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22 Best Snapchat Filters You Must Try

Snapchat Funny Filters

Best Snapchat Filters or Snapchat Lens was an extraordinary feature introduced in the Snapchat app in January 2015. Snapchat Filters utilize face detection technology to add real-time effects to pictures being captured in the camera. Since the embark of these filters, Snapchat saw a boom in its user base, accumulating over 265 million daily active users. Over 5 billion snaps (pictures with Popular Snapchat Filters) were created daily on an average by the customers on the platform. By the end of 2020, over 1.5 million new Snapchat filters were designed to satisfy the various cravings for entertainment and photos sharing.

Snapchat is a social networking application that allows its users to send short-lived photographs and videos to other Snapchat users via the internet. They are only visible for 1 to 10 seconds before being permanently deleted. Snapchat Stories also allows you to submit a post or a series of posts that will be visible to all members of the poster’s friend list for a period of 24 hours after being published. Users may now connect via video, alter their appearance with the greatest Snapchat filters based on facial recognition, and choose from a vast range of emoticons and animations for direct messaging, according to recent updates.

Best Snapchat Filters intro

It is simple to apply these Popular Snapchat Filters to your face or any other nearby object. Simply launch the Snapchat application and ensure that the camera’s view is not hindered and that the background is sufficiently bright to recognize your face. It can be intimidating to go through the plethora of options, but once you figure out which ones are the best Snapchat filters, things become much easier. Snapchat has created a section called For You that appears after you click the explore button. This part has filters that are similar to your Most Used Best Snapchat Filters. Following that comes a page called Trending, which contains the most popular Snapchat filters. Moreover, you can also transform your private Snapchat account into a public Snapchat profile which gives you more creative opportunities and trending popularity on a wide public platform.

In August 2020, Snapchat collaborated with 4 TikTok users to incorporate the Augmented Reality feature in its Best Snapchat Filters, which allows you to place an inanimate object in the picture anywhere. You can interact with the animated object accordingly, making your creation unique and entertaining. Digital map overlay features have been included in the lenses to represent digital locations in the real world. Best Snapchat Filters use tracking features that utilize 18 body joints to determine the body’s motions and then generate customized effects based on the observed movements.

Best Snapchat Filters intro

Snapchat raised the ante by allowing users to build their own custom best Snapchat filters. Users may now search through thousands of lenses at any moment, allow free rotation, and zoom into the picture by pressing the Explore magnifying glass icon. Searching for the Best Snapchat Filters from such an extensive database might be complicated and hectic for you, so we have gone further and collected the 22 Best Snapchat Filters to create your funny or cutely warped image.

Snapchat is available to download on Android and iOS for free but is limited to use only on mobile devices. Snapchat also has a desktop application for Windows and macOS called Snap Camera, which brings the features of the Best filters on Snapchat for creating fake backgrounds in videotelephony and live streaming services like Zoom, Twitch, Skype, and YouTube. Snapcodes can become an in-stream widget for Twitch that offers Snapchat lenses to its viewers and creates an incentive to channel subscribers.

Moreover, Snapchat has been on the frontier for server attacks and regular failures, which leads to Tap to Load errors and crash issues on iPhone and Android apps. Different popular Snapchat Alternatives bring much of the aforementioned features to their own platform with just slight changes, but Snapchat has remained the most suitable app in its own sector of content-cum-social media

How to zoom in filters on Snapchat?

Snapchat didn’t provide native support for the zoom-in feature but included it later on through updated facilities. The camera can now be zoomed in or out while taking photos, videos while the Best Snapchat Filters are applied or drawing something in Snapchat. We will show you how to do these through easy steps:

How do you Zoom in Filters in Snapchat

  • Open the Snapchat application, and make sure to use the preferred Best Snapchat Filter from this collection. You can either be in photo or video mode, and the camera can either be facing you or away from you.
  • Place your 2 fingers on the portion of the screen where you want to zoom, and pull out diagonally outwards. Stop after you achieve the desired level of zooming.
  • Tap on the shutter button to capture the picture with the Best Snapchat Filters. While in the video mode, you can adjust the zoom level dynamically while holding down the video button.
  • While zooming out, drag your fingers inwards diagonally until you achieve the necessary modification.

