volume of visitors on the website is that it is incredibly safe to visit, making it one of the best safe ROM sites. Those concerned about legal matters can put their concerns to rest by visiting the page.

On the website, there are hundreds of ROMs that have been indexed. All of these ROMs are available for free download on the Internet. Additionally, you will see that the download speed is pretty acceptable. In general, the website is comparable to the other websites on this list.



If you dislike websites that are cluttered with too much information, this may be the website for you. Simple in design, ClassicGameRoms is a website that provides game ROMs for some of the most powerful consoles of the past and present, such as the Atari, Capcom, Nintendo, Playstation, SEGA, Game Boy, and other notable systems. On this page, you can also discover a list of emulators that may be used to effectively execute the games that have been downloaded. is a well-known website among ROM enthusiasts. Users have also rated it as one of the safe ROM sites, which is an added bonus. ClassicGameRoms also has a collection of links to other gaming websites that you may check out.



EmulatorGames is another excellent website that offers ROMs and emulators for various platforms, including PCs, Macs, Android smartphones, and other vital devices. It features a highly modern user interface and a large number of ROMs. Some of these games are even available to play online. Even though it displays certain annoying advertisements and enables pop-ups, your device has no risk if you avoid clicking on them. In addition, the downloaded game will be free of any and all forms of viruses.



In terms of downloading ROMs for Sony games, SonyISOs is the most reliable source. It has been designed specifically for use with Sony video game systems. Users may also interact with one another in a discussion forum to exchange their thoughts and questions. On this website, you may obtain free ROMs and emulators for many games.



If you cannot meet the physical requirements for playing ROMs downloaded from these safe ROM sites and still want to enjoy your childhood, OpenEmu is your best choice. OpenEmu is a well-known console emulator among developers and enthusiasts. The concept for the project originated when it was decided to use emulation to make old console games available on current PCs. OpenEmu was able to mimic 12 platforms in 2013. This software supports up to 30.

The community saw that OpenEmu was efficient because of its open-source approach and a wide array of capabilities. Thanks to social media and Reddit, players will never be alone when they run across a difficulty today. Just fire up the website, and continue playing with yourself through these fantastic online ROMs.


Safe ROM sites Emulanium

Emulanium is one of the trusted ROM sites that helps ROM gamers to get access to different Gameboy, Sega Genesis, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Master, and CPS 1 / 2 ROMs. The ROM emulators provided there may seem fewer in number, but they have access to different affiliates such as FreeROMs and ROM Hustler. The website interface of Emulanium feels really old and sluggish, with ROMs that haven’t been updated for quite a long time. But it harbors canon content that cannot be found on other ROM sites or might be loaded with viruses on the Internet.

Head over to this underrated ROM site to download your preferred action, adventure, dungeon ROM games with your own choice of emulators. To add to the entertainment aspect of ROMs, this website gives us access to cheats and trainers for multiple ROM games which can be accessed by going through the CHEATS section on the upper. Go there now by clicking the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it legal to download a ROM?

There’s a lot of grey space when it comes to downloading and playing ROMs. If you have a physical copy of a game, you are more than likely to have a copy of the game’s ROM. In the United States, there is no precedent for declaring it is unlawful. On record, there has never been a lawsuit brought against any corporation for using emulators or ROMs. As a result, third-party download sites provide an option for gamers who lack the requisite hardware and software to create their ROMs and emulators for the games they currently possess. You should be aware that while you may be able to defend your right to own and use emulators and ROMs for games you already own, it may be unlawful to distribute (in this example, download or offer to upload for others to download) these in your country. Be cautious. Before downloading any program, verify with your local laws. The ROM sites on our blog are safe and quality tested, so it is legal anywhere.

Whatever side of the argument you’re on, always use caution. If you get an emulator from a third-party source, be sure to take precautions to keep viruses and spyware off your computer. Make sure you aren’t granting more access or permission than is necessary for the download before you begin the installation process. Always conduct a virus scan before executing any new software or opening any new files that allow third-party search engines or other add-ons to be installed.

Can viruses get through emulators?

It is difficult for viruses to get inside your system through a ROM since they are separate and isolated files and cannot do much harm on their own. The real issue starts with “other” software that might arrive while downloading the ROM. Therefore, it is highly advisable to download ROMs from our list of safe ROM sites out there, and once you download a zip file through the Internet, make sure to scan it through a reputable antivirus.

On the other hand, downloading a safe emulator for your platform is a highly risky venture. Even if you have a Windows or Mac pc, Android phone, or iPhone, it is extremely easy for viruses to creep inside through your emulator, and they have the capacity to do the maximum damage since the emulator is actually being installed into your system. Here is some general advice to be safe from them. To avoid viruses and other infections, follow our article to find the best and safe ROM sites, and avoid downloading ROM files from untrustworthy sources. If you just open .ROM and .ISO files, you’re less likely to be infected. Avoid opening .exe files unless you know the source of the file; they may be infected with malware.

Can I go to jail for downloading ROMs?

It is impossible to go to jail for downloading ROMS from the Internet since it is highly improbable that someone will accuse you of using copies of games that you loved playing in your childhood. But to remain on the safe side and avoid any confrontation with the legalities of your state, follow our article on finding the best and safe ROM sites.

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Your options for downloading ROMs from the comprehensive collection of 30 Safe ROM sites are not limited to this list, and you can always refer to other websites as well. Our aim is to provide you with the safest choices of safe ROM sites, which cover all genres of ROMs, catering to every console that existed during the cherished old ages and supporting their transition to all contemporary platforms.

So keeping this goal in mind, we implore you to keep your choices among this article and refer to the listed alternatives if one website is down. Feel free to comment your thoughts on this article, and let us know which ROM you downloaded.

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