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7 Best ThopTV Alternatives: Legitimate Sources To Watch Free Live TV

ThopTV has a prestigious reputation when searching for Android applications to watch free Live TV online without paying for any curated content. For many years, ThopTV has been a home for users who want to enjoy paid premium content at the cost of watching only irritating ads. Providing paid subscription-based videos and streaming services to customers free of charge is termed pirating, which is illegal in many countries.

Pirating entertainment media content brings forth its own set of legalities, and corporations can sue the distributor of pirated content, which became the case with ThopTV. Hence searching for ThopTV alternatives became a necessity in such crucial times, and we have come forth with the 7 Best ThopTV alternatives for watching uninterrupted free Live TV.

What is ThopTV?

ThopTV is an Android software that allows you to watch live TV for free on your streaming device. ThopTV is a free live TV app with all sports, TV channels, online series, movies, live news, entertainment TV shows, comedy, and entertainment program in all languages. Series, serials, politics, cartoons, social, business, devotion, gaming, spirituality, lifestyle, children, traditional trends, music, and so on are all available.

ThopTV original

ThopTV is a magnificent alternative to popular subscription-based OTT (Over the top) content applications like Netflix, Disney Hotstar+, Jio TV, Hulu, and countless other well-known apps. Fans of entertainment will like this app, and you can view your favorite 3000+ Indian and foreign networks on a single platform with this APK. ThopTV is an IPTV and CDN (Content Delivery Network) based service that allows you to stream live television without contemporary satellite and cable live TV subscriptions.

Why ThopTV was taken down?

Unfortunately, ThopTV was taken down by the cyber police on July 2021 due to copyright infringements and multiple content-pirating violations under the Indian Penal Code. The ThopTV owner allegedly used the Android software ThopTV to broadcast unlicensed content from different over-the-top (OTT) platforms and satellite channels. According to a report by the cyber cell, he was running ThopTV and supporting the website for the past two years by promoting ad-free features in ThopTV at a nominal price of $0.4 per month. Thereby, many customers switched to ThopTV to obtain enjoyable programs at a significantly reduced cost raising its user base to 5000 people.

ThopTV banned

Multiple media creation companies filed an FIR against ThopTV for streaming copyright media illicitly. Soon after, ThopTV was taken down from the Google Play Store and all public platforms.

Users worldwide who were highly dependent on the free live TV service ThopTV faced a massive blow. Other apps that had followed in the steps of ThopTV, such as Oreo TV and Flix TV, have discontinued their services due to their fear of legalities and judicial repercussions. Pirated streaming apps are rebellious and violated legalities, as they distribute content from corporates to the masses and promote equal pleasure for everyone irrespective of their economic situation. Hence we list down the 7 best alternatives of ThopTV left, which still provides free Live TV services to everyone.

7 Best ThopTV Alternatives

1. Tubi TV

ThopTV alternative Tubi TV

Video streaming services can eat up a significant portion of your monthly budget, especially if you subscribe to more than one. Free streaming service Tubi TV (owned by Fox Corporation) offers a good selection of popular movies spanning a wide range of genres, even surpassing the film libraries of several premium services. Videos are ad-supported since they are free.

In addition, you’ll be missing out on some of the best features of competing providers, such as offline downloading on mobile devices and full HD streaming capabilities. In the end, if you want to have fun without breaking the bank then the disadvantages of Tubi should not deter you from trying it out.

ThopTV alternative Tubi TV 1

Tubi TV now has over 20,000 movies and series in its collection, which is huge, though it’s unclear if individual TV episodes count. Tubi TV has a lot more material than ThopTV, and it also delivers free live TV from across the world. Tubi TV does not have its own customized content, but it does have access to a wide range of portable devices, which is a significant plus over ThopTV, which is based on Android.


  • Reliable and trustworthy application interface, which is legal and provides completely free streamable live TV, movies, and TV series.
  • Dark-themed interface for both the website and application.
  • Subtitles are available when demanded, which were not found easily on ThopTV.
  • Major film studios post their streamable content on Tubi TV and are supported by them fluently.
  • Kids section, parental control, and division of content based on their rating.
  • The interface is seamless and foolproof, free of bugs, and is supported by almost any device available. Since Tubi TV can be visited via a web browser, the entertainment platform is not a great deal.