Through zooming in on your pictures, you can crop out unnecessary parts from the frame or add comedic effects while zooming in or out while taking a video on Snapchat.

Snapchat also has Zoom In Snapchat funny filters available in its store or can be downloaded from here.

How do you hide filters on Snapchat?

Filters created by you are made public by default. The Best Snapchat Filters that have been recently developed by you can be hidden from any picture clicked using the Snapchat lens. The Lens cannot be hidden from your Lens carousel (the only way is deleting the filters, which will be explored in the next question), but we can prevent others from seeing which Lens you have used for that picture. Follow the steps below:

  • Tap on your profile icon at the top-left corner of the Snapchat app, and press on the My Lens section.

How do you hide filters on Snapchat

  • Find your Lens from the created filters belonging to the list.
  • Click the 3-dotted menu at the corner.

How do you hide filters on Snapchat 2

  • Tap the option under the Visibility menu.
  • Select the Hidden option among the following Visibility modes.

How do you hide filters on Snapchat 3

  • Tap Okay to confirm your action.

Note: Though your Best Snapchat Filters are no longer discoverable via Snapchat or Snap Camera, they remain active. Anyone who has your Snapcode or Lens link will be able to use and share your Lens. To prevent your Lens from being used by others, you must disable it.

How To Delete A Lens/Filter From Snapchat Carousel?

Deleting a Lens or Filter is only possible for community-made Lenses and is not applicable for filters created by Snapchat or other brands.

How to Delete a lens or filter from Snapchat Carousel

  • Go to the Snapchat camera screen and tap on the Smiley face to open the Snapchat lens carousel.
  • Select the Lens you want to remove.
  • Once using the filter, tap the “i” button on the top left section below your profile icon.
  • From the menu that pops up, select the Remove Lens option highlighted in Red.
  • Tap Remove again from the confirmation dialog.
  • There you have it. The Lens will not appear again while taking snaps through the best Snapchat filters listed in your carousel.

The Lens will not be permanently removed for everyone. It will be released from your Snapchat Carousel, which can be added later by selecting the best Snapchat filters.

Best Snapchat Filters

1. No Beard by Andre Pappas

Best Snapchat Filters Popular Snapchat Filters No Beard

Have you ever wanted to go for a clean shave and wondered if removing every hair from your face would suit you or make you feel ugly? Worry not, for we have our collection of the Best Snapchat Filters for your aid. No Beard by Andre Pappas will show you exactly how you would look without a beard and mustache. Such Snapchat funny filters will make your day hilarious by providing real-time access to your cleanly shaven face without even clicking a snap.

2. Face Timelapse by Snapchat

Face Timelapse

Did you ever think of taking a picture of yourself, where you can view the older and childish versions of your current self together in one shot? Well, the Best Filters on Snapchat are happy to help you unleash your creativity through this particular filter known as Face Timelapse by Snapchat. You just need to position your face within the given frame and tap the shutter button to preview your magnificent picture capture.

3. Cute Pigtails by Snapchat

Cutest Snapchat filters - Cute pigtails

No limit can be placed on how cute you can look, and that’s where the cutest Snapchat filters come into play. These lenses can transform your face into a pretty child, with pigtails tied onto the hair accompanied with blue ribbons and round googly-eyed spectacles. Your lips are warped into an adorable smile, with the front teeth coming out beautifully. So get ready to change yourself into an even cute version with Best Snapchat Filters known as Cute Pigtails by Snapchat.

