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20 Best Snapchat Story Games to Try with Friends

Are you a newcomer to the world of Snapchat wanting to know your friends better, or a public influencer looking to know about what Interests your Snapchat followers the most? Whatever might be your reason for being interactive with your customers and wanting to know them better, Snapchat Story Games solves them all. Snapchat was the first among many other social media competitors to bring Snapchat stories into the never-ending feature list of an ideal social exchange app. There are numerous fun activities in your Snapchat Stories through which you can indulge in fun activities, and Snapchat Story Games stand out among them.

Through these Snapchat Story Games, you can spend quality time with your friends through fun activities, build healthy relationships with your partners through Snapchat Question games, create a poll to know about various interests of your Public Profile follower base, and hold meaningful recreational activities with other unknown Snapchatters. If you didn’t know how to play Snapchat Story Games with your friends before, this article is designed especially for you. Head over to the next section to find the 20 best Snapchat Story Games you can try with your friends so that you will never be bored in your entire Snapchat browsing life.

What Are The Best Snapchat Story Games (2022) I Can Play With My Friends?

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media and instant messaging apps. By 2020, Snapchat has garnered over 360 million active users and a collection of unique features that are worth your time. You may communicate with your pals through timed destructive messages, apply amazing Snapchat filters to photos, save photos, and download Snapchat stories.

Snapchat’s Stories feature allows you to share more than simply food, drinks, and selfies with a dog filter. It also encourages you to play with friends and other Snapchat users through Snapchat Story Games. You will never be bored with these games because they are so diverse and can be created by any user and made famous. Here are some interesting Snapchat Story Games to pass your time:

1. Things I Have Done

Things I Have Done Snapchat Story Games

With the passage of time comes the inevitability of missing your friends’ milestone birthdays and other important life events. Playing “Things I Have Done” on Snapchat Story Games is a great way to keep up with your pals without having to bring up the subject of that uncomfortable discussion. You may take the conversation anywhere it goes from there, so long as you post it on your Snapchat story and wait for your friends to react.

2. Yes, No, Maybe

Yes No Maybe Snapchat Story Games

Being among amusing Snapchat Story games Yes, No, Maybe, players respond to questions with a yes, no, or maybe. The fact that there isn’t much thought involved in coming up with the right answers is a big selling point for anyone playing this game. In the process, you may also learn some interesting new details about your Snapchat pals.

3. Kiss, Kill, Marry

Kiss Kill Marry Snapchat Story Ideas

If you want to play such interesting Snapchat Question games, have your pals submit you a list of three names each. After they have accomplished this, you will be able to indicate how you feel about the person by writing “kiss,” “kill,” or “marry” next to their names in the appropriate column. While playing, you may be pitted against an opponent you’d prefer not “kill”. Although the game’s name might sound dangerous, it doesn’t reflect real-life scenarios, and the activity is purely imaginary.

4. Name a Song That

Name a Song That Snapchat Story Games

While music is enjoyed by the vast majority, everyone has unique tastes regarding what they want to listen to. Are you interested in the musical tastes of your circle of friends? Try playing the “Name a Song that” Snapchat Story game to find out what songs they listen to when it is associated with a certain emotion. Designed by Glamm Templates, it’s a fun way to find out what your friends listen to.

5. Tomorrow’s Mood

Tomorrows Mood Snapchat Story Ideas

Tomorrow’s Mood is another one of those tricky Snapchat Story games, where we’ve got a simple word search game to help you foretell how you’ll feel tomorrow. Even if these games aren’t liked frequently, we recognize that others do love them, and we respect their choices for what they’re worth. If you count yourself among them, share this on your Snapchat story so your friends may try to guess with you how their day is gonna get along tomorrow.

6. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever Snapchat Story Games

Based on a classic drinking game of “Never Have I Ever,” it is among the best Snapchat story games where people take turns answering questions about things they’ve never done, and if another friend agrees with the same, they have a chug, or else, they abstain from it. Playing the game in real life is enjoyable, but it can also be played on social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. However, this game is best enjoyed in the company of close friends and is best played in the privacy of your personal Snapchat story.

7. Send Me 2 Names

Send Me 2 Names Snapchat Story Games

These controversial Snapchat Question Games have the potential to spark some debate, but it’s also rather fun. You can add two friends to the versus column and then ask the other friends in your circle to select the appropriate boxes based on the questions mentioned. Considering the nature of the questions being asked, you may classify this as one of your “secret” Snapchat story games, meant just for your closest friends.

8. Habits Questions

Habit Questions Snapchat Story Games

Have questions that are unusually detailed that you’d instead ask in the r/TooAfraidToAsk subreddit? Your moment to shine has finally come. You have the ability to probe individuals with questions that they often shrug off as inconsequential when you play the Habit Questions Snapchat Story game. You might even learn more efficient methods to do the tasks you have been performing incorrectly up until this point.

9. Random Questions

Random Questions Snapchat Story Games

Are you running out of queries to ask your friends through these Snapchat Question Games? Take a look at this Random Questions game, where you can post a set of 10 random questions, some of which are standard fare but others of which might shed light on your friend’s character. If you are interested in such kinds of responses from friends, this is among the perfect Snapchat story games for you.