  • Ads pop up in the middle of streaming videos every 10 minutes, and Tubi TV does not provide an ad-free subscription plan for those who want uninterrupted Live TV streaming.
  • Display resolution can be increased up to 720p only, and there is no allowance for streaming HD 1080p or 4K content.
  • Buffering and video error issues pop up if you are streaming Tubi TV’s content from a location far from their servers.

2. Plex Free Live TV

ThopTV alternative Plex TV

Plex is a media management platform that consists of two parts: the Plex Media Server software and the new Plex application, which replaces the Plex Media Player. You may create an always-accessible media server with media management software, which provides content playing applications for various platforms. With pre-programmed channels, movies, programs, and podcasts that you don’t even have to store on your computer, Plex has extended its free streaming library even more than ThopTV.

There are 162 channels available on Plex’s Live TV, and you may navigate between them. All of the channels on this list are not necessarily ones that you’ll want to watch, though. One favorite part of the live TV guide was that it helps users locate numerous shows that they are interested in. The presence of good quality material without any charge or ads serves a better purpose than ThopTV.

ThopTV alternative Plex TV 1

Just like ThopTV, you’ll be able to watch movies and TV series on-demand. There are some similarities with the profit version of the popular streaming service Netflix in this regard. Each content is presented in various ways, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. Alternatively, you may visit the explore page and see what Plex recommends for you to look at It’s also possible to search by studio/provider or by genre.


  • Plex Live TV provides most media organizations content and streaming capabilities for a free account, though signup is not necessary on the first step. ThopTV alternative users can apply for Plex Premium services that allow a bundle of usability features, extending Live TV via antenna and offline mobile syncing.
  • HD 1080p and 4K streaming resolutions are readily available irrespective of any content you are playing, along with the playability of tons of media formats.
  • Plex Live TV can be installed easily on any platform, unlike ThopTV, while providing numerous intuitive apps for users.
  • Although Plex has a media server for streaming content, everything can be easily set up for hassle-free low buffering services.
  • Plex Live TV has a growing collection of preprogrammed and on-demand video streaming content.


  • It is difficult to disable the data collection system on the Plex Android app.
  • Plex has issues connecting to its services via a VPN, and users have to disconnect and connect to the VPN while streaming on the app. Additionally, there are connection issues while using Plex with an Antivirus.
  • A Home Theatre PC (HTPC) capability is not included with this package.
  • Official interface themes are lacking with Plex Live TV.

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3. Vudu

ThopTV alternative Vudu

Vudu is a free on-demand streaming service that is financed by advertisements. It allows cord-cutters to view full-length movies and television series, and many Vudu titles are available for free (albeit with ads). Vudu is a more basic streaming platform when compared to major competitors like Netflix. Vudu is an alternative for those who want to test out a free streaming service like ThopTV. While it has some fundamental features like a configurable parental filter and is compatible with most main devices, it lacks other capabilities like multiple profiles and changing video quality.

Because Vudu is a free service, you’ll have to watch advertisements when streaming material, and critics have complained that there may be a lot of them: as many as four commercial blocks in a 20-minute TV program. Vudu has a reasonably prominent collection, with over 10,000 free movies and TV episodes, albeit most content is older or lesser-known, low-budget films (think Hollywood B-movies). Vudu offers few original creations, and popular and critically regarded content is underrepresented.

ThopTV alternative Vudu 1

Vudu has no paid membership options, but it does allow users to rent or buy more TV programs and movies. This aspect of Vudu’s service is more like Apple’s iTunes store than a streaming service because rentals are done per title. Vudu doesn’t specify how many screens may be streamed at once from a single account, but being a free service, there’s nothing stopping users from registering several accounts to circumvent any conceivable limit.


  • Parental restrictions are available on Vudu. Parents may choose which episodes and movies their children can watch depending on MPAA ratings, and they can use a PIN to block access to disapproved shows.
  • Vudu is available on numerous platforms, including Blu-ray players, Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Smart TVs from Samsung, Vizio, and LG. There are mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, as well as the ability to stream video from a PC.
  • Superb quality HD and 4K content are available on both Live TV and rental videos, although content can be downloaded only in standard quality.
  • Vudu is properly legalized, unlike ThopTV, and none of the content is pirated. Everything is paid for and legalized via commercial advertisements.


