Black Widow grosses $4.9 million on the first day in International markets

With the release of the “Black Widow” in 11 countries, including Italy, the UK, and France, the Disney and Marvel film has grossed an estimated $4.9 million on its first day.

The projections for the weekend were set at $50M, but analysts say the figure could go much higher at the international box office.

The above figure does not include the revenue generated from South Korea, which amounts to $1.8M from yesterday. Today, the collection is expected to cross $3.3 million. However, the government suggested that they might impose strict restrictions in the area due to COVID-19.

The UK’s market has 85% of cinemas open with a 50% capacity restriction. The Black Widow kicked off with $1.7 million as a first-day collection and more than 70% market share.

The movie currently holds the record for one of the biggest debuts in France and recorded $1.6 million in sales. All cinemas in France are open with no restrictions.

In Italy, the movie is topping the charts with a collection of $700K. Currently, more than 55% of cinemas are operating at 50% capacity.

Other markets where the movie currently holds the top spot include Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Norway, and Switzerland.

Black Widow will roll out in more countries in the coming weekend. It will hit all international markets except China, India, Taiwan, SE Asia, South Africa, Peru, and Uruguay.

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