4. Dancing Bunny by Snapchat

Cutest Snapchat filters - Dancing Bunny

Wondering what photo to start within your chat with your Tinder match? Or you are attending your friend’s birthday, and you want to personally message them with a funny and cute video or gif, or make fun of them in this process? There is a filter for that now among our list for the Best Snapchat filters. Try such amazingly non-threatening and Snapchat funny filters, Dancing Bunny. Your face gets recognized immediately and put into the face of an animated dancing bunny gracefully clapping hands along with cute background music. Make your own gif with such Snapchat funny filters by scanning the Snap code above.

5. Long Nose by Ashley Fletcher

Snapchat funny filters - Long Nose

Did you watch the movie Pinocchio and wonder how you would look with a long dangling nose attached to your face, and it moves and shakes every time you move your head? Snapchat has brought an exclusive funny filter for you called Long Nose by Ashley Fletcher. This filter extends the length of your nose three times, keeping the background intact. Make yourself or your friends seem extremely funny with such unusual creations by Snapchat. You can either click a picture or a gif (by converting a video) with the Best Snapchat Filters applied.

6. Hipster Look by Snapchat

Popular Snapchat Filters - Hipster Look

Want to get the “hipster” look? Snapchat Best Filters has the ideal Lens for that! Scan the Snap code given above whenever you’re ready. After that, face towards the camera, and you’ll instantly transform into a hipster. Not only will you be wearing a fashionable hat, but your hair will be long and curly. That’s not all; you’ll also have facial hair! And yes, the filter can be used irrespective of gender to see how you appear with facial hair. If nothing else, it’d be ideal for a selfie to be put up as your display picture so that others can’t recognize you easily.

7. Cute Tiger by Snapchat

Cutest Snapchat filters - Cute Tiger

Are you feeling lonely in your room and want to arrange for some comfort and company? Snapchat has the right choice among its arsenal of the Best Snapchat filters precisely. The Cute Tiger by Snapchat filter utilizes the favorite social media app’s recently introduced Virtual Reality feature. It places a baby tiger right on your shoulder, well, not an actual one, of course! But an animated tiger is visible only through the Lens of the camera. The tiger sits comfortably on the neck, gives out an adorable yawn, and looks directly at you with its pretty eyes. The tiger would refrain from leaving you alone but give you joyful company. Download it from the Snap code above.

8. Cartoon 3D Style by Snapchat

Cartoon 3D Style

Disney is the leading company that produces almost realistic animated movies and TV series. Have you ever imagined being in such a vibrant world, where every character looks lively, yet being in an animation that makes you resemble a cartoon character? It is not conceivable in actuality, but you can use the Best filters on Snapchat to transform your face (your pet’s face too!!) into a 3D cartoon-like look, with big cute eyes and toned funny face. Cartoon 3D Style by Snapchat provides such exceptional service, and get the filter from this Best Snapchat Filters list by scanning the Snap code above.

9. White Cat by Rista Nurfajrianti

White Cat

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your own body of a human and want to imagine how you would look like a cat or a dog or some other animal. Lots of filters among our list of Snapchat funny filters satisfy those necessities, but the Lens called White Cat by Rista Nurfajrianti transforms your face into that of a cat. A static image of a lovely cat is displayed, but the cat’s eyes and mouth are replaced by the same parts of your face, thereby creating a hilarious and funny creation of your human face. Capture your comic look using such popular Snapchat filters and share it among your friends.

10. Screen Scanner Pro by Snapchat

Screen Scanner Pro

First appearing on TikTok as Time Warp, this filter quickly gained popularity and could be seen all over the internet, including social networking platforms and YouTube. Even though it was not created by the same individual, this Snapchat filter functions similarly. The moment you press the record button, a highlighted bar travels from one side of the screen to the other (or from top to bottom), freezing the row(or column) of pixels and producing wonderfully inventive outcomes. Create a jiggly recording of your face or any scene, and have a hilarious laugh at your precious moment using Screen Scanner pro from Best Snapchat Filters.

11. Split Time by Snapchat

Split Time

Snapchat’s Split Time lens is yet another ingenious creation. It divides the preview screen into horizontal pieces, and as you travel between them, each area delays a fraction of a second, giving the impression that you’re glitching through actual time. With it, you can have a tonne of fun, and it has a pretty lovely aesthetic. Lots of funny memes are created by such popular Snapchat filters, and you can positively improve your creativity by including it in your collection of Best Snapchat filters.