  • When linked to a VPN, Vudu claims you won’t be able to watch the streaming service.
  • Advertisements are a nuisance when streaming content on Vudu is considered. Ads pop up while starting and even in-between online streams, which cannot be stopped or skipped easily. Adblockers play a significant role here.
  • Rental Costs Are Expensive – Netflix or HuluPlus provide unlimited streaming for $7.99 per month, but Vudu may charge $4.99 for a single movie and a few bucks for a single TV program. You may buy individual films from other websites if you only want to view one. Vudu does not provide live TV rentals, such as sports or news.

4. Xumo

ThopTV alternative Xumo

Live TV video streaming services are often costly because their rates are based in part on licensing agreements with cable channel owners. By not charging anything, Xumo breaks the mold. However, it does replicate the features of premium live TV services like ThopTV. Instead, it opts for a mix of interest-based channels, chosen live streams, and a patchwork of on-demand material, including some full movies. Xumo is also ad-supported, with a clumsy online interface.

Xumo divides its material into roughly 180 channels, although as previously said, the great majority of these channels are not equivalent to those available through cable. Xumo is a default option on many types of smart TVs, thanks to partnerships with many major television makers. It may also be downloaded as an app for Android and iOS devices.

ThopTV alternative Xumo 1

Xumo does not require a password and provides access to over 190 live streaming channels along with a library of on-demand movies and television series. XUMO joins a crowded market of ad-supported streaming services attempting to stay afloat. Xumo’s UI is simple and easy to use. It lacks many of the features seen in premium streaming services. Xumo, for example, lacks parental restrictions, DVR functionality, and access to new releases and original material. Because it’s a free service, what you see is what you get, and there’s not much you can do to change it.

The playback on Xumo is excellent, especially for a free service. Because your visual quality will equal that of the broadcaster Xumo is piping its content from, it’s suggested that you have a minimum internet connection of 5 Mbps (usually 720p). There is no option for 4K Ultra HD, and it is worth noting that you can’t pause or rewind the live TV broadcast when watching Xumo material.


  • Like ThopTV, Xumo features a variety of high-quality channels, including some of the most popular.
  • The design is really user-friendly.
  • All channels are available for free and in the highest possible visual quality.


  • Xumo has a restricted number of channels compared to other providers.
  • Only available in the United States. To view Xumo, non-American people must utilize a VPN.
  • There isn’t a way to record anything on Xumo.
  • Some popular platforms do not support Xumo playback, and there are no dedicated applications for them.
  • A lot of misplaced repetitive ads are displayed in on-demand content from time to time and disgustingly frequently. The ad display mechanism is similar to ThopTV.

5. Pluto TV

ThopTV alternative Plluto TV

Pluto TV is another “over-the-top” (OTT) service like ThopTV, which means it’s delivered via the internet rather than over dedicated lines or over the air. In addition, it is a video-on-demand service that is funded by advertisements (or AVOD). Xumo, Tubi, and Vudu are all streaming services that fall into the same category. Free access to Pluto TV is available to all users of the platform which is similar to ThopTV. A valid email address isn’t required, nor is a credit card number required for payment. You may start viewing episodes and movies right now by visiting Pluto’s website or downloading the app.

As a ThopTV alternative, you may join up for a Pluto TV account, which provides you additional benefits, like setting up favorite channels and pausing a program while using another computer or device. As a result, Pluto is able to run ads during shows. There’s a lot of overlap between the experience and that of cable television. Half-hour shows have four commercial breaks consisting of a few 20-30 second advertisements apiece.

ThopTV alternative Plluto TV 1

The channels on Pluto TV are organized into categories including Featured, Entertainment, Movies, Sports, Comedy, Kids, Latino, and Tech + Geek. Pluto TV channels include replicas of popular cable networks such as MTV, but they aren’t the same as those found in a normal cable or satellite bundle. Unlike ThopTV, the Pluto TV app is accessible on a variety of platforms, including web browsers, smart TVs, smartphones, and streaming boxes and sticks.


  • The benefit of Pluto TV over ThopTV is that there are no restrictions on how many individuals may watch the same material at the same time; because you don’t have to sign in to use Pluto TV, you can run as many instances as you like.


