Bruce Wayne trends on Twitter as people discuss his wealth

All of a sudden, Bruce Wayne is trending on Twitter, but not because of his alter-ego as a Batman. With various parts of the world in lockdown due to the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are discussing various issues on the platform.

The pandemic is showing us how big the wealth gap is all over the world. The topic discussing the issue quickly turned over from real-life problems to Bruce Wayne. If you feel lost, don’t worry, we are with you in this. The discussion soon began trending on the platform, with fans discussing various aspects of Bruce’s life, ranging from his wealth to what he could have done apart from his role as Batman.

However, it is interesting to note that this isn’t the first time Bruce Wayne has been discussed on the platform. Previously, a discussion debating Bruce Wayne’s wealth vs. Batman’s efforts to save the city of Gotham has also popped up. Fans have often wondered why the fictional multi-millionaire doesn’t use his wealth to provide jobs in the city. Others suggest that throwing money at a problem won’t solve anything, justifying the existence of Batman and why he will always be needed.

Various people said they were confused and didn’t know what was right. Fans also suggested that the character did the right thing by parting ways with his money in The Dark Knight Rises movie. The discussion also involved Tony Stark, who according to some users, is a billionaire and a war criminal.

What comes as a surprise is that someone actually did the math on how much money Bruce Wayne really has.



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