BTS member says he learned English while watching ‘FRIENDS’

The famous and widely known K-Pop band BTS is known for its music and dance moves. In a statement, a BTS member claims that he learned English while watching FRIENDS.

But that’s not it. The band has also performed at the Billboard Music Awards that took place this month and has taken over the American music industry storm. What’s more? The Korean band even has a Mcdonalds’s meal in its name.

BTS will also make a cameo on the widely-awaited TV series reunion episode as if that was not enough. Well, you guessed it right. BTS is coming to the FRIENDS reunion special. It will be premiered on HBO Max this Thursday.

RM, a BTS member whose real name is Kim Nam-Joon, claims that FRIENDS played a special role in his life. He says he learned English while watching the show.

He told the television ET,

Ross, Chandler, Monica — they were my English teachers actually from the States. I’m so excited about this (TV special)… I feel like I actually became friends with the Friends.

Well, FRIENDS is the same age as RM. The famous TV series was aired back in 1994, which also happens to be RM’s birth year. BTS fans couldn’t hold back their enthusiasm when they learned of the band performing on the reunion special.

However, Ben Winston, the director of the special episode says that BTS has a little part to play in the episode.

I want to manage your expectations on this — it’s a really short moment from BTS. They are great of course, but they are one of the interviews, talking briefly about why they like Friends.

HBO Max has declined to share any details about the band’s participation in the show.

To ensure a spoiler-free viewing experience for fans, details about the special guest appearances are under embargo until premiere,

– HBO Max

All BTS members are in their 20s, and it seems like they won’t stop before they take over the planet. BTS is rapidly becoming a cultural phenomenon, all thanks to their good looks and catchy music.



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