10. Quarantine Bingo

Quarantine Bingo Snapchat Story Games

Most of us were kept inside to prevent the COVID pandemic’s further spread since the epidemic showed no signs of abating. While you were at it, why not gather some pals and play a round of Quarantine Bingo? It’s among great Snapchat Question games to find out what your pals are up to in a snap, and it’s filled with activities that people like to do when quarantined.

11. Post

Post Snapchat Story Games

Post is a Snapchat story game in which you request photos and videos from your friends based on your chosen topic. You may use the above Snapchat story directly, or you can use it as inspiration when making your own stories in Snapchat’s editor. However, be prepared for your buddy to ask you to respond with your own spin on these questions.

12. How Would You Describe Me to a Stranger?

How Would You Describe me To A Stranger

It’s intriguing to see how various individuals see the same human in their own unique ways. What you admire in a person may be something they despise. Playing the “How Would You Describe Me to a Stranger?” game in your Snapchat Story might provide you insight into how your friends see you. The point is to learn about other people’s perceptions of you, and you never know whether that will be a pleasant or unpleasant experience.

13. This or That

This Or That Snapchat Story Games

An excellent way to get to know your new pals is to play a game of This or That. Here, your Snapchat friends are presented with a conventional menu from which they can make a selection. As you may have imagined, the responses to these questions have the potential to start new dialogues, making this a great choice among other Snapchat Question games. Any picture editing program will allow you to effortlessly modify the image to include new concepts or rebuild the layout from scratch.

14. GIF Challenge

GIF Challenge Snapchat Story Games

Do you send Snapchat GIFs frequently to your friends? If that’s the case, then you may find it interesting to participate in such unique Snapchat Story games called “GIF challenge”. Simply insert appropriate GIFs into the theme circles of the aforementioned design. When you’re ready, share the challenge’s blank template online and invite your friends to join in the fun.

15. On My Phone

On My Phone Snapchat Story Games

YouTubers and influencers often share “What’s on my phone?” and “What’ my gaming setup?” videos, but have you ever wondered what Android or iPhone apps your pals are using? That’s where such innovative Snapchat Question Games come into play. With the “On my phone” Snapchat story game, you may inquire about anything from a person’s favorite app to their most recent text message. It’ll be a good time if you bring the correct folks to the game.

16. How Much Do You Love Me?

How Much Do You Love Me Snapchat Story Games

If you’re unsure of where your relationship stands or you simply want to play a little game with your friends on Snapchat, you’ve come to the right place.

Find out whether they want to kiss you or hate you by asking them what they would do without you if they destroyed your heart. What kind of reaction you receive from them is intriguing to think about. The coolest part is that you can email this to a group of people and then create a story with everyone’s emoji replies to the question. Make sure you can handle it emotionally if others don’t say the things you want to hear.

17. Funniest Picture Challenge

Funniest Picture Challenge Snapchat Story Games

Playing these hilarious Snapchat story games will make your day. This challenge is an excuse to get your pals to take goofy selfies, snap photos of ridiculous objects, or steal pictures off the internet. To spice things up, you may choose the kinds of photographs you’d want to view. For instance, you might request “just selfies,” “only photographs currently on your phone,” or “your funniest animal shots.”

18. How Hard Did Puberty Hit You?

How Hard Did Puberty Hit You Snapchat Story Games

Puberty always hits us differently. Some childhood friends go through stark changes and become noticeably different people after puberty, while others remain the same even after their hormonal growth stage. Through such amazing Snapchat Story Games, you can easily see how your friends have gone through puberty and spot the difference in the “before” and “after” pictures.

19. I’m Not Allowed To

Things I Am Not Allowed To Do Snapchat Story Games

Have you ever wondered how independent your pals really are? Is it of interest to learn that you are not alone in being restricted in your pursuit of certain hobbies? If that’s the case, then you’ll love such revealing Snapchat Story games!

I’m Not Allowed To is a great way to bond with your pals while venting your frustrations. Simply compose a narrative in which you catalog the activities (or lack thereof) that your parents strictly forbade you to engage in (drugs, alcohol, smoking, wearing exposing clothes, cosmetics, concerts, etc.). Everyone who views your Snapchat story has an obligation to inform you of all the things they are Not Allowed To Do in the comments section.

20. Guessing Game

Guessing Game Snapchat Story Games

Intriguing as many other Snapchat Story games, The Guessing Game can be played by anybody. Movie titles, song titles, and character names are represented in the form of emojis in Snapchat stories, and the other player’s job is to figure out what the emoji sequence indicates. This game is played by millions of people every day, and it’s a huge hit. A good example is seen in the picture above. Just choose one emoji from the list and see if your friends can identify what it is.

Wrapping Up

Now that we’ve gotten through everything on our top 20 list of Snapchat story games, it’s time to wrap things up. Hope you liked our collection of these fun and interesting story games on Snapchat, and let us know in the comments below about your experience with these new Snapchat story ideas. Cheers!!

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