  • Unlike many other live TV services, Pluto TV does not include a DVR function, which might be helpful for recording events that are scheduled at inconvenient times or if you reach your maximum number of simultaneous streams (STS).
  • Just like ThopTV, there is no parental control. If a parent wants to limit their children’s viewing to only kid-friendly channels, they can do so with Pluto TV’s kid-friendly channels.
  • Other live TV providers like ThopTV offer more on-demand material. Many of these providers include a limited number of on-demand shows and movies from their channel portfolio. Pluto TV requires that you view a show in real-time.

6. Peacock

ThopTV alternative Peacock

Peacock, the streaming service from NBCUniversal owned by Comcast, rose into popularity for its ability to stream Tokyo Olympics 2020 for free. It resembles Netflix and Hulu, thanks to its tiling design and big-name network. But, unlike other services like ThopTV, it includes a free version that offers a plethora of live news and sports, as well as a huge library of TV series and movies. It’s comparable to free streaming services like ThopTV, Pluto TV, and Tubi, but it offers a larger variety of unique, well-known series and films.

Peacock’s free tier includes around 13,000 hours of ad-supported entertainment, making it a viable ThopTV competitor. Shows, movies, news, live sports, and skit-style snippets are all available. Peacock’s live sports coverage is excellent, however, the most important events need a Premium membership once again.

ThopTV alternative Peacock 1

Peacock missed a lot of features when it was launched, including Roku and Amazon Fire TV compatibility, but it was added later due to collaboration with them. User accounts and mobile downloads have also been introduced to the service, but only for its most costly membership level. Peacock still doesn’t provide mobile downloads or 4K HDR streaming for its lower levels.


  • There are no notable restrictions in the free tier, and most content can be accessed like in ThopTV.
  • Popular films and television series cover the spotlight, and on-demand content is available throughout.
  • Flexible pricing levels
  • Sporting events in real-time


  • Even the cheapest paid tier contains advertisements which is not the case in ThopTV.
  • There are a few high-quality original programs and lineups that are missing such as Seinfeld and Friends.
  • The movie collection is diminishing unlike ThopTV, which kept the content updating daily and expanding constantly.
  • There is no support for mobile offline downloads or multiple viewing profiles.
  • Peacock has no current app supporting Fire TV but will deliver it soon.

7. Airy TV

ThopTV Alternative Airy TV logo

When it comes to video on demand and streaming programming funded by advertisements, Airy TV is a relative newcomer service, and it is a perfect ThopTV alternative. You’ll likely hear a lot more people using Airy TV instead of ThopTV in the coming years. It’s one of several services developed to distribute Internet-based material lawfully and simply to viewers to consolidate content so that users can discover free episodes and movies to watch without having to hop from one random website to another. You may believe that it isn’t worth your time if something is free, but that’s not always the case.

The baby boomer and generation X audiences, who have experienced a rapid increase in the cord-cutting world as people begin to retire and save money, are particularly fond of airy television, which is all over the place. The Airy TV service, like other comparable services, gathers material from content providers that have extensive archives of episodes and movies, both old and new. Using a standard programming grid, the service is set up in a way that seems like the old TV grids available on cable TV bundles and even current OTA channel interfaces. 

ThopTV Alternative Airy TV

It’s possible to sort the available content by category, such as “Sports,” “News,” etc., or even by particular items or episodes. The Greatest American Hero and Bob Ross (the cheerful tree painter) have their own channels, while channels devoted to classic animation from the 1980s and 1990s may also be found. This doesn’t apply to all content libraries. The old game show network BZZR, for example, has a feed on Airy TV, but it also provides a curated channel with just episodes of The Price Is Right, which has started popping up on streaming services everywhere. The list goes on and on, and there’s every reason to believe that more will follow.

Starting as a modest business that delivered content from small partners and curated YouTube streams, Airy TV has grown to become a significant participant in the future of ThopTV and similar free Live TV streaming websites. Airy TV includes Android, iOS, Android TV, and Fire TV OS applications. There is no app available for the Roku or Apple TV.

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ThopTV was the best live TV streaming app available in its time, but sadly its time has ended owing to numerous legalities. Now it is time for ThopTV alternatives to carry on the functionalities and free services formerly provided by ThopTV in this unequally distributed capitalist world; we hope that these ThopTV alternatives make way for the better free enjoyment of viewers in the future. Please let us know in the comment below if you want to suggest an addition to this list, and feel free to leave your valuable opinions to us. Happy live TV streaming!!

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