12. PORTAL by Jinnie the Wew

Best Snapchat Filters - Portal

PORTAL is among the Best Snapchat filters, making exceptional AR technology to display a wormhole into another world with a spinning streak disc around the circle. Another set of images or videos is required that will appear inside the portal being shows. The filter is designed in such a distinctive way that it will feel that we are peeking into a different dimension altogether. So keep your photos or videos ready and be ready to unleash your full potential with these popular Snapchat filters.

13. Vogue Noir by Tyler Allen

Vogue Noir

Ever wanted to appear on the front page of the famous Vogue magazine, but that status is only reserved for the privileged diligent ones? You don’t have to wait around for a change in the societal structure because our list of the Best Snapchat filters will help you with the Vogue Noir filter by Tyler Allen. Snap your picture in a sensual pose and customize it using this filter to appear as a model on Vogue magazine’s cover page. Claim this beautiful creativity as your own, and this snapshot will be your own September issue.

14. Anime Style by Snapchat

Anime Style

Snapchat’s Anime Style, which offers a refreshing change of pace, draws influence from the animation style developed in Japan. Despite its simplicity, the filter has a lovely soft shading style that is unexpectedly creative, almost as if made by hand. It’s also entertaining to experiment with different facial expressions since they tend to completely alter your new anime persona — as if you’ve gone from being a young girl heroine in a Ghibli film to being Eren Jaeger, poised to fight numerous titans. Add this to your collection of the Best Snapchat filters by scanning the Snap code.

15. Face Swap by Snapchat

Face Swap

Using the Face Swap filter from Snapchat, you can create a snap where the faces of 2 different people are swapped or exchanged with each other. The map of your face is used by Snapchat to adapt the other person’s face to match yours, which means that when you talk, it will be your face that moves on their body rather than yours. Such popular Snapchat filters are scary and strange, but it’s also wholly intriguing, and it’ll have you laughing uncontrollably within minutes.

16. Cyclops by Snapchat


What if you were born with only one eye? Like a cyclops, perhaps? Would the world be really different if it happened? Why not use these Best Snapchat filters to find out? When you turn it on, your entire appearance changes in an instant! Your two eyes will be swapped out for a single, enormous one in the center of your face. Not only that, but you’ll be missing a nose as well. Also, your nose will be considerably larger than you’re used to, similar to the eye. Download it and add it to your collection of the best filters on Snapchat.

17. AR Message by Snapchat

AR Message

Wouldn’t it be great if you could add some text to your environment? You’ve got a chance now! Create a unique message around yourself with this Snapchat filter! Simply move the camera to “place” a letter. It will display where you have placed your camera once you have finished positioning it to your satisfaction. After that, you’ll be able to pan and tilt the camera as you type. What’s the verdict? People will be able to view an augmented reality message in your photo. Scan the Snap code to add an AR Message to the list of best Snapchat filters.

18. Baby Dragon by JP Pirie

Baby Dragon

What if you could wear one of Game of Thrones’ dragons around your neck? HBO had released a new lens that made it possible to accomplish precisely that. The impact was witnessed on a slew of A-listers during the season finale’s opening night premiere! A little black dragon appears at your shoulder, according to what we’ve seen thus far. The fact that the dragon will be surrounded by sparks, however, is quite remarkable. Such popular Snapchat filters were removed by HBO, but we have an exact replica of the filter through the Snap code above.

19. Bday Countdown by Snapchat

Bday Countdown

Is your birthday coming up soon? Maybe you’re organizing a large gathering? Use this Snapchat lens to let your pals know about your next date! With it, you’ll get a fun birthday countdown in your photo—and the intelligent one of the Best Snapchat filters will know when it’s your birthday! Once you’ve unlocked the code, all you have to do is aim the camera towards yourself. In addition to the countdown, you’ll see a few lighting effects and two birthday cakes on your cheeks. The Lens may also help to level out your skin tone.

