Big Sean Gives Fans a Tour of His Beverly Hills House

The famous rapper Big Sean recently gave his fans a tour of his massive Beverly Hills Mansion. The artist quickly garnered massive popularity after showing off his skills to the world.

Big Sean now resides in the same house owned by the celebrated Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash. According to reports, he repurchased this particular piece of property in 2017. He also told the Architectural Digest that he didn’t do much to the design of the mansion.

When asked about the mansion, he said

It has a lot of history. The whole house used to be kinda like, a darker gothic tone. I kinda brightened the whole thing up.

In October of 2019, he also said his mother came down to visit him there and told him she would love to stay until Thanksgiving. Then she extended her stay until March, which is the month when Big Sean was born. And that’s when the COVID-19 pandemic locked things down. Big Sean’s mother has been living with him to date.

Sean also said that he refrained from changing the original design of the underground area, but had to change the sofas. However, he retained the style and color of the sofa.

All black everything. I got the exact same couches that he had in here before, but I just got new ones because I don’t know what the fuck he was doing down here.

The mansion also features a recording studio, movie theater, sneaker collection, closet, mini nightclub, spacious garden and giant bedrooms. You can take a look at the rapper giving a tour in the video below.



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