20. Pattern Bear by Snapchat

Pattern Bear

You’ll look like a cuddly bear after using the cutest Snapchat filters! Scan the Snap code if you’re interested. You’ll have ears on your head before you realize it. If you look carefully, you may see a pattern on these round, fluffy ears! You’ll have a set of spectacles on your face for the most part. The tiny bear’s nose will be attached to yours as well. Oh, and your eyes will be covered with cosmetics as well. To put it another way, that’d be perfect for a selfie!

21. Old by Snapchat

Best Filters Snapchat Old

Everyone worries about what they will look like when they become older. With this Snapchat filter, they may get a sneak peek at what’s to come. Takes a person’s face and merely makes it look elderly. People may have questioned the reasoning for this filter’s creation a few years ago, but it has now become a popular choice among Snapchat users. As a result, put this filter in place and enjoy the trends.

Rather than attempting to make people appear younger, this filter makes them appear older by greying their hair and adding a few wrinkles to their faces.

22. Sailor’s Cap by Snapchat

Best Filters Snapchat Sailor's cap

Okay, so who could ever say no to the opportunity to be a captain? True to its name, this filter transports users on a journey through their childhood fantasies, while also transporting you to the world of any app developer’s fantasy. It has the potential to draw users from all around the world.

Every millennial who grew up watching the legendary cartoon ‘Popeye- The sailor man’ has fantasized about being a captain. And this Snapchat filter does an excellent job of fulfilling that ambition. It places a big captain’s hat on your head and provides you a great beard for the weather conditions ahead.


Can I create Snapchat like filters in my photo editing app?

Yes! Your photo-editing app can easily create Snapchat-like filters. Your filters should reflect the uniqueness of you and your ideas.

How do you get the best filters on Snapchat?

The best Snapchat filters are those that are currently popular. As a result, the following steps should be followed:

Step 1: Download the most recent version of Snapchat.

Step 2: Open Snapchat and click on the emoji button at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 3: To see all of the filters swipe up on the screen.

Step 4: Select “Trending” or slide right to see all of the most popular Snapchat filters that are currently trending.

Step 5: Decide on the appropriate filter.

What are the best Snapchat lenses?

  • No Beard by Andre Pappas
  • Face Timelapse by Snapchat
  • Cute Pigtails by Snapchat
  • Dancing Bunny by Snapchat
  • Long Nose by Ashley Fletcher
  • Hipster Look by Snapchat
  • Cute Tiger by Snapchat
  • Cartoon 3D Style by Snapchat
  • White Cat by Rista Nurfajrianti
  • Screen Scanner Pro by Snapchat
  • Split Time by Snapchat
  • PORTAL by Jinnie the Wew
  • Vogue Noir by Tyler Allen
  • Anime Style by Snapchat
  • Face Swap by Snapchat
  • Cyclops by Snapchat
  • AR Message by Snapchat
  • Baby Dragon by JP Pirie
  • Bday Countdown by Snapchat
  • Pattern Bear by Snapchat

These are some of the best lenses for Snapchat that you’ll find on the internet. These were the ones we went with due to their widespread appeal and uniqueness.

Does Snapchat change filters every day?

Yes! Every day, Snapchat introduces and removes new filters based on their popularity. As a result, you have no idea when the filter you prefer will be discontinued.

Are Snapchat filters free?

Free Snapchat filters are available for a limited time only. They can also be obtained for free by creating your own filter.

How much does a Snapchat filter cost?

The price of a Snapchat filter is based on a lot of things, like how big the geofence is and how long the filter runs for. The average price per 20,000 square feet is around $5.

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After going through the comprehensive list of the Best Snapchat Filters, your Lens carousel will not only have popular Snapchat filters but also the cutest Snapchat filters with Snapchat funny filters at their side. Make your choice from these Snapchat filters and lenses, and comment below which one is your favorite. Cheers!!

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